Exception in server tick loop when trying to load my map

  • i've just updated to MC1.4.5 with the mods IC2 1.110 and BuildCraft 3.2.2
    Since then i am no longer able to load my map i've used for some time. Minecraft loads fine, also creating new maps and playing on them works fine, just then trying to load my ola map, it's getting stuck at "building terrain". Crash report attached:

    i've tried to use several different versions of forge mainly minecraftforge-universal-1.4.5-
    While using MC 1.4.5 with the beta of IC2 (1.109) and Buildcraft 3.2.1 it worked fine except the known bugs. I've also tried different older versions of my map also from before using the IC2 1.109 beta without success.

  • alright... i see it's buildcraft, so i'll move to the Buildcraft forum in how to get this fixed.
    thanks so much.

    Wrong...blockCable in your IC2 map has ID value 228, while your ic2.config has value 4076. Change one to match the other.
    However, you *do* have Buildcraft errors in there too.

  • i now changed all IDs in my ic2_map.cfg to match the IDs in IC2.cfg and the map is loading finally,
    all IC2-Blocks i had in my world are gone (Mashines, Solar-panels, Rubber-Trees and so on...
    I've bypassed the Problem with the Buildcraft-Pipes by just removing them from the map and store them in chests wich would also be an option to the IC2-Blocks, but this will result in loosing all trees and in having to prepare the map with a massive time-cunsumption.
    Any ideas? I've started MC with the log but there is no error shown.

  • if i understand this right, i would have to do this everytime, there is a new release, right? or can i somehow port the map to the new ids?

    Typically you will not have to do this every update, which is why I find it strange that people are just now having this problem specifically with this update.

    Is the answer to this question no?


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  • Why not just keep your IC2.cfg between updates? Letting it get re-created gives block IDs a chance to shift around. That goes for all the configs, even. If you're keeping a world between updates, keep the configs that go with it!