Has anybody made a Microcycle Reactor yet?

  • Title says it all. I plan on building an extremely energy-demanding power line soon with as efficient reactors at possible (i.e. EA*) with high output. Therefore, I plan on building microcycle reactors. However, I am not a very good reactor designer, so would anybody mind making one for me? It can be very expensive, but cost-efficiecy would help too.

  • not sure if this is what you want, butthis may be suitable? It's only eff A, so it might be on the low side. It is the design I use on my survival map, might not be the best but it is quite nice. I let it run for 2m30s, cooldown is 5, about 1.1m EU is produced during run. no running cost, and a redpower pipe system can maintain it.


  • I saw this thread, came up with a few designs, and then forgot to post them here :rolleyes: . Anyway, here they are:


    Active Eu/T: 410
    Average Eu/T: 227.777
    Timing: 5 seconds on, 4 seconds off


    Active Eu/T: 420
    Average Eu/T: 233.333
    Timing: 5 seconds on, 4 seconds off


    Active Eu/T: 560
    Average Eu/T: 248.888
    Timing: 4 seconds on, 5 seconds off

    They cool down fast but can't run very long. They're best used with a timer.

  • Mark V EA++

    EU/t: 720
    Timing: 5/8
    Effective EU/t: 300
    Efficiency: 6 of 6
    Running Cost: 187.2 UU
    Profit: 211.6 EU/t
    Overall Efficiency: 4.58

    Mark V EA+

    EU/t: 600
    Timing: 5/4
    Effective EU/t: 333.3
    Efficiency: 5 of 5
    Running Cost: 72 UU
    Profit: 297 EU/t
    Overall Efficiency: 4.46

    Both would requive HV wiring, and both have a couple of extra slots for plating... for safety.