Question: Terraformers and programs

  • I need a large flat base for my base, and the terraformer looks like the fastest way to do it. My question is how large is the area it will flatten? The wiki said from IC1 it was 20x20 square which is perfect, but in practice it seems to be larger. Any way to control the size it terraforms or what the maximum size is?

  • back In Ic1, the Terraformer did not have a way to modify the range. I think it ought to in Ic2, but I do not know how it would be possible.

  • I'm not too worried about being able to adjust the size, I can move it around to make the land I need. What I'm worried about is how much land will this flatten or turn to swiss cheese. It just keeps expanding the area its flattening with no signs of stopping.

  • If I'm reading this right, it'll continue until it's flatificated (this word is now real because it's awesome) about an 81x81 square around itself. Though it will show a strong preference to the nearer blocks.

  • The 81x81 sounds about right, its just chewing up the mountain in the distance, but its not flattening over the water very much. Its showing much more preference to lowering the higher land. Just my observations.

  • Perhaps range varies based on power provided?

    Or should, I can see localized terraformers being useful.

    I think there is some kind of bug with the terraformers' loop that causes it to shift a grid, I'm not certain though. But, if you look at the image above, you can see there are distinct areas where it was working, then would move to another area, or it could just be how it works.