Internal- vs. GUI-server

  • I have been wondering lately, what is best of the new internal minecraft server and the older we are so used to?
    Or isn't there any real difference? Modded and unmodded?
    I always think that the GUI one is easier to keep track of and administrate.
    What do you think?

  • I can't speak for anyone else, but I've never in my life started the GUI version of the Minecraft server. I honestly expect both would work equally well, since they're running the same code and all.

  • I once started the gui because i forgot to add nogui to the startup command.

    the GUI is probably good if you like GUIs, I'm used to text interfaces though, so it wouldn't really occur to me to use it.

  • The gui has a handy playerlist and draws a server load graph.
    It does nothing else than that, it's just for looks or if you don't want to spam the /list command.

  • I think he ment if the "open to lan" or the dedicated server was best. I always do dedicated, as it allows me to share the server with others over dropbox.

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