[Official] New Reactors design thread.

  • So I did some math on copper efficiency and gregtech lava centrifuging. Assuming you're using TE to manufacture lava for sustainability, and efficient electric engines (2.5 EU/MJ) to power the crucible, the effective output of a reactor should be reduced by .2525 for each copper in a thorium cell, .63125/copper in plutonium, and 1.2625 EUt per copper in a uranium cell. Higher consumptions may be necessary for non iridium reflectors (the tin output of the centrifuge will be evenly matched, coal is a problem).

    Some results: the quad cell+4 reflector setup takes 212.1 EU/t to sustain, more than it produces.

    The normally highest overall efficiency reactor takes 121.2 EU/t to sustain. Its gregtech overall efficiency is 2.02. So worse than 0 running cost setups.

    The highest copper consumption hybrid (the 420) takes 7.575 EU/t to sustain, giving it a 1.8% automation loss. The thorium neutral takes 6.3125, for a 1.7% loss. Even when thorium life is halved the stuff should still be viable in multicell form.

    Nether lava centrifuging should work out much better, though its not really possible to 100% automate that. There's also a question of lava efficiency, IE, is that lava worth more in a thermal generator. The 4 reflector setup would consume 2,688 buckets of lava every 10,000 seconds, equivalent to 80 million EU. That same reactor will produce just 28 million EU in the same period.

    As for a hybrid, the thorium neutral reactor will produce 367 million EU, compared to just 3 million EU worth of lava.

    Also: Peppe, I need to thank you yet again, the railcraft based reactor refueling system is incredible for multiple reactors, I've got it maintaining 5 reactors in creative right now. As best I can tell the system should be trivially expandable to any number of reactors.

  • Cool glad people found some use for it. Yeah you can also add more fuel carts or send them around more often. With a decent fuel buffer in the advanced regulator they really should not need much attention.

    I also remembered RP managers handle non stackable items well. You don't get to use ghost items with these, but you could have managers + tubes running all the reactors. My system was testing canvas bags at the time, but it worked fine if there were 8 bags in the filter area then it would allow 8 in the chest and send the rest out.

    If anyone wants to tinker with it in game here is a world save at the railcraft managed reactor.
    http://www.mediafire.com/?u7gt3ebggh9y4nx (FTB Ultimate pack)

  • Should work well as long as the microcycle time is long enough to let the cart take its time making a circuit. I guess the thing could be made to run faster than it does for me though? I didn't mess with acceleration beyond what I needed to get the cart to the next loader/unloader

    You'll probably still want something else for extracting the hot cells (and I am for removing fuel anyway, don't want to lose time waiting for the cart to pull out the depleted/reenriched cell, but removal is easy), it'll be good for moving the cold cells from cooling tower to regulator (or whatever you use instead of a regulator). *not* good for HVC reactors, too slow. i would also conbine it with a run only when full redstone signal if you don't have one already , just in case the cart is a little slower to deliver than expected.

  • Yea, I was thinking about CRCS systems with a minimum 100 micro-cycle time, which should be plenty.

    I did have an idea for a 'buffer' though, using railcraft.

    Basically, completely cool cells are immediately removed from a cooling tower and put in a chest attached to a Sorting Machine attached to the reactor. The filter will pull used cells out and put them in the cart loader to be sent to the cooling towers. That way, as spent cells are pulled out, clean cells are pushed in. Should work fairly well, in theory. I'll have to test it, though.

  • Wait... how can a reactor using 42xU make 100 EU/t? Like, an Eff 1 setup would produce 5 EU/t per U, so 42xU would produce 210 EU/t at the bare minimum.

    I'm still waiting on the planner to load... so I can't give any feedback.

    But efficiency is key. You should post the efficiency (and overall efficiency) on every recator design submission.

  • it only needs 12 uranium might be a typo.
    still the eff is just abysmal

    eff doubled uranium halfed and output is the same

    Change the scheme, alter the mood. Electrify the boys and girls if you'd be so kind.

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  • These are my Gregtech reactor setups.

    This is what I call my perfect thorium breeder, I tried to get the absolute most out of a single breeder. I have a massive excess of thorium so I did not care if it was efficient per thorium cell, I just wanted the absolute fastest breeder I could manage. It is stable at temperature, requires no hazmat, I have it running 24/7 in my house, no issue at all. I have no idea about efficiency, but it spits out 2239.8 cells per run, which I absolutely love. If I breed the fuel for it(which I do), it only takes 3 uranium ingots to fuel this for 13 hours.


    Fiddling around a little more I pushed it to 2500+ cells per run, with 4 more thorium:


    Second up is my power plants, for these I was concerned about ease of automation, creating a compact array of many reactors and size of the reactor as a whole, so I attempted to keep them in the 2-3 chamber area. They are both hybrids:

    My 3 chamber 314 eu/t 4.44 eff:

    My 2 chamber, 220 eu/t 4.83 eff:

    I have my breeder above feeding 25 of my 2 chamber reactors with plenty of excess fuel left over.

    Lemme know what you think, and I would appreciate any feedback on the designs.

  • 25 hybrid reactors? Good grief, 5,500 EU/t... I bet your matter fab isn't feeling that slow anymore, is it :p

    Note though that the reactor planner does the efficiency wrong on hybrid reactors. Using the approach I described here, I get the following results:

    - Efficiency 8.722 for the three-chamber design (314/36)
    - Efficiency 7.333 for the two-chamber design (220/30)

    And no wonder that you've got excess thorium if you're running twenty-five +10 thorium positive hybrids... every reactor cycle you're manufacturing 250 more thorium cells than you're using! ;)

  • ...

    Second up is my power plants, for these I was concerned about ease of automation, creating a compact array of many reactors and size of the reactor as a whole, so I attempted to keep them in the 2-3 chamber area. They are both hybrids:

    Lemme know what you think, and I would appreciate any feedback on the designs.

    It is an interesting concept to add block space as a restriction. Since you get 3 chambers columns with the main reactor chamber the fewer extra chambers you add the higher your power density could be.

    What did you use for your automation? Still looks complex with 2-3 fuel types used in each reactor across several slots. With 25 of them though imagine a router for each slot could manage all the reactors well.

  • For my automation I am using part gregtech, part redpower, with a touch of Applied Energistics. I have (starting at the reactor) a gregtech advanced regulator, fed by a redpower regulator, fed with color coded (all reactors are the same color) pneumatic pipes from a sorting machine set to go off ever 40 seconds. The sorting machine is fed by an AE interface so all fuel is auto crafted as needed. Then I just plop an AE import bus on each reactor for the depleted cells. The AE portion could easily be made with RP, but I wanted to have as little lag as possible.

  • Out of interest, have you looked at the GregTech beta yet, in terms of how the thorium and plutonium cells changed and how that affects reactor design?

  • Not yet. Did setup a 1.5.1 instance though, so might grab what is available and tinker.

    Was theory crafting the 4 chamber 367 eu reactor.

    The speed breeder can make 800+ cells in the lifecycle of the thorium nuetral reactor, so you can run ~20 reactors per breeder.

    Speed breeder:

    7340 EU/t. ~52 uranium ingots to startup and ~40 ingots every 14 hours to maintain.

  • I did this with IC2 reactors... It should be able to provide medium power with low copper cost, but with very nice effiency taken for the copper cost.

    Terminal stats:

    Mark I-EA
    Uses 8 single uranium cells along with one dual uranium cell.
    Effiency rating of 4.

    EDIT: Found out this is pretty much cheapest Vanilla IC2 Effiency 4 reactor...

  • 14 diamonds, 62 gold, near 400 iron and six chambers is cheap now? o_O

    This design from page 1 has you beat on all fronts except copper running costs, I'm afraid. And it is so much cheaper that you can run it for days until the higher running cost has made up the difference in copper. And that's still not touching the other resources...

    And you can go the other direction as well: this design, also from page 1, costs minimally more copper but has zero copper running costs. It's also a lot cheaper when the other resources are counted. It's not fully efficiency 4, but 3.83 is very close to it.

    So while I commend your effort, your design is far from being anywhere near the cheapest. Maybe if you can take that same uranium layout, and find a cheaper cooling solution?

  • I believe the plutonium cells are not being changed and the thorium cells are having their life cut in half.

    Seems quite a bit worse than that. The 367 EU/t thorium neutral reactor shows as 150 EU/t in the GT computer cube and blows up in ~320 seconds.

    Confirmed in a reactor... EU and the blowing up :P

    Hope this changes or something is not implemented yet cause 150 EU/t for 2 plutonium and 5 quad thorium is a joke.