[Official] New Reactors design thread.

  • This is me replacing Rick's thread, because he hasn't updated the list since november, and has stated he no longer has the time.


    • Overall
      efficiency, will be considered in addition to power and efficiency,
      this means taking into consideration the energy for the UUM running
    • Other mods will be allowed, please specifically state if
      another mod is needed to run the reactor, it may be a bit before I get
      aorund to making other sections.
    • Breeders will be judged on
      percentage efficiency and average time per uranium produced, note that
      this means there are diminishing returns on efficiency as heat
    • If submitting a cheaper breeder, correct for an error
      in the planner that causes stacks of heating cells to be calculated as
      the cost of one heating cell. Add 1 Iron, 11 copper, 6 rubber, and 2
      redstone per heating cell past the first.
    • No LZH/RZH based reactors unless you show me a video of the automation system working.
    • Every possible step is taken to ensure these reactors are safe. But management of this thread and contributors assume no responsibility if you taunt Finagle by not shielding your reactors (note that the more powerful the reactor, the bigger the explosion), or prod Murphy by not triple checking your component arrangement is the same as reccomended.


    Reactor pulse = 1 reactor pulse is 1 second.
    Cycle = 10000 reactor ticks. Uranium cells last for 10000 ticks.
    Efficiency = Total power produced per cycle/Uranium used*2,000,000
    Overall efficiency = The efficiency after taking into account the UUM cost of materials that must be replaced every cycle.
    Breeder Efficiency = How much of the theoretical maximum of 8 cells per uranium brick the breeder gets.

    At the current time, all reactors on the list are mark I. This isn't a rule, just an apparent end result.

    Update (- Aroma1997):

    Since the material on here is still up-to-date, but the Reactor Calculator website is no longer available, I added the Reactor Codes, that can be pasted into MauveClaud's Reactor Planner. In case the Reactor Code is missing or not working, you can also just copy the part after the "?" in the reactor URL and paste that into the Reactor Planner. That will work as well.

    Beginner reactors:
    These reactors are focused on being cheap stepping stones to real power.

    Beginner Reactor 1:

    • Eu/tick: 35
    • Efficiency: 2.33
    • Overall Efficiency 2.33
    • Cost: Iron 54, Copper 84, Tin 10, Gold 4
    • Running costs: 0 UU
    • Credits: SSD
    • Reactor Code: 21p07vymkf0uikpgt9bni9a1ayweh15q780niff6poo9y3vq5jsbhwb56jjz5ivas5m97ss5d0m75z4

    Beginner Reactor 2:

    • Eu/tick: 60
    • Efficiency: 3
    • Overall Efficiency: 3
    • Cost: Iron 68, Copper 149, Tin 19, Gold 12
    • Running costs: 0 UU
    • Credits: Rick
    • Reactor Code: c6k4hnevkn3unnhjkshicbnu7ufi056mpkgjxtpas1ctcuxv1bsecj9onbptv22uptv5le562o

    Beginner Reactor 3:

    • Eu/tick: 100
    • Efficiency: 3.33
    • Overall Efficiency 3.33
    • Cost: Iron 98, Copper 186, Tin 25, Gold 22
    • Running costs: 0 UU
    • Credits: Zombie
    • Reactor Code: 21p0axsp4l073uhxj0vluhyyum4k6qvj0sqr867wl4ylcn4qdoix3yd83b78y8enonfoolys5g23280

    High end 0 chamber reactors

    reactors are more expensive, but still rely on just one chamber,
    suitable for medium term temporary power at a mining site.

    0 chamber 1:

    • Eu/tick: 120
    • Efficiency: 2
    • Overall efficiency, 1.78
    • Cost: Iron 80, Copper 228, Tin 10, Gold 16
    • Running costs: 48 Copper
    • Credits: Lightone
    • Reactor Code: 21p08kzjjkbkqn08ftchye615hos5ykxle0brm0w37gozge38wubdvmhokuftdzickl5rndv6338irk

    0 chamber 2:

    • Eu/tick: 120
    • Efficiency: 3
    • Overall efficiency: 2.46
    • Cost: Iron 108, Copper 260, Tin 24, Gold 16
    • Running costs: 80 Copper
    • Credits: Rick
    • Reactor Code: uw3icxclbi9uy9735vg3bmrj58082xiti4uhy2ylse3lptvywp1kfrggb83mbkghko5bd69s0

    Mid Level Reactors

    Another stepping stone on the way to full sized beasts.

    Mid level 1

    • Eu/tick: 160
    • Efficiency: 4
    • Overall efficiency 3.78
    • Cost: Iron 207, Copper 351, Tin 63, Gold 24
    • Running costs: 32 Copper
    • Credits: INSANEAcyborg
    • Reactor Code: 21p3ti0xdirko6vdvx9fcgo3gud8hy2301u04xjizkf7n2tysb0hi3toq796klia30emh5avt7y27eo

    Mid Level 2

    • Eu/tick: 170
    • Efficiency: 3,4
    • Overall Efficiency 3.23
    • Cost: Iron 148, Copper 492, Tin 33, Gold 64
    • Running costs: 32 copper
    • Credits: Sliderpro
    • Reactor Code: 21p2owqhe7cm1g6fl9zjnt7sdzkor6ejjstwqyqxcym3y0ae9jp79auaypbma551q3chbbgt5euuccg

    Full size reactors
    These are high end reactors, each with a sepcific niche they fill.

    Highest Overall Efficiency:

    • Eu/tick: 280
    • Efficiency: 4,67
    • Overall Efficiency, 4.23
    • Cost: Iron 331, Copper 769, Tin 99, Gold 64
    • Running costs: 96 copper.
    • Credits: Zombie
    • Reactor Code: 21p7ert9ijcuxwt69z1qp40yjn0aduw9gwk2pp6b8266i8bj55g1m8adh05nlzbpykw84kwczan05q8

    Mid power low running cost

    • EU/tick: 300
    • Efficiency: 4.29
    • Overall Efficiency: 4.07
    • Cost: 764 Copper, 109 tin, 2 bronze, 368 iron, 38 gold, 5 diamond
    • Running Cost: 56 Copper
    • Credits: Unknown
    • Reactor Code: 21p7efq5pfule0nu29supojfxd8k9lf3do237rnw0mpwoezd1nxksl6ucaceovy6uixc92gxt2grpxc

    High power mid running cost:

    • Eu/tick: 360
    • Efficiency: 3
    • Overall Efficiency, 2.78
    • Cost: Iron 300, Copper 724, Tin 64, Gold 48
    • Running costs: 96 copper.
    • Credits: Lightone
    • Reactor Code: 21p7gt721nc1rlniiwup3u8mge15p7ok6nzx3dm9lx4a017gypeys5qjxtmtrlpa5vaaiko7uk9cpa8

    High power high running cost

    • Eu/tick: 420
    • Efficiency: 3
    • Overall efficiency: 2.46
    • Cost: Iron 316, Copper 983, Tin 65, Gold 60
    • Running costs: 280 copper.
    • Credits: SSD
    • Reactor Code: 76vnu9dcqvnj22jlwa4jtqq2ljgpuq9hz1wpiyjp8vtdslza80m00drdsvntps8fdm4xmr3ydlhc

    High efficiency zero running cost reactor

    • Link
    • EU/t: 230
    • Efficiency 3.83
    • Overall Efficiency 3.83
    • Cost: Iron 279, Copper, 625, Tin 91, Gold 34
    • Running cost: 0
    • Credit: Requia
    • Reactor Code: 21p7e3jkm0c4dhbb6l2jl9uphd243o3ks32ua7moh5ovdbv81jhvdhheyzur5eeyrtsv4eaje4cem80

    High Power No Running Cost

    • EU/t: 285
    • Efficiency 2.71
    • Overall Efficiency 2.71
    • Cost: Iron 246, Copper 657, Gold 64, Tin 68
    • Running Cost: Nada
    • Credit: RaGan
    • Reactor Code: 21p7e3jkm99fnzigp1spbj10clbc2o1i4hrjnd7z8fdygtmwr17q6f88ujakr199k7lxppmsrqj9fy8

    Edited 22 times, last by Aroma1997: Added the reactor code to import into Mauve's Reactor Planner. ().

  • Breeders

    Some notes on breeders

    • Because breeding needs vary greatly, only a small number of the good designs out there will make the list, which should contain a design in every class of breeder.
    • Heating cells can be stacked. Check that you have the right number of heating cells (select additional options and mouse over).
    • All breeders on this list are stable and will maintain heat while off.
    • To heat a breeder up rapidly, remove the isotopes and cooling cells and wait. Make sure the isotopes are removed and the redstone signal is off before doing this.

    Stable Cheap Breeder

    • Efficiency: 96.8%
    • Speed: 358s/uranium
    • Cost: Iron: 127, Copper 647, Bronze 24, Tin 49
    • Credit: Gorzak

    High Efficiency Safe Breeder

    Very High Speed Breeder

    • Efficiency 98.8%
    • Speed 60s/uranium
    • Cost: Iron 237: Copper 1879, Tin 75, Bronze 47, Gold 18.
    • Credit: Gorzak

    High speed Vanilla Breeder

    This is a speciality breeder meant for a lack of automation tools, it produces its re-enriched uranium in just under 20 minutes (1120 seconds), so it can be run off a 20 minute timer (easy to build with vanilla redstone), and outputs enough to run most of the above reactors in one or two of its subcycles, keeping the manual workload for vanilla IC2 to a minimum.

    • Efficiency: 97.1%
    • Speed: 93s/uranium
    • Cost: Iron 239, Copper 915, Tin 92, Bronze 27.
    • Credit: Requia

    High Efficiency Safe Breeder

    This breeder won't cause radiation damage, if you need to hang around without a hazmat suit, this breeder will let you do it.

    • Efficiency 98.2%
    • Speed 179s Uranium
    • Cost: Iron 162, 1724, Tin 57, Bronze 35
    • Credit: Gorzak/Skavier470
  • Gregtech Reactors

    All of these reactors are for Minecraft 1.4.7 and Gregtech 2.79a-2.82c. Attempting to build them in a later version of Gregtech will result in craters.

    That fusion reactor isn't going to build itself, and all this can help you get there.

    Gregtech rules:

    • Just because iridium reflectors don't wear out doesn't mean they aren't crazy expensive, reactors that rely on them should be significantly better than reactors with no reflectors at all.
    • Overall efficiency is not included, because gregtech UUM is expensive and because lava centrifuging isn't.
    • The cost of Thorium multicells was dropped to 1 copper for a dual and 5 copper for a quad (from 8 and 40 respectively) in Gregtech 2.79a, costs will be adjusted from the reactor planner to reflect.

    Hybrid=A reactor running both plutonium and thorium.
    Thorium Cycle=50,000 seconds
    Plutonium Cycle=20,000 seconds

    Small Thorium Reactors

    These are small reactors meant to run off thorium, either to slowly fill your MFSUs early in the game, or to power a remote site for 14 hours between refuels without the need for long distance power transfer.

    Thorium efficiency is listed as half the efficiency listed in the planner. This is done because of the assumption that the thorium is coming from centrifuging depleted uranium, and it allows for comparisons with breeding that uranium for use with conventional reactors instead.

    Dirt Cheap
    Thorium Reactor

    • EU/tick: 32
    • Cost: Iron 58, Copper 174, Gold 8
    • Running Cost per Thorium Cycle: 10 copper
    • Efficiency: 2
    • Credit: Requia

    Low Power Thorium Reactor

    • EU/tick 80
    • Cost: Iron 114, Copper 388, Gold 40.
    • Running Cost per Thorium cycle: 20 Copper
    • Efficiency 2.5
    • Credit: Requia

    Hybrid Reactors

    These reactors use both plutonium and thorium, available from centrifuging re-enriched uranium (8 re-enriched gets 1 plutonium, 4 thorium, and 3 depleted cells).

    Efficiency is measured assuming all isotopes come from this method, and is based on the power output compared and marked with excess isotopes if the balance is uneven, such as +8t for 8 extra thorium per thorium cycle, or +1p for 1 extra plutonium per thorium cycle.

    Special credit for all these designs go to Brickedkeyboard, as he laid much of the grounwork on isotope arrangements.

    Thorium Neutral Reactor

    EU/t: 367
    Efficiency: 14.68
    Cost: 505 copper, 246 iron, 40 gold.
    Running Cost: 25 copper per thorium cycle.
    Credit: Peppe

    Thorium Negative Reactor

    This reactor require four more thorium per thorium cycle than centrifuging the plutonium provides.

    EU/t: 420
    Efficiency 14+1p
    Cost: 757 copper, 293 iron, 62 gold
    Running Cost: 30 copper per thorium cycle

    Thorium Positive reactor

    This breeder uses plutonium faster than it does thorium.

    EU/t 484
    Efficiency 12.9+8t
    Cost: 780 Copper, 319 iron, 54 gold
    Running Cost: 26 copper per thorium cycle

    Self Breeding Hybrid Reactor
    Produces enough re-enriched uranium to run itself!

    • Credit: Peppe
    • Eu/t: 367
    • Cost: 661 Copper, 308 Iron, 30 gold.
    • Efficiency 14.68
    • Breeding Efficiency 100% (all fuel makes high output EU).
    • Breeding speed: 1250s

    High output Hybreeder :
    This outputs 367 EU/t, and over 230 re enriched cells per thorium cycle! Slight problem that it will not maintain heat while off, but the high EU, high efficiency, and enough re-enriched isotope to run 4 additional reactors makes up for it.

    • EU/t: 367
    • Credit: Peppe
    • Efficiency: 14.68
    • Breeding efficiency: 100%
    • Breeding Speed: 216s
    • Cost: Copper 859, Iron 326, Gold 28
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  • you design consumes other just uses other resources more,
    its somehow balanced. but yours is also bigger.

    there is a huge diffrence between 87,9 and 27,9 recharge per tick.
    and its no a few percent.

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  • 88:1 produces 7.9 re-enriched uranium per brick, 28:1 produces 7.7 per brick. It's a 2.6% increase in processing output. It does do the processing a lot faster, but that's only really a concern for multiple nuke plant setups.

  • So we made the High efficiency zero running cost reactor, and it blew up on us. It ran for a couple hours, and last we saw via the sensor kit was that it had 20 minutes left and had no heat. We're new to Nuclear on our server, so we don't really know how to figure out what happened. Is this design supposed to be 'completely' safe? We've ran some other designs to completion with no issues. What else can make a Nuke melt down?

  • Hmm, I've run that design for half a dozen or so cycles without issue. I may have a piece different off the old design, I'll run it through the computer cube. The behaviour sounds like component meltdown.

    I also suspect, but have not confirmed, that a reactor that crosses a chunk boundary can also meltdown if one chunk unloads and the other stays loaded.

  • Computer cube says its good, that's in game code. The behaviour you describe is odd too. A meltdown should not take two hours, unless there's exactly one excess heat, in which case nuclear control should have been telling you that there was major heat in it. A component meltdown could cause the fast heat loss, but it lasted 2 hours, I can't make a system where a component fails after that much time.

    And with nuclear control, a meltdown should be flat out impossible, since thermal monitors let you cut off the redstone signal that keeps it on.

  • We had the reactor connected to an MFSU, which had red alloy wire back to the reactor. The MFSU was set to send a signal when empty. That MFSU was then connected to another MFSU. So basically, the power is all immediately directed to the 'outer' MFSU, until full. It was never full though, as we were running a full-sized quarry the whole time.

  • We had the reactor connected to an MFSU, which had red alloy wire back to the reactor. The MFSU was set to send a signal when empty. That MFSU was then connected to another MFSU. So basically, the power is all immediately directed to the 'outer' MFSU, until full. It was never full though, as we were running a full-sized quarry the whole time.

    A Redstone Signal turns a reactor ON, rather than off. This could be a potential fault source. Also, if you didn't have a NOT gate hooked up to your thermal sensor, then it would send a signal, keeping the signal on, when it detects heat. Rather the opposite of what you'd actually prefer to have happen.

    I agree with Requia, this sounds like a melted component causing a cascade failure. I suspect that either a component was mis-placed, the wrong component was placed (a regular heat vent rather than an OC, for example), or someone came in behind you and shifted things around. Unfortunately, any evidence of tampering or improper placement has long since gone up with everything else in the area.

  • Turning it on with the redstone was our intention. The outer MFSU will always pull any available power in from the inner MFSU. When the inner MFSU becomes empty, it turns the reactor ON and gets new power, which the outer MFSU then takes, re-emptying the inner MFSU...rinse repeat.

  • I had actually meant anything to automatically replace uranium. That's a bit tricky with reactors, and can very easily go boom if the wrong methods are used. The MFSU call system shouldn't cause a problem, except that you didn't have the temperature sensor and/or a gate set to interrupt its call for power in case of emergency.

  • alblaka contacted me, i hope this gets stickied soon.

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  • Hey,
    I just set up the "Very High Speed Breeder" and startet running it.
    In the description it says, that it takes 60s/Uranium. But it took a whole cycle to re-enrich the 8 depleted cells.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hey,
    I just set up the "Very High Speed Breeder" and startet running it.
    In the description it says, that it takes 60s/Uranium. But it took a whole cycle to re-enrich the 8 depleted cells.
    Am I doing something wrong?

    two things:
    1: how many heating cells are you using? Select Additional Information then highlight the cell to see the number used. (in this case, 60)
    2: is the reactor fully heated up? It takes a while to get up to temp. Best way would to use stuff from the Nuclear Control mod to see it's exact temp.