Suggestion: Radiation [Not Approved]

  • If we have uranium, we must be careful with radiation, because it can kill.

    Thinking in this sentence, I made it:

    First suggestion:
    Do the uranium ore kill, without explosions, only with radiation.
    One uranium ore have 5 blocks of radiation, any thing in this area will take damage
    --Okay, its good, but how we will use uranium without getting closer?

    Second suggestion:
    Put in the game Lead Ore. This is the best material to use radioatives things. With a Lead Ore we can build:
    Boxes of lead, to store radioative things;
    Clothes of lead, to use radioative things;
    Walls of lead, to contain radiations from the reactors(you put your reactor in a room of lead);

    With this things, the nuke will be more realistic, and the people will not be happy in see uranium closer from your base, only if they have a stock of lead.
    --Kiko5 - Thanks for your attention--

  • I could get behind this idea, with a few changes:

    Coding a 5 block area (Assuming radius) might be a bit of a headache, and cause lag (Due to it checking for an entity every "tick" it's in a loaded chunck).

    Using the Redstones "Detect Entity" line of code (What makes it light up when walked on, hit, etc), may be one solution to defeat the lag that the on tick detection would cause. Which brings up the question of: is it possible to make Uranium have an invisible "collision mass" of 5 blocks ( I know there was once talk of it with shielding when IC SMP was still fairly new). An extension of this, while the item is in a container, it would apply the effect to the container as well.

    I would also like to see a config option for this feature, being able to turn it on and off.

    If anyone would like to do some research on this (Invisible collision mass), and know of a mod that implements it gracefully, I'm sure it could be feasible to add this in game.

  • sounds good to me + lag sollutions


    ...its not like i have an idea on how Alblaka mind works...

    It has tiny stupid what below?... A RATING SYSTEM! here goes my face :Advanced Furnace: cmon it is even transparent you can't be serious.

  • No new ores (lead).

    However, if somebody can supply me with an idea how to implement lag-free radiation and a way to counter it (excluding it), you're free to ask again.