suggestion: replacing cables faster

  • I think tis a good idea to make the minig drill, or some other tool, getting cables off faster.
    Maybe the cutter, I dont realy see a reason to un- isolate any cables- so far.

    I'm always dismounting cables with my mining laser, on low-focus. Just because the mining drill is so dammn slow with cables.
    But it happens that the laser is on mining, or worse. Just 5 min ago, I bustet half of my solar farm at trying to remove one lame very-low-current-wire. Dammn you, Scatter-mode!
    Mymost brutal MC fail -so far.

    So PLEASE make another tool to gett off those wires.

    sry for spelling, grammar and stuff.
    ALL hail to the IC!

  • I have found that the nano saber works well for removing wires.

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  • oh, hey.
    the nano saber works great! and it male mre "sense" so cut wires with a nanosaber, than with a mining laser, drill, chainsaw, ... . thx for the info. now my base is more safe... for my foolish mistakes.

    sry for spelling, grammar and stuff.
    ALL hail to the IC!