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    I think he's talking about the ground place transmitter and receiver being moved at the same time. I didn't have it installed so no idea if it does or not.

    I was talking about that too.. check out my control room with WRS transmitters hooked up to the computer... I just also mentioned a problem that I had with the remote.

    To Gaxx:
    " since you can't put a panel onto a already connected side of the frame"
    You can it is just not easy. Make the block how you want and then use a frame motor to slide it into place. Takes a bit more effort but I did it a number of time when building my ship (mostly I just built what I wanted to and then moved the ship till the new frames connected where I needed them to).

    Hmm it has worked just fine for me... The only problem I have had is with the remote and me being so far away that the chunk was unloading while the ship was moving which did cause some damage the ship.

    I'm sure that that's significantly more realistic than the enet, but most of us aren't electrical engineers. We're computer scientists :P

    Hey some of us are Computer Engineers...

    Anyway the best thing that I like about the redpower system is that touching machines transfer power. What would be really cool is if in IC2 there was an upgrade (or multiple upgrades copper, iron, gold, glass fiber cabling) for machines to make them transfer power to touching machines. Which I think would really help some of these wiring & pipes/tubes nightmares.

    I figured I would share my initial try at a mobile base. I would like to start by thanking TeamPantsMadness for making almost perfect compact 6 axis engine. The only minor alteration that I made was to make sure that the up and down moving motors had access to energy even when in there moved positions because I found sometimes they would stall with no energy.

    Above in the first two images you see the whole ship still in its dry (air) dock where it was built. It is designed to be modular and break up into 3 separate sections: Control & Engine Module, Refinery Module, and Mining Module.

    Above shows what all three modules look like separated.

    The left most module in the picture is the mining module it has 4 separate Miners spaced out to make maximum use of the the OV Scanners and at the top Solar Panels to produce IC2 electricity. It is rigged up to send back its loot through Ender Chests via the EnderStorage mod. This module can easily be expanded to add additional Miners.

    The middle module is the refining module. It features 11 storage Crystal Chests via the IRONCHESTS mod and 1 input Crystal Chest. It also has 3 input Ender Chests. If the item is in the system to be sorted it will be pulled out however if the item is not in the system it will remain in these chests for easy access to things like power tools through the EnderStorage Ender Pouch. It also has numerous Project Tables, 9 MFSUs, 1 generator, 8 geothermal generators, 1 extractor, 1 compactor, 2 macerators, 2 electric furnaces, 1 recycler, 1 mass fabricator, and 2 empty spots for additional machines. Of course they have all been upgraded and all run on HV. There are also 3 Blulectric Alloy Furnaces.

    The final module houses the engine compartment at the back and at the front is the control room with the main computer.

    Above is a look inside the mining module.

    At the back you may have noticed this leveler. Each module has a leveler like this in the back for docking and undocking to other modules. This allows for easy access to a single module for upgrading and also means a module can be left behind to say mine while the rest of the ship goes on.

    These above four pictures are close up views of the outside docking mechanics. The system is completely self contained and consists of a block breaker, a deployer, some tubes, a not gate, 2 frames inside the deployer, and some red stone wiring. When the switch is pushed down the deployer places a frame. When the switch is pushed up the block breaker breaks the frame. There are two frames in the system because it is possible to flip the switch again to deploy a frame before the original frame makes it through the tube and back to the deployer. On the front of each module is a single panel for the frames to connect to each other. This allows the ship to become 1 frame structure.

    The final module is the control and engine module. Note all the glass in the control room for your viewing pleasure. Also note modules can be attached to the back of the ship. Maybe in the future a farming and animal modules will be added.

    Above are a couple of pictures of the inside of the refinery module. Note only retrievers are used which makes the tube system nice and simple.

    The above three pictures are of the engine bay. The first one is the automated battery charger. Very handy for keeping all of your batteries charged and with a simple click of an Ender Pouch you have access to them from anywhere. The second picture is of the back of the engine core. This is where the power modification was made to the up and down axis motors. While it may not be very pretty it is functional. The final picture just show a top down view of the engine core.

    Above are some pictures of the control room.

    These two picture are just showing how long the ship is with all three module connected and looking from the mining module to the engine bay and from the engine bay to the mining module.

    The final two pictures are of the ship in action and mining away.

    Note: While all the IC2 wiring is in place laptron crystals and batteries are mainly replied upon since frames and the IC2 energy net don't play well together yet. The only way I found to solve this problem was to reload the game and upon moving the ship the energy net would go down again. BTW miners really need to be upgradable to be able to use laptron crystals...

    The rubber usage of this is amazing I ran out of 2 stacks SO fast along with some industrial diamonds and a lot of time getting bronze as all my tin and copper are already smelted,other than that,I realized that the config file there gives massive room for ruining the game as players could easily get each panel producing 512EU/t day and night unless I misred the file.

    A) I'm hoping players aren't trying to ruin there own game.
    B) Safeguards have been put in place. The max output is 16/8.
    C) No I haven't forgotten about this guys. I m still just busy.


    Almost like waiting for IC2 SMP. Can't wait to be able to power my teleporter, mass fab, and machines with 2 large solar flowers.

    You can stop wearing out your F5 key. SMP has been put on hold until I finish relocating and can get my desktop and server backup. Right now I'm in a hotel room with just my old Pentium M 1.86GHz laptop. I can't run the server and the client at the same time to do testing on it. I did try though to run both at one time and it was a spectacular failure.

    Thanks so much for updating! Now I just have to wait for advanced macerator. Question: Is the 1.7 download an update or version 1.1?
    I definitly encourage you to look into SMP.

    It is still version 1.1. The first two sets of numbers are for IC2 version and the second two sets are for the add on version.

    mod_AdvancedSolarPanel_v1.0.1.1 – Is for IC2 Version 1.0
    mod_AdvancedSolarPanel_v1.15.1.2 – Is for IC2 version v1.15

    This addon is best, but it's not work in SMP mode :( Can you add SMP support to yours addon ?

    Thanks. I don't play SMP and I have no clue how to implement SMP in the addon. So without help from someone more knowledgeable in minecraft code or at least an example addon that I can use to see what I need to implement, SMP isn't in the cards for a while.

    Thanks for the help Player. Overriding blockActivated does get it working but it is no longer ideal since I still have to make a getGui class even if it is no longer be used by anything. Which goes back to the PITA part of me eventually having to implement my own block class and no longer extending BlockMultiID. Which is a shame because now I m going to have to directly deal with forge and any changes that they make each update. It was much nicer just have to worry about the changes in IC2 and not IC2 and forge.

    Your help Player has also given me a good idea: The Modder's Lounge

    Here is a little update for you guys.

    So as far as I can tell the IC2 team have basically made (The bases for every IC2 block) useless to extend for modders because they now have changed the return value of getGui to an integer. This means I would have to modify the IC2 base files and every other modder would have to too to add their own unique blocks to the file. This would the basically make all addons incompatible with each other. Not the ideal solution for any of you or for me which forces me to take more drastic measures.

    This means that now I have to implement everything that BlockMultiID used to do for me which is going to be a PITA. :cursing: So it is going to be slow going. ;(

    I have a feeling you are very close with one major exception. The diamond drill does work but it will only feed each pump lava once. Basically the diamond drill is so fast that even with 4 pumps attached to it will feed each of those pumps and then be ready to mine again while the first pump is still recharging. Since it does this check and sees that all four pumps are still recharging it stops working.

    Will you please, for gods sake, start using actual description instead of "doesnt work".

    WHAT doesn't work?
    Mining? Mining through liquids? Searching for liquids? Storing liquids via pump? etc

    Description of Problem: Pump lava through the miner to a pump.

    Test Scenarios:

    Scenario 1:
    Find a large lake of lava. Place a miner in the middle of the lake 1 block above the lava. Place a pump next to said miner. Place one chest next to each said miner and pump. Power said pump and miner. Place empty cells in pump. Place scanner, pipes, and drill (drill not diamond drill) in miner. Sit and watch while pump only outputs 1 lava cell and then miner stops working. Miner & pump combination: FAIL!

    Scenario 2:
    Do scenario 1. Then take out drill from the miner. Place a second pump next to the miner. Power it, fill it with empty cells, and then place a chest next to it. Return drill to miner. Watch as only one of the pumps makes lava cells. Miner & pump combination: WIN except you have to have a second pump always attached.

    Scenario 3:
    Do scenario 2. Now remove the drill from miner. Replace said drill with a diamond drill. Watch as the pumps will only output one lava cell and then stop working again. Miner & pump combination: FAIL!

    That's a known issue and need some base file modifications. A fix within Minecraft Forge is in the works, you'll have to restart MC until then.

    Alright well then I wont do that. I will do as you suggest and make sure that I close minecraft before switching worlds.

    Also would it be possible for you to release another quiet version of the sounds. The sounds coming from the IC2 items are extremely loud compared to the sounds of the base minecraft. (I.E. The chainsaw, electric jet pack, wrench, etc are too loud )

    Edit: Also the machines are loud if it wasn't already working on something from a previous save. For example if I put cobblestone in an empty macerator it will be load. But if I close minecraft and then come back in the macerator working sound will be at the right volume.