[GT-Suggestions] I still look at this Thread when I got out of Ideas for new things, yes really I do that. Even though I don't edit this Post anymore.

  • Hello Greg,

    I would like to suggest adding "Dust Clusters" to the game as a precursor for combination smelting. Simply pour the correct combination of metal dusts into a mixing bowl, swirl around a bit, and pull out a Dust Cluster of the alloy you wish to create.

    This will allow you to mix up your proportions before tossing them into the crucible, and allow you to keep track of it in your inventory.

  • Probably already been posted, but here are some stuff i would like to see someday :)

    1. GregTech Quarry. The only thing that still keeps me using Buildcraft along with QuarryPlus. Every time i make a quarry with GT installed, it's kinda cheaty(cheap recipe, but still better than CC Turtles).

    2. Logic gates, timers, block placers & etc. Red Power 2, ProjectRed & BluePower.

    3. GregTech fission reactors(maybe fusion too? :) ).

    4. RF batteries.

    5. Transparent tanks and pipes(Railcraft tanks, Thermal Expansion liquiducts).

    6. More weapons.

    • Official Post

    1. Try the Bedrock Drill Multiblock. That is the closest to Automining I will allow in GT6. (Note that it requires you to search for Bedrock Ores, but hey they are all marked with Flowers on the Surface)

    2. Already planned

    3. Both planned already

    4. Technically somewhat already exists, some RF Mods are whitelisted to accept GT6 EU from my Electric Emitters and cables directly. Mostly the ones that actually feel like they use an "electric" alike System like Applied Energistics or similar.

    5. Yeah I avoided having Pipes render the Stuff inside, I might do something I might not. Some sort of Cover for looking into Tanks is planned though, and I would let it work on full-block Pipes.

    6. Yep planned, until then try out GT-Weapons-Works by Supercoder79. He just started making that Mod but it seems to work. ^^

  • Amazing! GT has become a modpack itself. Keep up the great work Greg, i'll be playing GT for years :)