The Spambot Wars Season 2: The Spambots Strike Back!

  • *Arrive at station

    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E, Can you beam us directly into the control room?

    Blaster: Thanks N.I.C.O.L.E. Did you hear the news?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Of corse, and I have detected traces of the warp frequencies. The energy is infused with Chaos energy.
    Blaster: Show me all areas with Chaos energy traces.

    *Displays map of Galaxy, one of the points is in the Hex System
    Blaster: He hasn't?

    *Zooms in, Origin is in Hex 21

    Blaster: Get the others on the line for a conference call. Scott, tell me, do the coordinates of these monsters roughly correspond to their position in the Twilight Forrest?
    Scott: Not roughly, exactly
    Blaster: That's what I feared.

    *During Conference
    BitterHolz: What's the issue Blaster? We were coming back anyway
    Blaster: This is to important, see for yourself

    *Displays map
    Blaster: This is a map of concentrated Chaos energy
    Chaos: there is more then one of me? I thought I got rid of all the time clones.
    Blaster: I wish it was that simple

    *Displays image of a Gem
    Blaster: This is the source, this is called a Chaos Emerald, there are believed to be seven in total, each with a different color.
    Scott: So what's so dangerous about a stone?
    Blaster: What's dangerous about it is the fact that each of these stones have almost limitless power. With all seven, they can make anything become a reality.
    Scott: Still not seeing the danger.
    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E, Show the map again and zoom in on the Hex system

    *Zooms In
    thepowdertoy: There is one here?
    Blaster: Yes, in Hex 21, Bolts's base
    Drake of Fire: You think he has been using the Chaos Energy this whole time
    Blaster: I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't. Luckily for us, there appears to be only enough energy for one emerald that we can detect.
    Scott: but your map only shows the location of three.
    Blaster: not quite, it only shows the coordinates of two, Chaos is emitting enough energy to confuse the scanners.
    Chaos: heh heh, my bad
    Blaster: If we can get the other emerald, we can use it to find more. Powdertoy, Bitterholz, Chaos, I want you three to get the emerald at these coordinates on Tallon IV. Scott, you need to get rid of those monters before they become more of a threat. If need be, there are veterans of the first Spambot war who may be willing to help you on the surface. Fire of Drake, there have been sightings of a Minecraftian in this sector.

    *Points at a cluster of planets on the other side of the galaxy
    Blaster: I need you to find them and bring them back here. I'm going to Hex 21 to meet with Bolts. While I'm there, im going to find out if they have been using the Chaos energies or if the Emerald's placement is just a coincidence. There are a few other things I want to find out for myself there anyway. If there are no questions, we are done here.

  • chaos:ready. crew we are going to find the seven chaos emerald. well one at the min. dont get confused with my engery because if you kill me the ship goes. well i can come out of the ship now i found the hacker

    * tentacles suddenly fly out of the ship and froms chaos*

    chaos:my old body is back in action. oh i deleted some files so i could fit into the ships system. i deleted Powdertoy's baby photos

  • Me: Okay, I'll take a shuttle and go to the coords of the monsters. Blaster: Okay- And remember to ELIMINATE THEM. Me: Okay. -shuttle pulls up- Chaos: Best of luck, you Enderborn fellow. -I pick up my backpack full of various strange items, like my magic map and multiple wands along with a few modern things like a laser and a crowbar- Me: Hello, AI , what weapons do we have onboard? AI: Plasma cannons, ICBM Launchers, and gatling guns. Me: Take me to sector
    130,170 . AI: Hyperdrives activating. -We jump towards what appears to be a planet with several holes on the outside, like a maze.- Me: Take me down towards one of the holes. Me: This appears to be similar to...... The Labryinth? AI, do we have any extra supplies, like potions or armor? AI: No, but we do have an emergency landing kit. Me: That will have to do. -I jump down towards the hole.- Me: I should get some lights, it's awfully dark in here. -I grab my lightning wand, it glowing in the darkness.- Me: As Sir Issac Newton once said, what comes up, must come down. -I descend into the Labrynth- Me: Nothing seems to be in here, but- -I knock into what I think is a rock- (Well, I did before it moved) Monster: MOORGHH!! - It having the look of a red cow with a human body, toting an axe- Me: We meet again. -I shoot a bolt of electricity at him, but he deflects it with his axe, rushing towards me.- Me: AHHH!!!! -I grab my laser, setting it to superheated.- Me: Damnit, it's outta charge.- As a last-ditch effort, I grab my crowbar and strike him in the kneecaps with it, before hitting in the head HARD.- Me: 1 down, 3 to go. Blaster: Scott, what in the Nether is going on?!? Me: One of the monsters, the Minoshroom. Blaster: The Mino-what? Me: Whatever. AI, send some drones down here to retrieve its body. AI: Sending drones out. Me: Time to go home. -I enter the shuttle, hyper jumping back to where Blaster is.- Blaster: The news? Me: One monster down.

  • Blaster: Is the Mk II ready for launch
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Yes sir, all tests show positive results, the Frame Carrier Mk II is ready for launch
    Blaster: Excellent, keep the station in a semi state of lock down, only let those we know inside. If anything comes up, transmit the coordinates to either Fire of Drake or Scott. Keep the shield up.
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Good luck Blaster
    Blaster: Thanks, I will get to the bottom of these, and we will see them again.
    N.I.C.O.L.E: I hope so, I would like to see them, provided they didn't die in the process.
    Blaster: If they did, they will be avenged. I will see to that.

    *Deploys Frame Carrier Mk II
    Blaster: Corse laid in, good luck with your missions guys.

  • As it turns out, the Minoshroom's body kinda distinegrated... Blaster: Well it was still killed, good job Scott. Me: Thanks, I've gotta repair and charge my stuff, but this ship doesn't have a lot of charge, since it was drained carrying the Mino's body. Plus, there's not a lot of Vis. Blaster: What? Me: it's just some terms for magic.... Blaster: Oh.. That's why you have all those weird wands and stuff.

  • Blaster: Before you continue hunting the monsters, hand the Minoshroom to N.I.C.O.L.E for analysis. Tell her to lock down the area around the Analysis bay just incase it's not dead. Also, there is a monastery deep in the Forestated mountains. The people living there are magic based and may be able to help you. According to resources, they are supposed to be specialist in all forms of Magic. They should have enough Vis to repair your tools and they might provide you with new ones.

  • thepowdertoy: chaos there is some misunderstanding. He is not the hacker, he some just random engineer. The real hacker is The Drake of Fire, and he already stopped it. Anyway, since there is some misunderstanding between us and execbolts, he have give us all the aeonium we needed, so Bitterholz, do your magic

    Bitterholz and chaos: Yes

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • Me: I'll need to charge my science equipment. Blaster: Oh, and we outfitted your shuttle with a few extra MFEs. Me: Thanks, I almost couldn't use the hyperdrive there. -I board the shuttle- AI, take me to the Forested Mountains. And don't use hyperdrive this time. I want to relax.-I pour myself a glass of lemonade from the shuttle's minibar.-

  • *Bitterholz working with J.A.S.O.N (in form of a Robot) together in the Cargobar of thepowdertoy's Ship*
    *Chaos looks around*

    Bitterholz: "Hey Chaos! Sorry im very buisy building those Ion Inductors..."

    *Bitterholz potters around on a strange and Overfuturistic looking Device*

    Biterholz: "Could you give me that Spearhead lookalike thingy over there Chaos?" *Points on a Silver shimering Spearhadish Machine Part*

    Chaos: "Sure!" *Gives it to Bitterholz"
    Chaos: "What are you doing there exactly...?"

    Bitterholz: "Im building a Prototype of the Ion Inductors we need for the Disintegrator...and I just finished! Now we need to test it..."

    *Bitterholz pulls out a half-mirror Phial and puts it over the Tip of the Inductor, pluging some Cabels into it afterwards*

    Bitterholz: "Ok stand back...J.A.S.O.N fire it up!"

    J.A.S.O.N: "Jes!"
    *The Inductor beginns to glow and give of a deep charging Sound, then a Blue glowing Beam of pure Ions blasts into the Phial*

    Bitterholz: "ABORT!"
    *J.A.S.O.N cuts the Power and Bitterholz carefully pulls of the Phial wich Pulsates in his Hand*

    Chaos: "Isn't it a little dangerous to play around with pure Ions?"

    Bitterholz: "JUST a little..."
    *He Smiles to Chaos and grabs a Ingot of Iridium...then he empties the Phial on it. The Ions start to Spray arround like little Sparks and...disappear*

    Bitterholz: "Pure Ions are only affecting Elements and Materials wich are either static Charged or Electronegative...Wich means they take out any Electric Devices they touch and any Organic Matter. But we will use them to form High energetic Plasma for us! J.A.S.O.N begin to replicate the Prototype Inductor till we have 16 total of 'em."

    Chaos: "Ahh..I understand..."

    J.A.S.O.N: "Sure!"
    *J.A.S.O.N extends a second pair of robotic Arms and starts Replicating the Inductor with an enourmous speed*

    Bitterholz: "AI, did you finish the MFFS Parts for me?"

    Chaos: "Wait do you use the extended Intelligent Shield Plans I gave to thepowdertoy?"

    AI: "Jes he did and it was a nusence to reproduce it!"

    Bitterholz: "I'm sorry about that. Could you Transfer the Items into my AE-Backpack?"

    AI: "Transfering...."

    *Bitterholz crawls under a enormous, curved Tube sticking out of the Cargobars Front Wall*
    *Suddenly the Light starts to flicker a bit and a Forcefield forms arround the Tube (And inside too)*

    Chaos: "Just cause of Curiosity: What is this Weapon you assemble here for?"

    Bitterholz: "Its meant to give us some Long-Range extra Firepower...wich is Devastateing!"

    Chaos: "But what does it do?"

    Bitterholz: "J.A.S.O.N Insert the Inductors into their brackets now! Oh it simply Accelerates the Ions in here together with almost any kind of Matter, it realy doesn't matter what kind, Heats the whole thing up and when you fire it it shoots a high energetic, super hot Ball of Plasma to the Target....It Penetrates Hulls and almost any kind of Shield, fries any kind of electronic Device and burns any Organic Matter. Its like a One-Shot Sniper Cannon for Spaceships."

    Chaos: "I bet getting hit by it really stings..." *Bitterholz and Chaos start to laugh loudly*

    J.A.S.O.N: "Ion Inductors inserted, Forcefield is Stable, Lasers in Place, Matter Inductors ready, Barrel cooling in Place and working, Magnetisers Building up Electromagnetic Fields, Controll and Targeting Programms are Uploaded and Installed. Disintegrator Cannon Assembly Status: 100% accomplished!"

    *Bitterholz calls thepowdertoy*
    Bitterholz: "thepowdertoy...we are ready for a Testfire!"

  • chaos :btw you know iriduim is not strong. weak as platinum. we need aggrrated lonsdaleite nanorods

  • * In Dream

    Blaster: Torchic, use you ember to clear the tree
    Torchic: TORRR Chic chic chic

    *Clears tree
    Blaster: Zorua lets give Dark pulse another try, use it to clear the remains
    Zorua: RRRAAA
    Blaster: This isn't working, Riolu, help with Force Palm, Mudkip use Water Gun to help Zorua

    *Clears tree
    Deino: Deeii
    Sneasel: snee

    *Sees injured Pokémon

    Blaster: Not good, Riolu, you carry sneasel, Get Torchic to help if you need it, I will carry Deino. We have to get them beck home so they can heal

    *Jumps to latter time

    Blaster: Who the hell are you?
    Spambot: We are the spambots, we will take Minecraftia for ourselves
    Blaster: Not if I can help it. BLAZIKEN, LETS GO

    *Throws Poke ball and releases Blaziken

    Blaster: Blaziken, FLAMETHROWER!!!

    *Knocks out most spambots behind, one comes up and knocks them out from behind
    *Time Shift

    Unknown: A side effect of you being a Pokémon trainer, you have been fused with that stupid Blaziken of yours
    Blaster: GRRR
    Unknown: What? Don't you like this, you have all the powers of a Blaziken, you could be helpful for the Spambot cause
    Blaster: Over my dead body. OVERHEAT!!!!
    Alarm: Warning, Warning, Prisoner escaping, Project Mutatio is escaping

    *Wakes up from dream
    Blaster: gah, *Breaths heavily. Computer, whats our ETA?
    Computer: Another day at the most.

  • As I explored the abandoned Gregtech Ship, I discover a functional Weapon-Smithing-Bench-o-matic-3000. With all the batteries disabled on this ship, I make a weapon not seen in thousands of years, a handgun. Not a shredder/tesla handgun, the gunpowder kind. I take this handgun, with extra ammo I made for it, and I went to shoot more monsters (And crowbar a few extras). I eventually find the power core, and it turns out there was none other than a SAPPER on the fusion reactor. I crowbar the sapper off, and as I turned around, a spybot attempted to kill me. As I had a gun and the robot didn't, I shot the robot in the face.
    Me: Nice! This weapon packs more punch than I expected!
    I then go to the bridge, knowing that I have enough power for weeks. As I got to the bridge, another spybot was sapping the communications panel.
    Me: SPY SAPPIN MAH TERMINAL! *shoots spybot in the back of the head, and then I run to the sapper and remove it*
    After that dilemma, I attempt to send a message.
    Me: *Message* Hello, this is T10a. I am currently stranded at the following coordinates *reCapatcha encoding* X= 4000, Y= 128, Z= 12000, in age Space. *end reCapatcha encoding* There are spambots on board, you will need weapons for your rescue party. No time to explain, the bots could be anywhere! *end message* Thank god, I can finally be home again!

  • Executive Bolts: D.A.W.N., inform Agent T10a that his mission is complete. Also, send the Wraith to coordinates X: 4000, Y: 128, Z: 12000 and activate preliminary charge sequence for the cryptoplasma cannon.

    D.A.W.N.: Preliminary charge sequence active. Sir, the cloaking sealant on Chaos Emeralds 4 through 6 is compromised.

    Executive Bolts: Apply another layer. Where is Mr. Blaster?

    D.A.W.N.: His shuttle is 18 hours from the perimeter.

    Executive Bolts: Good; I'd like to meet him.

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
    As soon as you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Be advised that you cannot lose The Game more than once in an hour.
    Whenever you lose The Game, you must say "I lost The Game."
    Since, when you think about The Game, you lose The Game, by reading this, you have just lost the game and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

    Yes, I like Nintendo. What's it to you?

    My posts will be very infrequent. Just so you know.

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  • Blaster: Activate Wireless Station link up

    Blaster: Looks like the link is complete, any issues N.I.C.O.L.E?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: None from my end, the Frame Carrier Mk II is linked into the station.
    Blaster: Excellent, what's the status of the engine tests.
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Standard speed tests are complete, ready to test Hyper drive.
    Blaster: Eta with the Hyper drive?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: 30 Minutes
    Blaster: Excellent. Activate the hyper drive.

    *30 Minutes latter

    Blaster: This is Blaster, captain of the Frame Carrier, I request docking permission

    *Activates dropdown panel with Visor and Gauntlets
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Just in case?
    Blaster: Just in case.

    D.A.W.N: Your permission has been accepted, Docking bay 3 is ready for your arrival Mr Blaster.

  • thepowdertoy: Alright firing in 3...2...1
    *ship shudders*

    thepowdertoy: It seems like a successful firing. AI, start analyzing energy sig of that blast and simulate it against ship this big

    AI: Diverting computational power.... 99.9999% destruction

    Creeper: There is 3 ship like this in the slipspace... ejecting now
    *3 3 moons long ship come out from slipspace*

    --Transmission started--
    spambot: Your destruction is not tolerated. You will be destroyed.
    --Transmission ended--

    thepowdertoy: Firing in 3...2...1
    *all ship destroyed*

    Bitterholz: But... That gun is not designed for firing at cooldown!

    thepowdertoy: MFFS reactor cooling shield

    Dota 2 player at SEA server.

    For me nothing is OP. It just a mod for fun and I'm playing it for fun. Unless it created items from nothing. Automining not included, neither do in case of self replicating machine. However GregTech is still good, so:

    GregTech Documentation Task Force Needed!

  • -I doZe off, only to hear banging on the door as I wake up.- Me: Yes? -I find an elderly man in a robe at the door- Man: Sorry if I interrupted you, but I'm the Monastery leader. Me: Ah, Blaster told me to come here. -We walk into a temple made of old rebar and stone- Me: I came here to prepare to fight. Man: Oh, yes, I heard the reports of the monsters. - I show him my tools and weapons, the old man having a surprised look at the end- Man: it's not possible.... These weapons are of Twilight Forest descent. -him pointing to my wands- Me: Okay? Man: These are powerful and ancient tools. Take care of them. Also, there are several tools which you should have- The Pick of the Core, and The Sword of the Zephyr. However, there is a slight problem we have. Me: What? Man: The Naga's in the courtyard.

  • *Docks in station

    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E, I don't want to be in contact with the others while I am here, only alert me if there is danger. Also, start scanning for chaos energy, try and find out how many Emeralds are actually here.
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Got it Blaster, Before you go though, I have attached the new module into your visor and I have reports of T10a has been seen, I have routed the coordinates to Fire of Drake, Powdertoy is currently testing Bitterholz weapon and Scott has arrived at the Monestary.
    Blaster: Excellent, keep in contact with them, alert me of any problems.

    *Leaves Ship
    Executive Bolts: Ah, Mr Blaster, welcome to my facility.
    Blaster: Thankyou.

    *Shakes hand
    Blaster: And please, just call me Blaster, Mr Blaster was the name of my father.

  • chaos: if we need to destroy them, you need me. i am the key to the Severn emeralds.

    *chaos starts emitting a huge amount of chaos energy*

    chaos: we dont need a stupid scanner...

    N.I.C.O.L.E: whats that i hear!

    chaos: sos no offense but scanners on chaos energy are the worse thing to do. you need to find chaos with chaos. if you get what i mean

  • Blaster: So, we have detected chaos energy emanating from this location. Please explain this.

    Executive Bolts: I have collected six Chaos Emeralds.

    Blaster: What?!

    Executive Bolts: That should be a satisfactory explanation. Oh, your operative Chaos is currently attempting to destroy them, so please call him off.

    Blaster: You're only one step away from controlling the universe! Why bother with asking me?!

    Executive Bolts: I have no intention of obtaining the seventh. I have enough power.

    D.A.W.N.: Sir, I have detected a cryptoplasma emission. It appears that Bitterholz is up to his usual tricks.

    Executive Bolts: I've appreciated this unfortunately brief discussion. I have important things to see to. Please leave, no offense.

    Everyone in the world is playing The Game.
    As soon as you think about The Game, you lose The Game. Be advised that you cannot lose The Game more than once in an hour.
    Whenever you lose The Game, you must say "I lost The Game."
    Since, when you think about The Game, you lose The Game, by reading this, you have just lost the game and will continue to do so for the rest of your life. You're welcome.

    Yes, I like Nintendo. What's it to you?

    My posts will be very infrequent. Just so you know.

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