The spambot wars season 3

  • chronos: am about to seal the taints essence within now.

    *a bright light flashs from chronos hand and a unusual tattoo appears on X-360*

    X-360: i dont feel an different...

    chronos: you wont at first. you need to master this new power. YOU WILL NEED VIS OR SOME ENGERY THAT CAN CONVERTED TO VIS TO BE ABLE TO USE OUR POWER!!!! dont forgot that.


    chronos: and also dont go back on our deal

    X-360: i wont.

    chronos: then i will transport you back to minecraftia

    X-360: oh dont call me X-360 anymore. X-360 died and regiki was reborn as a lord.

    chronos: now go...

    *regiki's body slowly fades away and appears just outside minecraftia*

    A.I.D.E.N.: Large amount of taint has appeared just above the atmosphere!!!!!!!

  • *The battle is almost finished. Both sides are down to their last Pokémon
    Aladra: Hmph, I haven't had a battle like this in years, this is making me more and more excited every second.

    *Grabs his last Pokeball
    Aladra: Which is why im not going to hold back my strongest. BLASTOISE, Lets go
    Blaster: BLAZIKEN, YOU TO!

    *Both are ready to fight
    Aladra: I still remember when he was a Torchic. You've lost this battle, which means that you will have to...
    Blaster: Who said I was done!
    Aladra, Sarah and ???: Huh?

    *Takes off gauntlet and tosses it to N.I.C.O.L.E
    Blaster: After my last battle with the spambot leader, I have learned a few things about what i'm about to show you

    *Grabs out a ring and puts it on his left wrist
    Blaster: You see what Blaziken is holding?

    *Aladra sees the gemstone
    Blaster: It is called Blazikenite, a rare mineral that grants specific Pokémon a new power when combined with this.

    *Presses a button on the ring, a beam of light erupts out of it and surrounds Blaziken in a sphere of energy. The sphere shatters revealing Mega Blaziken
    Blaster: Champion Aladra, Father, let me introduce to you Mega Blaziken
    Aladra: What?
    Sarah: Incredible, Blaziken has Mega evolved.
    ???: I never would have thought this possible. I herd stories about this but I never thought it was real!
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Blaster found the gemstone during the first war. When we discovered what it could do we used it against the spambots. However, without the Mega Ring that Blaster is wearing, the gem will shatter.
    Blaster: Lets see how you handle this one. BLAZIKEN, FIRE BLAST!

  • *First cruiser*: This is XMY-19, reporting.
    *Stormfall:This is XMY-37, ready for attack run.
    Phoenix II: Requesting permission to engage.
    Command: Granted.
    With the screech of tortured metal, the light cruisers dove into the atmosphere, firing pulsers and missiles.
    *Searching for signals*
    I need an overall situation. My ships were stuck in transit for a year. Where's Althidicroun when you need him?

  • I woke up in a cyro pod, unaware of my surroundings. I then see robots walking around, which must be spambots.
    Robot: The patient is awake! Inform the Spambot Overlord that his human captive is all well!
    Me: Aren't you guys sick of constantly kidnapping me?
    Robot: Your DNA structure is unique, and that must be studied.
    Me: Wouldn't that be the DNA mucking around when you 'augmented' me before?
    Robot: Probably.
    Me: Well, show me the nearest escape pod, and I'll kindly leave.
    Robot: You cannot leave. They are heavily guarded.
    Me: Better dead than be a spambot! *Knocks down robot, and jumps at the guard, stealing his flechette rifle* Great, now the entire ship is looking for me. Hey look, a intership comm terminal! *fiddles with the wiring, so I can use it as a distress signal*

    This is T10a. Once again, I am a spambot hostage. Could you kindly come and rescue me once again?
    Also, could you explain to me what has happened? I've been trapped in cyro stasis for months on end, with no clue on what is happening.

    - T10a

    Me: Well, time to find myself an escape pod.

  • Bolts: N.I.C.O.L.E; you there?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: I'm here, whats wrong?
    Bolts: We have received a transmission from T10a calling for help, the coordinates are near your location. Can you and Blaster rescue him while your there?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: I will, Blaster on the other hand is a little tied up
    Bolts: Doing what?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Family affairs
    Bolts: I see, Alert me when you have rescued T10a

  • Firing retrorockets in 3...2...1...
    The phoenix II: I need targeting coordinates immediately, spambots have destroyed most of the relief force, and our auto-targeters are offline. We only have a complement of 5,000 this time, so would you kindly give us some coordinates so we can make a difference?
    AI: Alert, spambots have breached hull on deck 7, 19, and 23.
    The phoenix II: I repeat, give us firing and teleport coordinates. I do not know how much longer we can hold out.
    Ensign: I have located Althidicroun! He is... right behind us?
    The Battle-scarred Phoenix De Astra came out of warp space, spilling warpwash off of it's burned, pitted iridium hull.
    Commander Althidicroun: Captain. What happened while I was stuck in the warp?
    Phoenix II: We thought you were dead and your ship destroyed? How did you escape that battle over Ganymede?
    Althidicroun: The explosion you saw was really one of my warp engines overheating. The explosion catapulted us into warp space for 10 years. I need a status update ASAP. Prepare to launch drop pods, prime lances. We are back in this fight.

  • regiki: now how do i use this power? lets do random stuff and see what happens

    *a beam of air element comes out regiki*

    regiki: that was intresting...dam but this area has hardly any vis. i know. ill take the extra vis thats causing taint from minecraftia and spread it out.

  • *The battle has concluded. Aladra has lost.
    Aladra: I'm glad that you have won the match. As of this moment, you are no longer banished from Anathos
    Blaster: Thankyou... where is N.I.C.O.L.E?
    Aladra: And your sister?
    ???: Your friend said that she was going to help someone called T10a who is here. Sarah must have gone with her
    Blaster: The spambots

    *goes to grab gauntlet
    Aladra: She should have known not to go out there, those things are far to dangerous
    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E will be able to protect her. But im going after them

    *Types a command into the gauntlet
    Aladra: Do you know where they are
    Blaster: No...

    *Sees something on the screen, types in another command
    Blaster: But I know where there going

    * A hoverboard comes to Blaster from the Nighthawk
    Aladra: Its to risky. You could
    Blaster: I have taken down their leader twice, I have raided several spambot bases in my time, most of which I was by myself. I can handle this
    Aladra: Go on then, but bring them back safely
    Blaster: I will

    *"Flies" off after N.I.C.O.L.E and Sarah

    *Aladra turns to his wife
    Aladra: I still don't like it, but after that battle, if anyone can do it Amelia its him
    Amelia: I hope your right Aladra, or we will be loosing both our children

  • Hey, can anyone give me a recap before I start writing? (Might as well start now.) Scott was peering over a crucible. This taint- This he could fight! He could destroy it... But it would take time. As far as he knew, his home, the End, had been overrun. He had to. He couldn't lay down and watch minecraftia die.

  • Scott: Looks like there's some bots outside my hideout.... Oh! Hi everyone. Living in my hideout. Anyway, gonna take out some spam bots with my new sword. I found it underground. Dunno what to call it. Spambots: He's in here! Scott: Oh god. -I grab a blue sword that looks kinda glowy- Scott: My magic has been gone for the longest time.. But, I feel it now. And it feels good. -spambots rush into hideout- Scott: Die!! -my sword misses the first one, but he gets sliced in half anyway.- Scott: YOU BRING LIGHT TO MY CAVE? YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!! -this time, it throws a grenade, but I block and it flys back at him, killing it.- Scott: This sword must be... THE SWORD OF THE ZEPHYR!! -something lights up on my wrist- PDA: Sir, it appears that your magic has regenerated. Scott: Let's kick some scrap.

  • *a purple flash appears in blasters face*

    Blaster: *mumbling* what was that?

    *a purple sphere drops down and shatters. a odd figuire with markings all over him and purple glowing eyes walks out of the shattered shpere *

    Regiki: hi Blaster ive been looking for you. where are the rest of the crew

    Blaster: !!!!!!!!

  • Blaster: X? I thought you...
    Regiki: It's Regiki now
    Blaster: Ok... Regiki, I thought you died. I saw you die
    Regiki: I'll explain latter. You still haven't answered my question
    Blaster: N.I.C.O.L.E and Sarah are...
    Regiki: Sarah?
    Blaster: My Sister, anyway, they're headed to a spambot base here to rescue T10a, We were however here to speak to Professor Mahogany
    Regiki: And where is here exactly?
    Blaster: Welcome to Anathos, I'll give you the tour latter but for now hop on

    *A little bit latter
    Sarah: Spambots, there's to many of them. At least they're not elemental spambots
    N.I.C.O.L.E: And what exactly are Elemental Spambots?
    Sarah: Spambots that have forged armour to share the strengths and weaknesses of the 18 types
    N.I.C.O.L.E: I see. but for now take this

    *Tosses staff
    Sarah: What about you
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Blaster and I made a special set of armour for times like this

    *Hears hoverboard
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Speak of the devil

    *On hoverboard
    Blaster: Regiki, are you armed
    Regiki: I have taint powers, does that count?
    Blaster: Close enough

    *Through HUD
    Blaster: You ready to try these?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Are you

    *Blaster and Regiki jump off of hoverboard, hovers in the air
    Blaster and N.I.C.O.L.E: ARMOUR CHANGE...
    Blaster: MELEE MODE!

    *The armor on them begins to change, Blaster's gaining a small amount of weight and a lot of Melee weapons such as swords and other blades. N.I.C.O.L.E's on the other hand gains a lot of heavy plating and a lot of Fire power, they're gauntlets teleport away in the process

  • Regiki: have this!!!!

    *a ball of vis hits blaster*

    N.I.C.O.L.E: Your armor power has risen!!!!

    Regiki: Ready!!!!

  • Scott: the Nearest spaceport is 2 blocks away. But, there are Bots. Better get going. This place is falling apart from the attacks recently. Bombardment, lasers, you name it. -I lift my backpack and grab all my important stuff, like my sword and wands, and head out the door. -I pull out my sword, just in case.- Scott: Looks like it's clear... HEY!!! -suddenly covers my mouth after I hear gunfire.- Where is it- -a bullet richochets off of the wall and hits me in the head, knocking me out but not penetrating my armor.- -A blackout later, waking up in the same spot, a sweep team comes through.- Soldier 1:We've got a live one! Soldier 2: Looks like an- enderman? Scott: Help.... Got hit by a bullet richocheting off the walls... -Soldier 1 helps me up, her arms lifting me up onto a gurney, and I see her nametag: Celeste.- Scott: Thanks. -The gurney is lifted by the team, dragged to the military encampment at the port.- Guard: Another one? Celeste: Yeah. Says his name's Scott. -I blush, both embarrassed and slightly attracted to her. My gurney, much to my relief is pulled in quickly- Scott: Hey, Celeste? Celeste: Yeah? Scott:Here's my info. -Again, blushing as I hand her my number, my com link number. Celeste: Okay?..... Scott:I'm tired, I should probaly get to bed. -When I'm sleeping, I have a strange dream.- Scott: Where am I? -I feel
    a tugging sensation in my gut, and I realize its The End.- Shadow: Hello, welcome home... or should I say, HELL!! -I'm suddenly paralyzed as the abomination of a creature jumps at me.- Voice: We need some help over here! He's shaking! -suddenly light rushes through my eyes, and I'm sweating all over and shaking, and with a sick feeling in my stomach.- Doctor: What happened? Scott: Nothing... Bad dream. Doctor: This is extremely unnatural. Nurse: Sir- We need you at bed 18, the patient's running a serious fever. Doctor: Fine... Scott: I need to get outta here...

  • -Meanwhile, at the spaceport, Scott is stabilizing.- Celeste: Well, we checked your history, and you might be related to chao- Scott: I know. -She is wearing her battle armor, with her brown hair in a ponytail.- Celeste: Well, apparently, there's a spambot convoy headed here. We've seen how dangerous you can be. Scott: I have to help! I must- -a boom shatters the air.- Intercom: Everyone to battle stations! Scott: Now I must! -I look out and see the horror: 3 tanks, and at least 50 spambots, vs 20 soldiers and 1 Mage.- SpamCommander: CHARGE!!! -It all happened so slowly: The commander charging me, me retaliating , and the winds knocking him skyhigh, and shattering him when he lands.- Spambots: RETREAT!! -They run away, most of them taken out- Celeste: Woah... Nice. Scott: All in a day's wo- -I collapse from exhaustion, and wake up in the sick bay again.-

  • Regiki: lighting charge with high pressure pull!!!!!!!!

    *the spambots suddenly set on fire as a bolt energy comes out*

    Chaos: HAHAHA.... Get stronger

    Regiki: ......... errrr

    Blaster: are you ok CHAOS CHAOS CHAOS

    *Regiki starts to see bright lights all around

    Chaos: enjoy my powers I AM TRUE CHAOS




    *everybody starts to melt into blood*

    *Regiki suddenly wakes up on a hospital bed*

    Regiki: whe..ere am i... CHAOS!!! show yourself

    Blaster: chaos has been died for ages and do you feel ok. you did bang your head quite hard when you got injured by a spambot.

    Nurse: can you leave please when check up on him.

    Blaster: ok

    Nurse: how do you feel?

    Regiki: ok i guess

    Nurse: anything different you have noticed?

    Regiki: well... ermm no

    Nurse: ok then lets take some blood and x-ray you.

  • N.I.C.O.L.E: How is he?
    Blaster: He's fine, after what the leader did to him at Mt Melter, this should be a quick recovery.

    *Turns to Sarah
    Blaster: Why did you go with N.I.C.O.L.E?

    *Sarah walks to a window
    Sarah: Mom and Dad always keep saying that I should be on the battlefield, "we already lost your brother, we don't want to loose you"
    Blaster: That sounds a lot like them

    *Sarah turns to Blaster
    Sarah: You promised me that we would work together, that we would travel together, see the world together
    Blaster: If you recal I was banished because of that idea, I didn't want you to lose your connection to mum and dad at such a young age.
    Sarah: Its been five years since that, I have grown. I can fend for myself. I want to go with you and help protect the rest of Minecraftia.

    Blaster: I see that there is no point in trying to change your mind. If you come with me, then you will fight, you will acknowledge your superiors and do what they tell you to do. Do I make myself clear?
    Sarah: Crystal
    Blaster: Alright, we'll wait for Regiki to recover, then we're headed for the Frame Carrier to get you better equipped for this. AS for rescuing T10a, N.I.C.O.L.E, have you received any word on him yet?
    N.I.C.O.L.E: Nothing
    Blaster: So we have to assume that he is still inside the facility. Luckily we have a way around their protection.