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    [IDENTIFICATION SOFTWARE ERROR]: Security Camera, Replay Log 134001 Delta Stroke Kappa.
    Camera AI: Input Accepted. Replaying...

    Palinev: I do not care what Earth needs. What WE need is what matters, and the Emperor demands we stay here.
    Althicrion: You remember the first war. You were a mere Talon commander, but you remember.
    Palinev: I remember you [unintelligible]. You know what happened after that.
    Althicrion: What the endermen did with that tech does not matter. They already would have developed...
    Palinev: A BATTLESHIP! You crashed an entire BATTLESHIP. Do you know how much that [unintelligible] technological development? Do you know what happens when an inferior species gets control of... Let's see here, 11,000 tachyon rifles, 150,000 pulsars, 65,000 exosuits, millions of gravimetric impellers, and an entire [unintelligible] of the latest computation engines?
    Althicron: Nothing happened! Nothing! They can use that tech just fine without...
    Palinev: I am activating Command Procedure 49 in 60 seconds if you don't get off my bridge.
    Althicron: You would not dare.
    Palinev: You test my will? I will settle this in a bout of honor at your convenience. As challenged, you may choose the weapons and time.
    Althicron: Ate you challenging me to a duel? Insolent welp!
    Palinev: 20 seconds.
    Althicron: Very well. I accept your challenge. Now, we you stop the countdown? Weapons...? I choose...
    Palinev: Yes...?
    Althicron: Tachyon Lashers at two paces.
    Palinev: You... WHAT? Are you insane?
    Althicron: You said it yourself. I have nothing to lose. My career is ruined after that fiasco with the endermen. Logically, the best course in a duel I would lose anyway is to bring you down with me.
    Palinev: Very well. I forfeit. I will step down if you wish.
    Althicron: That will not be necessary. Set course for Earth.
    Log End... Would you like to view another log? Y/N

    Firing retrorockets in 3...2...1...
    The phoenix II: I need targeting coordinates immediately, spambots have destroyed most of the relief force, and our auto-targeters are offline. We only have a complement of 5,000 this time, so would you kindly give us some coordinates so we can make a difference?
    AI: Alert, spambots have breached hull on deck 7, 19, and 23.
    The phoenix II: I repeat, give us firing and teleport coordinates. I do not know how much longer we can hold out.
    Ensign: I have located Althidicroun! He is... right behind us?
    The Battle-scarred Phoenix De Astra came out of warp space, spilling warpwash off of it's burned, pitted iridium hull.
    Commander Althidicroun: Captain. What happened while I was stuck in the warp?
    Phoenix II: We thought you were dead and your ship destroyed? How did you escape that battle over Ganymede?
    Althidicroun: The explosion you saw was really one of my warp engines overheating. The explosion catapulted us into warp space for 10 years. I need a status update ASAP. Prepare to launch drop pods, prime lances. We are back in this fight.

    *First cruiser*: This is XMY-19, reporting.
    *Stormfall:This is XMY-37, ready for attack run.
    Phoenix II: Requesting permission to engage.
    Command: Granted.
    With the screech of tortured metal, the light cruisers dove into the atmosphere, firing pulsers and missiles.
    *Searching for signals*
    I need an overall situation. My ships were stuck in transit for a year. Where's Althidicroun when you need him?

    Wraith: I suppose this is a time for a snackbreak.
    Wasmic *Heals* Next objective: We need to destroy the underground areas of the base.
    Wraith: *Shoots an exposed portion with teslapistol* It's protected By Immibustech shields!
    How did they manage to learn how to use the shields?
    Wasmic: Oh no... They have learned to use NEI... We have to destroy this facility's
    computer core before they can pass every recipe in the universe to the rest of the spambot
    armies. If they get access to NEI... Every spambot will have the highest tech equipment.
    Wraith: What is this NEI you speak of? I learned all of the recipes in the Verveidian Command Academy.
    Wasmic: It's like an encyclopedia you can access any time, from any place.
    Wraith: Des Asuryan... We need to attack immediately!

    I used a Verveidian Teleport Pack to warp down to the crater, and sliced a hole in the forcefield with my teslasword. I landed directly on top of a spambot, and crushed it with a quantum ground pound. Suddenly, the roof gave out and I landed inside the base

    I fired my tesla pistol until it ran out of charge, then dive-rolled to dodge a spambot laser. A missile streaked through the air and wasmic dove into cover.
    Wasmic: What is our current inventory?
    Wraith: 2 Enderrifles, my quantum lunchbox, spacesuits, a sonictron, and this.
    *I show him an object that looks like a teslastaff, but with a nanosabre blade on one end*
    Wraith: I also have a tesla pistol and some spare carbon plates.
    Wasmic: A quantum lunchbox? What?
    Wraith: It holds infinite oranges.
    Wasmic: Why oranges? Oranges are circles!
    Wraith: Because I like oranges. Now... we move!
    *A missile obliterates the rocks we were hiding behind*
    After an hour of quantumsprinting, we arrived at the spambot base. Hundreds of spambots guarded it, whispering adverts.
    Wasmic: Pass me the sonictron.
    A sound erupted on the other side of the base, distracting the spambots and making them all run to the other side. I ran to the door and kicked it down.
    Wasmic: Fire! Incoming spambots!
    I drew my tesla pistol and blazed away at a lone Mk.4 spambot walking torwards me. Brilliant lightning bolts smashed into it, but it kept moving, undamaged.
    A dark green positron bolt hit the spambot in the face, obliterating everything above it's knees.
    Wraith: How much antimatter WAS that?
    Wasmic: Only 0.000005 grams.
    Wraith: Can you hack it so it can fire entire grams of antimatter?
    Wasmic: Yes, but the bolts would cause massive explosions.
    Wraith: I know how we can destroy this base.

    Wraith: Yes I do. I shall gather my 10 primary specialists and head to the secondary teleport bay.

    Wraith: ++Specialists, please report to the primary briefing room.++

    Wraith: I have with me the ten.
    I have a demolitions expert armed with plasma charges,
    A sniper armed with a lance-rifle
    3 Scouts armed with pulse carbines
    An engineer with devices such as an orbital strike beacon and a electrikal wrench
    and 4 soldiers armed with advanced teslastaffs and pulse rifles.

    I also took the liberty of requisitioning 12 shielded teleportbeacons just in case something goes wrong.

    Wasmic: Great! I am heading to the secondary teleport bay now. Are we taking a ship with us?

    Wraith: Yes, the Stormfall. It is a Vervun-class light cruiser armed with pulsar lances. Just describe the target and I will be ready.

    I have located the portal to the chaos realm. The coordinates are ***@#^#&^%!^%^&,#$@~%@&@&*** send your equivalent of a battlefleet. My reconstructed 3rd battlefleet will head through the portal as soon as you arrive.
    VerveiGuard: We have spambots on the bridge!
    Wraith: *Grabs PULSAR rifle* Hold them back! *Shoots an incoming spambot in the head, disintegrating half of it's body* Activate virus-bees and Mini ReCaptcha EMPs!
    VerveiGuard: Activating! *Massive flash throughout the bridge* They're gone!
    Wraith: Excellent! Get T10a out of that teleporter room now!
    VerveiGuard: *Leads him to command dias*
    Wraith: Excellent. What do you propose we do now...?

    It seems that Endermen are helping too. That is rather odd. They normally would attack the humans. Logged for further study.
    I have perfected the strain of virus-bees. I shall equip every one of my soldiers with a backpack full of them.
    The rest of the battlefleets are here and will reinforce Sinnaj63 and GregoriusT's soldiers. I have a dimensional drive on my ships,
    so they should find the world barrier trivial to cross. It seems that one of the chaos-worshipping heretics are controlling the spambotiverse.
    They shouldn't be prepared for a webway strike.

    ***Attempting to access GregTech ship***
    ***Operation successful***
    Supreme Commander Al'yrith: This is the Verveidan battlefleets' overall commander. I would like to add 153 ships, my whole force, to this battle group.
    My forces are composed of many different ships and can make an excellent contribution. Once, my 3rd battlefleet (Sadly destroyed) of 43 ships destroyed 894 spambot ships over Nuevri Delta.

    Personally, I think that tekkit servers. (Rant incoming) It's called TECHNIC. Not TEKKIT if you INSIST on calling it tekkit just remember that the launcher is called TECHNIC launcher. Not the tekkit launcher.) Should be allowed in the server sub-forum because they contain Ic2 too, so technically they are ic2 servers.

    Receiving Transmission...
    Transmission Received:
    Commander Yltimer: 1st battlefleet in position.
    Commander Virtyui: 2cd battlefleet jumping on your command.
    Commander Ciryus: 4th battlefleet is ready.
    Supreme Commander Al'yrith: All fleets jump towards Earth. 1st battlefleet, spearhead formation. Use RED matter torpedoes to destroy any spambot ships.
    Virtyui, take reserve role. Make sure no spambots can flank us. Ciryus, Prepare bombardment cannons. I see incoming spambot controlled capital ships.
    Commander Ciryus: Firing.
    A shock wave tore through space as the hundred guns of the 4th Verveidan battlefleet opened fire, tearing metal from spambot hulls with mass drivers and breaking shields with phased torpedoes.
    12 spambot ships were destroyed instantly, turned into so much scrap by the awesome force of the 4th heavy battlefleet.

    ***Initiate transmission recievers***
    ***Breaking encryption...***
    ***Transmission begin***
    ++Begin log++
    ++I have been stranded here for many days now and spambots are hunting for me++
    ++I do not know what happened to the rest of the Senate of Verveide, but I fear that I am the last one alive.++
    ++I have created this log for any other Senator or fleet commander out there so they may know what happened.++
    ++Verveide is destroyed, the Starhaven has disappeared. The spambots arrived through the ships of the 3rd battlefleet, carried in data form.++
    ++My name is Althyri Re'lietyh. I was once the captain of the Star of Glory.++
    ++DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT attempt to return to either Starhaven or the homeworld.++
    ++The outer colonies are all we have left.++
    ++My last command was to send every remaining Verveidian ship to Earth, to fight the spambots there.++
    ++I can hear them coming. CENTRUS out.++
    ***Transmission end.***