Suggestion: more Tier2 building blocks

  • We have a high-tech machinery and a house build of ancient cobblestone. I suggest to add some Tier2 building materials available using modern machines.
    Well, now we have new and shiny metal blocks. We also have a sleel fence and rubbler-covered roads. And there are some other mods adding more building materials. So... why? I suggest to add a lot of work for out factories because building materials are usually required in quantities. Materials must be accessible only after you install some processing machines in your factory.
    Some examples:

    • Stylish bronze glass for our skyscrapers
    • Ceramic plates of different colors and styles with decorative patterns on them
    • Girder block for bridges and HV transmission lines
    • Pillar blocks like in the Aether mod
    • Semi-transparent colorful organic plastic using crops from a farm
    • Window block (plastic window frames?)
    • (UPD) New stackable bronze signposts, maybe glowing in night with a light level of 6..8
  • In 1.8 there will already be stone brick blocks, which look pretty modern. But having more blocks would help. I would really love some kind of metal trusses for power lines/bridges. suggested recipe - 3 pieces of iron shaped like v making 3 blocks.

  • I like this, often times I just carve my factory out of a mountain I've found... not the most elegant solution.

    I've already tested the 1.8, and liked how the brick block looks (simple recipe, thank goodness). But, pointless to say, more aesthetic blocks would be nice.

  • I suggest the following recipe for ceramic tiles:

    DDD -> 8x raw tiles, then compress raw tiles to usable ceramic tiles.

    (G - glass, D - dye, C - clay ball)

    Using compressor means that such a material is not available in a pre-industrial age.

    With different dyes and without sprite index limitations (thanks to Forge) there'll be a lot of different stylish tiles from simple single-color to well-designed ornaments and mosaic tiles. Maybe 30..50 available combinations or so. Maybe use metal and glowstone dusts in some recipes too. Maybe even start a designer contest here, on the forum, to discover best tilesets.