Breeder reactors in 1.5.x

  • I am looking for someone who has built and operated a breeder reactor in a Minecraft 1.5.x environment, because I think there's a serious bug afoot and I need to compare people's experiences with mine.

    Anyone done so yet?

  • I've discovered that in SSP breeders instantly convert depleted cells into re-enriched ones. In SMP 1.5, however, they seem to be working as intended, though Thorium-based breeders pulse on and off oddly in FTB 0.6 SSP and SMP and do not breed efficiently vis-a-vis uranium breeders.

  • Yep, there's a bug with thorium in GregTech 3.05g, it gets fixed in 3.07 I believe.

    Good to see that you made the same observation with the instant breeding though. It seems to be an IC2 issue and not related to GregTech, do you agree?

  • I think it might be IC2, given that the same thing happened in both uranium and thorium breeders. Odd that it would occur on SSP but not SMP though...

  • Are you sure you aren't using spawned cells when instant breeding happends?

    Cause that "issue" has existed for quite a while.

  • I was using NEI Cheat Mode to obtain cells for testing reactor designs, so that might be the cause. I haven't tried crafting them by hand in SSP.

  • Well, it certainly is a possibility, considering I only ever use SSP for creative mode testing purposes.

    Will test again and report back later.

    EDIT: Yep, that's it. Works fine with handcrafted isotopes. Good call, Geggo!