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    30 mins before I posted the message so yes.

    "version": "4.05g",

    Please attach the OreDict.log of your Server/Client, when that happens.

    Found out the mods causing it.
    Mekanism and Binnies Extrabees/trees.

    Also removing binnie mods solved the issue with


    A Recipe used an OreDict Item as Output directly, without copying it before!!!

    Forge log had one of these messages preceeding each wall of "created a list..."


    2013-11-30 13:14:02 [INFO] [STDERR] WARNING: BinnieCore attempted to register ingotGold very late at the OreDictionary! Some Functionality may not work as expected! Sometimes registration in Postload is required, but you should always register OreDictionary Items in the Load Phase whenever possible.

    These recipe errors after serverstart, where can I find out what recipe is causing them?

    The error it self doesn't contain any helpfull information for that purpose, and oredict log stops at serverstart.

    There's also several messages about late registrations from Gregtech_addon, I though these were coming from gregtech?

    Is it a GT related bug that, when turning on the option on NEI to display the name for the currently targeted block, when looking at forestry's copper ore, the displayed name is "tile.resources.1" and for apatite "tile.resources.0"? Does it have something to do with Unification or should I go and bug Forestry about it?

    There's already bug report about that in forestry tracker.

    Everytime this comes up, ppl say to just delete the API from the other mod's zip file. (delete the Buildcraft API from the Forestry .zip). Backup the .zip, delete the API, then try it again.

    There lies the problem, if the bc api is deleted from forestry it will crash even if buildcraft is still installed and providing it's own api. I did make a ticket to forestry bug tracker though.

    Not sure if it just doesn't like the new api or if it's hardcoded to look for it inside the forestry zip.

    Any logs?

    And no it has nothing to do with GT. I figured someone else here might have run in to this issue and may know a solution. (even google is throwing blank with those errors)

    I just tested and it's indeed forestry having old bc api (or atleast the error's go away if I ditch forestry.)

    Can I just replace the buildcraft api folder inside forestry zip with current api? or will that just crash forestry anyway.

    But how do cables figure into that? Tin cables only do 32 EU/t, for example. Wouldn't the cable melt off first before the battery box can blow, if you add a 33rd solar panel?

    Different, related question: Anyone know if there is still loss over distance? If so, then depending on the setup, 33 solars may not blow up or melt anything after all...

    At the moment cables don't melt so you can use tin cables for 2048 EU/t line if you want. (expect that to change though)

    Cable loss would affect if it exists still as connecting 33 solars to single bat box would most likely exceed copper cable limits.

    I doubt that cable loss exists currently....need to test that though.

    I was running a generator to one face of a batbox and 5 solar panels to the top. The batbox never exploded but some of my machines did.

    Are you sure the solar cable didn't connect to the output of the bat box?
    (I haven't noticed bat box exceeding it's output rating but should be easy enough to check that.)

    I'm still lost on multiple power sources, can we get an explanation on how we should be setting up generator, bat boxes and solar panels without exploding machines

    Just add all the power suppliers outputs together and if that number exceeds the 32 EU/t it will blow up a bat box.

    So 33 Solar panels connected to bat box (assuming no cable losses occur) will blow up bat box when they start producing. (32 solars are fine)

    Ran into an unusual problem. I gave up on 1.6.2 for now cause it seems to hate java. I can play 1.5.2 with a bazillion mods and not get java errors. 1.6.2 barely has mods and gives me java memory errors.

    If the memory error was "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space" then you just need to add "-XX:PermSize=256m" to your minecraft startup options.

    256 should be enough, never seen more needed.

    The only issue with depending on (circuit breakers/ fuses) for safety is that they aren't instantaneous, and cannot protect humans shorting the wires from cardiac arrest or brain damage because they don't always trip quickly enough. Also note that human resistance to AC (really impedance, but that's because the skin acts as a dielectric(making the body behave as a capacitor when subjected to AC)) is only 300-1000 ohms, which means that for 120V the instantaneous current ranges from 400 mA to 120 mA, which is more than enough to cause cardiac arrest, but not nearly enough to guarantee that a breaker trips.

    I think you are mixing leakage protection (RCD or ELCB) with circuit breaker / fuse.

    Circuit breaker is a fuse that can be reset while RCD will trip if there is small amount of current leaking to the ground.

    For example the one in my home will trip if there is 30mA or more leaking to ground.…l_current_circuit_breaker

    But anyway. Could someone explain to me exactly how the new e-net will work. I guess it still is total bogus and not realistic at all, right? So no more packets? How is energy send now?

    At the moment it seems to add all energy producers together, so connecting 2 batboxes to the same line results it becoming 64 EU/t line. (before that would have been 2x32 EU/t line)

    Also because of that transformers got nerfed big time, LV transformer now takes 128 EU /t in and outputs 32 EU/t for 4 ticks. (before it would have output all 4 packages in 1 tick).

    Since it now works like this Best way to build your grid is to have biggest possible energy storage and use transformer upgrades in machines and run them straight from the main line. (since machines like induction furnace can't use upgrades it will need it's own transformer.)

    Log files can easily crow massive...I mean gigabytes of text.

    if you had forge log from the server it might shed some light on the issue, more specifically the beginning of the log, not part from the middle repeating that same thing over and over.

    Oh and how little space is actually available to the server, sounds like 1GB or something silly like that.