Fusion reactor nerf?

  • I've been playing MC for a while, FTB for a while and have always been a strong supporter of GT because of the challenge and variety it adds to the game. But in the last couple of days I've encountered a problem with my fusion system. Some research has indicated that there is a coded limit to the number of plasma generators that may be active at any given time, effectively limiting the energy output of a fusion reactor to about 65000 eu/t. And thats before you subtract the energy consumption required to actually operate the thing - the centrifuges, electrolyzers etc.

    With the resource requirements to actually get one of these up and running. it's a given that I'm already well beyond the end game status and am into OP. The question I have to ask is why? Subtracting the power requirements to run it, if I use the excess to just produce UU and not use any power to run my extended factory, the reactor will still take years to repay its investment. What's the point of nerfing your own reactor to the point where there really is no reason to build it in the first place?

  • Thats where I encountered the problem. The second coil is built, I increased capacity in the support room to cater for it and increased the number of generators to supply power. I also have to take into account the fact that my factory is now entirely dependent on plasma to operate (heavily reliant on gt machines as well, I might add). I found that some of the generators were not being powered - the generators in excess of the set limit will not operate.

    A search found this thread.

    If one is wanting to get the max EU out constantly from their Fusion Reactor setup, it appears the maximum number of Plasma Generators that can properly be run continuously, simultaneously, and with full energy output, from plasma from only one reactor is set at the number 33

    Is this not the case? A count showed 33 active in the factory and the fusion support room. I shut down the factory and the additional generators in the support room fired up. Is there a set limit in the code?

  • No there is no set limit in the Code. The Fusion Reactor produces X Plasma per tick and a Plasma Generator consumes X/33 Plasma per tick. That is how it works. If the Plasma Generators cant output any Energy, because your Batteries are full they will ofcourse stop producing, because that would waste Energy, and wasting Energy is not that good. Your Setup is just badly built.

  • Badly built? Wow, that's a hell of an assumption. For your information, the two plasma generators that failed to work until I shut off the factory are connected to 4 MFSU's that (at the time) were almost completely drained of power. My setup is a set of disconnected, dedicated to purpose machine setups with all movement between machines controlled by routers and tesseracts.

    So... the specifics are 2 plasma generators, 4 MFSU's and 4 automatic recyclers disconnected from everything else. MFSU's are almost without power, generators have plasma in a can but it refused to fill the internal tank or generate power UNTIL i shut off other generators, at which point they fired up without intervention.