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  • So i thought of electric horse armor....then of an electric horse....then bam...genius struck:

    So after a long day I've come home and I think i have this thought through.
    Initially I was thinking of ways to somehow integrate the idea of horses into IC2 after reading a post where someone was asking for builds for 1.6.2
    So the hoverboard came to mind....a classic piece of Sci-fi / electronic / futuristic gadgetry : [url][/url]
    How it would work?
    Just like a horse except for the taming/breeding get on it and you ride at a faster speed than sprinting.
    I am thinking of a single item that you craft and place in the world kinda like a boat and then when you right click it you get in and control it like you would control a horse.
    Crafting Recipe
    I have not thought of a good crafting recipe for it yet so feel free to provide ideas...keep in mind it needs to be as cheap and easy to get as horses so nothing crazy. the cost should be something like a jetpack or maybe even cheaper.
    Lets define 2 values (they are defined already but i don't know their values)
    Horse max speed and min speed that the vanilla horses have.
    -The Hoverboard will have a speed ranging from horse min speed to 1.2 horse max speed.
    -Unlike a horse It does not have hp nor can it have armor because it does not take damage.
    -It has a charge that it can maybe show in the GUI instead of the horses HP. 30-40k would be a good start.( 10 lightnings instead of 10 hearts)
    -It has a basic consumption per block travelled.....i think 1 eu /block would be a good start because of the way you will increase the speed.
    Right click = get on , SHIFT+right click = open GUI , wrench it = turns back into item form
    You would recharge it by turning it back into item form and placing it into the appropiate storage block.
    Sounds pretty booring so far right?'s the good part:
    You upgrade it by using the existing upgrade system:
    It's GUI would be just 3 slots that you can place upgrades in .....the upgrades would:
    -overclockers: increase speed and consumption by 2 factors.
    -energy storage upgrades: increase energy capacity by 10k
    -transformer: lowers base consumption by a factor( to compensate a bit for the exponential increase that the clockers produce) and also allows it to be charged in a the next tier storage unit ( max 2 transformers)
    The maximum number of clockers and energy storage upgrades it can take need to be figured out by people who are better than me at maths so...please go ahead provide ideas if you want.
    The ideal would be to lose range as you gain speed so a plain one has 40k blocks range while one that is fully upgraded has only 20-25k blocks range on a full charge.....keep in min plain has 40k EU while fully upgraded prolly 680k EU.
    Other nice things:
    Everything I've written here can just as well made into a Hover-Bike ( Cabal and Stars Wars fans know what i'm talking about)....maybe even something like just crafting the hoverboard by itself and it turns into a hoverbike and viceversa so you can choose whatever skin you like.
    Also being able to paint it with painters would be Awesome.

    Moving on to addons:
    Parking it on top of a charge pad and it charges while it's parked.
    Parking it near a Charge-O-Mat same deal.

    mcmz4e aka MaryuZ aka 2.muCh.Pride

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  • 40k blocks for only 40k EU is to cheap. At least 40 eu per block would be better (at least a config).