Trade-o-mat Buildcraft gate conditionals

  • Recently, I've been setting up a shop using Trade-o-mats on a modded server, and thought about adding lamps above the trade-o-mats to indicate whether they're out of stock, but there is currently no way to do this.
    Can Buildcraft gate conditionals be added to the Trade-o-mat, so this is possible? The conditionals I think it should have are: In stock, and Out of stock.

  • I think you should use Golden gates on the storage block next to the Trade-O-Mat and detect the item in the chest itself.

    Yeah, it costs a golden gate, but it is less coding for the devs.

  • Try using a different storage method, Depending on what mods you have a gold chest encased in warded stone should be more than adequate.
    Maybe try with greg tech safes?

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