How to get iridium ore at experimental build?

  • UU Matter system changed, so now i can't craft iridium ore.
    Is there another usage of uu-matter? What I know is
    scan -> save -> replicate
    I can replicate iridium ore, but only when i have it already(creative)

  • You have to find at least one iridium by luck in mining.
    Then you scan that piece in a scanner while having a pattern storage placed aside it.
    The scanner needs energy, the pattern storage does not.
    The scan result will be stored in the storage.
    Beside the storage place a replicator. Set the scan result for iridium in the replicator,
    feed energy and liquid uu matter (from a mass fabricator) to the replicator and some (long)
    time later you'll get iridium out.
    You can either get the liquid uu matter to the replicator using universal cans or more conveniently
    using pipes from buildcraft.
    (It's really expensive now, having a generator farm producing 2048 eu/t feeding 4 mass generator
    yielded me 4 iridium over night.)

  • I'm finding the real hold up on producing Iridium in the Replicator is the speed at which the replicator consumes the UU Matter, and not the power consumption (as long as you can produce enough power in the first place). It's also requiring babysitting your Replicator for max production.

    UU Production speed may be another holdup...but I got something like
    800 buckets worth in a couple nights using scrap produced from 600k cobble and 700k planks...granted, I also had a reactor maintaining an almost constant output of 6400eu/t (auto-replacing the fuel rods may have decreased that number for a second here or a second there) split between the whole UU fabrication and utilization setup I have. Still, I don't see UU Production as being the problem, other than having to maintain a few quarries 24/7 to keep up the scrap for it.

  • Still, I don't see UU Production as being the problem, other than having to maintain a few quarries 24/7 to keep up the scrap for it.

    Now disable Mystcraft and Ender Storage in your modpack... ;)

  • Now disable Mystcraft and Ender Storage in your modpack...

    Mystcraft? Who needs Mystcraft when there's massive oceans to quarry out?!? (Plan is to install Mystcraft into the pack this weekend to next week.) As far as getting rid of Ender Storage...are you crazy?!? I use that for everything from keeping my nuclear reactors and boilers supplied to quarries to cleaning my inventory while adventuring and exploring to creating wireless lossless power transfer...and the that's just with a world a week or two old! :P

  • Crazy, or just different? I ran a world without Ender Storage for two months. Just IC2 experimental, buildcraft, railcraft, forestry, NEI, inventory tweaks, iron chests, and a minimap.

    It was very refreshing to play, actually. I learned to do things differently from what I'm used to. It broke up the mold of teleporting everything everywhere that completely kills any and all challenge in engineering.

    Unfortunately it also showed me that IC2 experimental's endgame is currently balanced in such a way as to be borderline unplayable/inaccessible without effortless item teleportation and being on a 24/7 running multiplayer server. It takes my SSP world a RL month to do what a server passively generates in 3 days without player interaction - and that's assuming I have more than two hours time to actively play every single day of that RL month.

    I did not manage to build a single quantum suit piece in the entire lifetime of that world. Not a single one. I was about 75% the way towards the cheapest when I lost interest in pointless waiting. And even that was only possible via cheating, because I never managed to legitly find any iridium in that world for scanning.

  • Yeah, I've been watching Direwolf's Forgecraft 3 series...which Pahimar and Player designed the modpack around not allowing for any instant item teleportation, and increasing the costs of automation (like 10x the default power requirement for AE)'s interesting, to say the least...and while I might enjoy the challenge, for a short period, I don't think it'd fit in with my playstyle long term.

  • iridium can drop from zombies wearing backpacks in the better storage mod but they are really rare.
    enderman's can have ender backpacks but i dont know if they drop stuff

  • go add Universal electricity, Resonant Induction, Railcraft, and Forestry (extra bees/trees and magic bees are optional but help) and all your power needs are simplified, possibly too much, but the challenge here is to devise uses for the power beyond just more quarries and force field projectors.
    one small turbine from RI produces enough power for over 40 Forestry stills. Which at 5MJ/t = 200 MJ/t = (1MJ/2.5EU) = 500 EU/t. It wasn't even close to being what the output of that one small turbine was. And a 36HP boiler creates enough steam to run a 3x3 turbine, which is more powerful and efficient than 9 small turbines. Using the batteries you can fully utilize the power from those turbines. even BC power.
    You can run that boiler off either charcoal from a tree farm, or you run it off ethanol.
    If you are in 1.7.2, BC 6 has the stripped pipes again and you can use them to create a cobblestone generator very easily. so production of scrap won't require quarries going 24/7.

  • Is there any changes? I have checked few generated chests and have no luck to find anything. Could someone update wiki on subject whether iridium obtainable or not?

  • I checked about 20-30 chests before i found 1 ore in the dungeons. I manged to make full quantum set in ic2 only in about 2 weeks.