Suggestion: Circuit breakers

  • This is my first time playing with the new E-Net, so maybe my concerns are irrelevant, but I thought I'd speak up anyway.

    When I draw too much power in my house, it doesn't explode. Instead, a circuit breaker trips. Something that I need to manually reset. But even if that's a slight pain, it's good that things aren't blowing up around me. I suggest that IndustrialCraft gets the same thing. It could be done in two ways. The first is to have wires, be them unique, or 'upgrades', that automatically trip when too much energy flows through them, preventing damage to the blocks 'behind' them. The other is to have a circuit breaker upgrade that protects the machine it's built into.

  • Another circuit breaker thread. Admittedly, making a new thread is probably better than semi-necroposting.

    The last time, this really didn't get anywhere, as it couldn't be properly balanced to many people... At least, that's what I got from the thread.

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    Personally, i don't think it is a bad idea, as people tend to fail on wiring and exploding stuff.
    Have you ever managed to blow up a GT machine? If yes then you know what i'm saying...
    [Once, I didnt know that boilers blew when inserting water when it is already hot]

  • +1 from me
    What would also be good is if the circuit breaker was also affected if there is a power surge happening, like if a lightning rod gets activated