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    This is my first time playing with the new E-Net, so maybe my concerns are irrelevant, but I thought I'd speak up anyway.

    When I draw too much power in my house, it doesn't explode. Instead, a circuit breaker trips. Something that I need to manually reset. But even if that's a slight pain, it's good that things aren't blowing up around me. I suggest that IndustrialCraft gets the same thing. It could be done in two ways. The first is to have wires, be them unique, or 'upgrades', that automatically trip when too much energy flows through them, preventing damage to the blocks 'behind' them. The other is to have a circuit breaker upgrade that protects the machine it's built into.

    Almanorek, GT is basically a total conversion of IC2 and one might say vanilla as well. It's expected there are big changes to both. Luckily for you there are config options for most things so you can use GT pretty much the way you want.

    Also, what exactly can one do with just vanilla-IC2? Once you have macerator that's pretty much it. Sure, there is also the quantum suit but there are mods that have far better equivalents. Matter fabricator in vanilla IC2 is basically just a way to get to creative. You also "forgot" to mention what other mods has GT changed. I have a hunch that you either don't really play with other stuff than just GT or that you have them in modes where they are in harder/GT configs by default without you even realizing it.

    I didn't forget. I said I couldn't name them specifically. I admit that I was/am wrong in saying that GregTech overrides many other mods. But GregTech has had its influence on other mods. When I grabbed GalactiCraft for the first time, I was disheartened to see that I would have to get to the end of the GregTech tech tree before I would be able to start building my rocket. And, I understand, a rocket ship should be hard to build, but, maybe I'm not as 'good' at GregTech as you guys are; I've only rarely gotten to the point that I can start working with titanium. (Admittedly we tend to lose interest after a couple of weeks of playing.) Pretty much every machine from the Industrial Centrifuge and onwards are cool toys/additions that I enjoy using. I just wish there were more of those toys early on, instead of solutions for problems that GregTech created.

    Lots of people say a whole lot of things in the thread. That doesn't mean greg actually does according to that.

    Also, do you just assume that GT changes things and whine about it or have you actually seen in-game what things have changed? Currently it seems as you just want to whine and thus assume that GT changes everything everywhere and build on that.

    I've seen what GregTech does in-game. I've been using the mod for a long time now, and maybe it's because I invest a lot of time into IndustrialCraft stuff in general, but I feel like every time I start up a new version of my server, I go to do something I've done dozens of times before, realize it's been changed, and just think 'ugh, fucking GregTech'. The inconsistencies also bother me, how I now have a dozen pickaxes that require a plate and some tools, and a dozen that use the 'old' recipe.

    Good thing GT is great in it's default configuration, then :)

    Again, what mods do you think GT chanes?

    Besides vanilla (what is free for all for all modders) and IC2 (what GT beats into usability) the ONLY things he changes is BC quarry and forestry bronze. That's all.

    I guess I can't name things specifically? But I've often seen posted in this thread 'Mod X adds something OP. Fix it Greg.' I'm paraphrasing.

    Or disable the recipes in the configs, which you don't seem to understand......

    The core of the mod is the changes it makes, why should he make these not default?

    You're missing my point. GregTech is built on all of these changes. When a mod comes along that has nice features but poor balance, you get Greg to fix it, or he does it on his own. But if someone has a problem with GregTech, then they should just not use it, or else use the config. Or maybe GregTech just isn't for them.

    why is it a shitty argument? people cannot say a mod is shitty because of a fully configurable option, it doesnt matter what's the face of the mod, because the face doesn't decide if it sucks!

    Because if you had a shitty mod that was great with the right configuration, wouldn't you want that configuration to be the default?

    Edit: @TheSaw"Issue".I find it cool just because it IMO buff the SawMill. Seriously, IT'S CONFIGURABLE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!

    This is such a shitty argument. Even if there are other possible configurations, the default is not only what most people will use, but it's also the face of the mod. If the default was normal plank production, but Greg added an option for reduced plank production, how many of you would use it? If Greg made you choose your settings during launch, with no indication of which ones were meant to be the 'default' (Assuming you didn't already know what the defaults were supposed to be), how many of you would pick what they are now?

    Before you get a saw wood is not really renewable and there are most definitely dangers in gathering it.

    Chop down one tree. If you get at least one sapling, you've renewed the resource. If you're feeling really edgy, plant that tree inside of an enclosure to prevent any and all chance of you getting attacked when harvesting it.

    Because is just a primitive iron saw thats not the best way of cutting wood?

    I would hardly call it primitive, given the tools needed to create it. There's only one kind of plates. Whether they were formed with a hammer, or an electric machine, they're the same item. So how would I make an 'advanced' iron saw?

    In similar way why not just install easydiamonds? I mean having to mine for iron, make a pickaxe and go explore for diamonds isn't challenging. It just means you need to waste more time and effort to get diamond stuff.

    You would have a point if ore was a renewable resource. Not to mention, there are actual dangers underground.

    The actual challenge is, that most people dont want to waste Wood, and therefor make a Saw, which they only use in their Workshop due to the risk of loosing the Saw when dying (or due to the Saw needing too much space in Inventory), meaning that you have to actually PLAN what you are doing next instead of spontaneously running out of your House with a Stack of Logs. Even thinking can be a challenge.

    This is a valid point. Still, I'd rather have some sort of bronze age machine/table for cutting wood at 'normal' efficiency. At the very least, I think all the tools should be buffed in uses. My iron hatchet can chop down 251 logs. Why can my iron saw only slice up 128?

    For me, yes, for most people in this thread, yes, for you, no, so disabling it is easier than complaining for it to get removed, because it won't.

    Can you explain what is actually does to make gameplay better? It doesn't add any challenge. It just means you have to chop twice as much wood to get the amount of planks you need. It would be one thing if charcoal was nerfed, since that would have an impact on energy efficiency, but less planks is just tedious.

    get 16 pieces of iron and boom! You've just doubled your plank production and quadrupled stick production and as a bonus you can use the hammer for cheapish "ore scanner".

    I'm used to four planks per log. Acquiring the saw isn't a feel-good moment, mostly because it feels more like I started out with a punishment that's finally been removed. (Temporarily, even.)

    Yes, they are. And there are craptons of User errors, which most people don't even realize, not Errors for the sake of explosion, I mean economical Errors. Many people don't get that they can create more than just one Machine of each Type, and instead complain about the slowness of single Machines. Not to mention all those people who are stupidly overclocking Machines to the max, only with the "I want more Speed" thought in mind. Or those people who are just sitting there watching the slow Machines process an Item, instead of doing anything to make the "too slow" Workshop larger to let all work in parallel.

    I love how after everything I said last night you've decided to cherry-pick the one thing that criticizes people, not your mod.

    Difference is, the mod author for thaumcraft hates his mod too (hence the rewrite), greg loves his mod, and enjoys playing it. And so do we. We will also enjoy thaumcraft 3.1, when it isn't something you have to do, instead of want to do.

    Yeah, believe me, if there's anything I've learned from this thread, it's that Greg loves his mod.

    No, thaumcraft in its current state isn't the right mod for me, or even the mod author. Which is why he is re-writing many of the mechanics, so its not a chore.

    And GregTech in its current state isn't the right mod for me. I'm not even calling for a revision of mechanics. Just tweaking and a redistribution of complexity. So it's not a chore.

    However it definetely doesnt fit the cross-mod interaction, expecially for GT, as it bottlenecks if you decide to progress on another mod first.

    That's true. Although I tend to either focus on industrialization or magic. Or bees. Each time my server gets wiped, I like to focus on something else to break the monotony.