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    This is my first time playing with the new E-Net, so maybe my concerns are irrelevant, but I thought I'd speak up anyway.

    When I draw too much power in my house, it doesn't explode. Instead, a circuit breaker trips. Something that I need to manually reset. But even if that's a slight pain, it's good that things aren't blowing up around me. I suggest that IndustrialCraft gets the same thing. It could be done in two ways. The first is to have wires, be them unique, or 'upgrades', that automatically trip when too much energy flows through them, preventing damage to the blocks 'behind' them. The other is to have a circuit breaker upgrade that protects the machine it's built into.

    Gregtech doesn't adjust things that are balanced. Maybe you think some of his choices go too far, but the fact remains that they are more balanced than they were before.

    There is no 'fact'. That's entirely opinion. I think that most of what was already in IC2 was fine as it was and that GregTech pushes way too hard to make things harder. I can't stress enough that I have no problem with difficulty, but I do think that increasing the difficulty should increase the reward. Instead of rebalancing what's already in place, GregTech should seek to push the 'finish line' further back, and make all of the energy his machines are generating worth it. The centrifugre, electrolyzer, grinder, etc. are all great additions, I will give you that, but once I get a fusion reactor up and running, what then? Do I just use the power to run matter fabricators? And then use the matter to make more fusion reactors? Because that's not good endgame. That's just harder endgame.

    i am sad my friends dosent like to have balanced recepies or have the feeling of doing something so they wont have greg tech with in the server i set up for them :(
    by the way, love the balance you implement, the challenge of creating things and the higher tier tech :) thank you for making a so good mod its on my top 1-3 mods (thaumcraft is also one, wont say why)

    You know, if someone dislikes GregTech's rebalancing, it doesn't mean they dislike balance, it just means they dislike Greg's interpretation of what 'balanced' is.

    I would be very against this. As it stands, placing light sources is pretty inelegant. Any-side sources like luminators help, but you either need to supply them with cables or remember to change the batteries.

    Fixed some of my Bugs.
    Fixed the Recipes of IC2, which were conflicting with Redpower.
    if Redpower is installed, then all my Gems and Ingots in my Recipes will be overridden by the Redpower Gems and Ingots. You can convert old Items, via OreDictionary-Unification. That's no Modification of Redpower in any Way. I just made IC2 and GregTech nicer to Redpower.
    Added Thermal Generator.

    Not only am I okay with this, I think it deserves a 'good job, Greg'.

    Block Breakers aren't OP, in my opinion. Besides, Eloraam will rebalance them herself. So I say let her do it.

    I really don't understand what's so overpowered about them. Oh, you can harvest obsidian with it? Wonderful. You need to either manually place the breaker against each block you wish to mine, and subsequently give it a redstone signal, or, more likely, you automate it, which, surprise, requires more resources and effort.

    Actually I like the idea of potentially turning your base into a searing ball of plasma unless you control it, some sort of percentage based chance depending on how many coils you have in place would be fun.

    As long as you could get some sort of warning, so you could turn it off, and you could insulate the reactor using reinforced (Maybe iridium-reinforced?) materials, I would be okay with this. Bonus points if thermal coiling allowed you to take advantage of this.

    Without decent coils , if you are able to trigger a fusion reaction it may go out of control and consume atmospheric hydrogen and start creating a star (like the sun). Your house would be vanished along the world.

    I don't believe this would happen. Sure, there's hydrogen in the atmosphere, but it's bonded and stable. The rest of the relatively insulating materials would quickly smother the reaction. The sun's advantage is that its entire mass is fusion-ready, it's isolated, and the sheer gravitational force generated by it sustains its reaction.

    Still, I see your point. I would suggest instead different grades of coil. The first grade being much easier to make, and requiring only eight of them, to completely surround the reactor. The lower grade coils would be components of higher grade coils. Varying effectiveness is achieved through a combination of coil grade and coil size.

    Should the player not be rewarded for reaching the "end game"? It takes forever to make a fusion reactor, do you want it to go back to its 4096 eu/t output where it doesn't pay for itself unless left on for several days?

    Progression should be a smoother journey. The Fusion Reactor should be functional with no coils, but the power output is greatly diminished and it only works with deuterium and tritium. Each additional fusion coil increases total EU output and EU/t, as well as unlocks additional recipes.

    @Post above : if the fun is lacking for you, you should play something else instead, ever considered that? Because i seriously enjoy the challenge GT provides us all.

    Ever considered that being happy with the current level of challenge is not, in fact, the problem? I've put a decent amount of effort into trying to determine the qualities that makes things 'fun'. GregTech fulfills pretty much one kind, the fantasy of labor. However, for this element of fun to hold, the reward must be proportional to the effort.

    Good example: Centrifuging lapis lazuli gives you various dusts that all have their uses.

    Bad example: You need to harvest a few thousand ender pearls to make a fusion reactor, which, upon being made, is incredibly overpowered because of the ease in obtaining the materials.

    Why does if always come to that fucking copyright bullshit in EVERY thread that involves redpower in any way? Are all redpower users lawyers/record industry managers/musicians/etc? It's getting annoying. I really wish mojang would force an open source policy on any and all minecraft mod to stop that...
    Hell, if i was a better coder myself i'd probably write a mod to really screw some (not named here) people seriously over, just for the fun and the tears.
    Rant mode: Disengage. For now.

    Because if Greg wants to be taken seriously, he needs to follow the fucking law and respect the intellectual property of others. If Mojang forces mods to be open source, there will be less modders, simple as that. As a programmer, when I make a game, and put it out there, I have a lot of emotional investment in it. To see someone go 'no, fuck your creation', is (And I speak from first-hand experience.) pretty awful.

    Considering most mods or mod addons don't take cross-mod interaction into account whatsoever; in this case, this is correct. In order to balance recipes to a more difficult degree while taking cross-mod interaction into account recipes needed to change. Take forestry and IC2 bronze for a perfect example. Both use the exact same 3-1 conversion of copper and tin. The only difference being people received 4 bronze ingots in forestry to 2 in IC2. Both balanced in their own right to vanilla minecraft as forestry makes much larger use of bronze than IC2; however it has no automated means to retrieve said ores. The time investment made up for a larger number of ingots per component. IC2 however adds basic automation via Miners. A balance descrepency arises and (myself included) most people took the easy route to get the most of their components by using forestry bronze for all their bronze needs. That seems to me to be the route GregTech is going (along with adding very high tier items -- more goals than just -- mine to layer 12; get iron on the way, smelt iron, gather some tin / copper, grab redstone, grab diamond; make quarry and creative mode ahoy).

    The bronze change- that I'm in full support of. It's to prevent an exploit. Putting three diamonds in the macerator recipe is not preventing an exploit.

    And I can say from personal experience that a quarry is not 'creative mode ahoy'. I've spent the last few days getting enough chrome dust to upgrade my blast furnace to tungsten-smelting ability.

    But you can take any endgame technology and just say it's 'creative mode'. The fusion reactor is trivial to get fuel for, once you build it, and the massive EU it generates means you can just use a matter fabricator to get whatever you want. What's important is a combination of effort and fun. GregTech has a lot of effort, but once you get past the first few multiblock machines, the fun is severely lacking.

    And the teams in charge of FTB decided that greg DOES know what he's doing, so please, hush now. if you don't like the mod, turn off the interferences, and go your separate way.

    As the people in charge of 'Feed the Beast', as far as I can tell, have only 'proven' themselves by assembling a mod pack, well, I don't put any stock in that.

    I only complain as much as I do because I think GregTech, and, frankly, Greg himself, have so much potential, but he has a huge ego and sense of childishness that's holding them both back.

    You seem to have confused 'meaningless' with 'useless'. Yes, obviously, the config serves a function to alter the game, however, being able to remove a change doesn't stop it being there by default, which is, again, how the mod presents itself.

    Example: All tools were reduced to a 10th of their durability, and all EU gains were similarly reduced. There is an option in the config to disable this. Is this acceptable, because it makes the game harder, and it's 'in the config'? Or is it a superfluous, unwanted change, that should be removed?

    You somehow think that every modder (all 50+ individual people) have perfect understanding of game balance and all want the same difficulty for the overall game? That, say, Alblaka was incapable of making a mistake 2 years ago when he came up with the first recipes for IC2, for a game that no one had played in SMP before?

    It's not necessarily just that Greg knows better...though he arguably's that certain conventions are so ingrained that no one wants to change them. Or, in the case of Eloraam, she has stated publically that she DOES want to change the recipes, she just has not yet gotten around to doing so.

    I think that the teams in charge of the major mods know what they're doing better than Greg does. And if you have a problem, you should take it up with those people. If you're right, chances are they'll change. But chances are, you aren't right. At least not in most cases. Mods are organic, and change over time. It's up to the makers and the community to gradually shift towards what is considered 'balanced' under a consensus. It's not up for one person to say, "No, I can do it better."

    And what exactly is so special about Greg that makes him know better? Because he made a mod?

    Whoa whoa whoa people, calm your tits. There's this little thing called the ForgeOreDictionary, what it does is allow for cross mod use. Also what this means, (unless there is a special tool-tip associated with it) is that all mods can modify the recipe, as this is not touching their code in the slightest. And if any of you are telling him to "fuck off", why don't you excercise your brains a little, and turn OFF the config for it. Seriously, grow a pair, and stop bitching at greg. If you can't seem to manage this, there are at least 5 different packs, of which i think only ONE has the hard mode recipes on by default. So please, be respectful to greg, he labours to give us a wonderful mod, that allows those of us that enjoy challenge in minecraft, to keep discovering and playing.

    The config is completely meaningless. The default is how Greg chooses to present his mod. What's more, it says this: "I know how to balance your mod better than you do." Every time Greg alters a recipe, he says he's better than the original mod's creator. Whether or not this is intentional is irrelevant.

    And I am growing a pair. By not mindlessly embracing an exercise in bad design.