Machine properties in tooltips

  • For now, cables have their max. thoroughput in tooltip.
    I'd like to propose this good practice to be extended, so we can easily see:
    * Cables' power loss distance
    * Storage units' output
    * Machines' power input tier
    * For transformers, two tiers of voltage they convert between

  • I see nothing major against this, very useful to newer players. May take the back seat to IC2 experimental for the time being if the devs decide that this is a worthwhile idea to utilize however.

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    Looks like TD was listening


    add Maschine Tooltips"

    Why i really do expect some typos in those tooltips, :D ?

    Edit : Aww, no typos, for now, while it shows EU/t usage and maximum EU/t
    Its not like GT , but having an EU/t usage and maximum EU/t is good enough i guess.