Nether star as UUM product

  • it does not matter how much it cost as long as player can spam free generators and sit AFK.

    only valid solution for such items - additional consumable items produced in reactor, as fusion byproduct or direct output or something similar, but process shoud require direct player interaction (not possible by staying AFK)

    actually this is good plan, some items with cost more then 1kk EU require neptunium lens to assemble, lens consumed in process, profit!

    ever if player have hurge solar plant, he just can't craft nether star due lack of neptunium lens required for process.

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    As raw mentioned, the solars and gens might take stuff to make but once placed, they are unlimited free resources. So if you can turn that energy/cobble gen into any item, including nether stars. Seems like an odd 'cost'. To each their own though as I dislike the creative mode fashion of the old uum, I do like raw's suggestion more though.

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    Currently, all UUM resources are like that.
    A bit different if you use GregTech as it simply doesnt let you to generate free scrap out of cobblestone, its derivatives and other stuff that can be easily obtainable in mass [ice/snow] and green gens are heck more expensive.

    Not to mention that nearly everything can be automated, so it is a bit pointless.

    Although i like the idea of "catalysts", to be used in matter fabrication of whatever thing you want.
    Catalysts must be of the same nature of whatever thing you want to mass fabricate.
    For example, nether stars would require either a Wither skeleton skull or tons of soulsand.

  • catalysts is good plan, but they shoud not be 100500 netherack or 100500 bones, this shoud be single and hard to obtain item that consumed in process, completely or partially based on item type produced.

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    The example was based on the item, which requires both wither skeleton skull and soulsand, since soulsand is much easier to obtain, it would be required in greater quantities.

    Changing example, the enderpearl, would require something with "end" properties, like end stone.

    Although i still think that both ways should be kept.
    While the usage of catalyst would make the whole process muuch cheaper, if compared to the non-catalyst process.

    Example, fabricate ender pearl with no catalyst : 15 buckets and 50k EU
    fabricate ender pearl with catalyst : 5 buckets, 25k EU and 1 - 16 end stone

    Nether star with one wither skull as catalyst : 100 buckets, 2.5M EU
    Nether star with 64 soulsand as catalyst : 200 buckets, 10M EU
    Nether star with NO catalyst : 300 buckets, 50M EU

    Another note would be the usage of multiple catalysts, like 3 wither skulls and 64 soulsand for the nether star, would reduce overall UUM usage by 90%.

  • ability to produce item without catalyst obsolete entire point of adding it.

    if item require catalyst, it cannot be crafter without one, no matter how many energy or UUM you have.

    most blocks can be farmes with BC and other mods, soo adding something like soul sand as catalyst is bad plan.

    wither skeleton head is OK, it cannot be farmed without player interaction.

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    wither skeleton head is OK, it cannot be farmed without player interaction.

    I have to disagree. I managed to farm 1200 heads in cubcraft server using Extrautilities + MFR.

    The thing is, nearly anything is automatable.
    The difference would be either generating tons of energy or generating energy and having a catalyst farm.

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    "survival-creative" is the right definition for your opinion.

    I still prefer having the catalysts like an amplifier, like scrap is for UUM.
    Therefore it is not obligated, although will provide a huge bonus, while the non-amplifying route is very hard, like it is for UUM.

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    I personally disable mob farms and cheaty type systems as they turn it into creative-rush-op-method-and-afk. UUM should be an alternative to getting an item you need, not the primary source. Action should equal reward, afking is not an action that should be a reward. If I can't seem to find a certain item, I'd like to be able to use other items I have found and uum combined to make that item. Though the 'catalyst' can't be something that can be automated.

    I like keeping the mining in minecraft.