Best 0-chamber Reactors

  • I've been looking for a powerful 0-chamber reactor, and so far the best I have found is this one. It produces 100 eu/t, but I was wondering if anyone else had any better designs?

  • Basically, if it's in the official designs thread it is the best self-cooling design that's known to these forums, period. That list only contains the creme of the crop.

    Of course, if you play GregTech or IC2 Experimental, you have additional fuel choices.

  • That is indeed the best 0 chamber reactor that has been discovered on these forums to this date. There are some single-chamber reactors which would have some pretty impressive numbers (180 EU/t with an eff of 3.0 such as found here), but no other zero-chamber reactor can beat the one you linked

  • I use two zero chamber reactors using the 180EU/t layout in my FTB unhinged world. I am able to run my basic ore processing, and a few of my ind machines with little to no loss to my storage unit. although they have a costly initial price they are a very nice early mid game power generators.

    (I use a GT large charger with one transformer upgrade as my storage unit. I have five Lithium packs and a few energy crystals. roughly six MFE's worth of energy storage.)

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