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    Senti, maybe if it's possible and will be time, you can add option at keyconfig for toggle off / on showing GraviStatus of energy.
    And another little bit designer. your add recipe for double stone slab. Change it you dont recieve 43 but 43:7 which is all side full texture off top stone slab, if you know.
    It would be awesome.

    Unless you want to toggle it on and off as you wish while ingame, you can turn it off from the config

    B:"Display hud"=false, this is normally set to true, but set to false disables the HUD.

    I mean there is only 1 packet running in a wire at a time, if you have 2 gens they add together to form 1 packet, instead of being separate like in the old.

    If you have a machine actually running at 512 you either have far to many overclockers or it's a UUM machine which you can give it it's own line or upgrade to 2048 or 8192.

    The new system is more realistic, if you have seen someone run over a 64x64 grid of HV solar arrays (2097152) on 1 line you should know how broken the old way really was. :P

    You can also use block transformers to limit the Eu/t a mass fab can accept.

    As for being more realistic, both where pretty far from realism, the older one was more realistic but also more exploitable.

    I've been playing with the generators and had some trouble with the wind mill build #271 I placed it on top of my work shop (94) and tried running tin cable, copper cable, placing it right ontop of the batbox, runnign tit up tp 107 on a mast of tin cable but never got any power out of the wind mill. I am playing a bare bones server with the wife so I have no other power mods to fall back on but what is in IC2 so using a string of solar panels on the roof I placed a couple of water mills in the ocean and I have a geothemal I throw some lava in from time to time everything is still on 32 lv for now so the wind mills would be some help at night any ideas?

    btw anyone know how to use the semi-fluid or radio isotope?

    I'm not sure if it was fixed or not, but there was a bug where windmill calculations where it was reversed, so the more obstructions and the lower it was the more power you got, but if the output was more then 5Eu/t you got no power at all.

    Semi-fluid generators I believe run off of things like Buildcraft Oil and Fuel, maybe Forestry Ethanol and Biomass as well. RTGs run off of Pellets of RTG fuel, they last or an infinite duration, and are a good way to use recycled nuclear fuel that has been run through as Uranium and MOX. The power output of the RTG is 1Eu/t with 1 pellet, 2 with 2, 4 with 3, 8 with 4, and 16 with 5.

    Each machine doesn't need its own block transformer, a macerator takes 2Eu/t, so 1 lv transformer could power up to 16 unoverclocked macerators.

    Edit:@Above: One solution to that is to have separate power lines, you could have, let's say, 16 MFSUs 4 pointed north, 4 east, 4 south, and 4 west. This would equal 8192Eu/t per direction, and 160,000,000 Eu storage per direction, then you could have separate sides of your base get 8192 from different powerlines, for a total of up to 32,768 Eu/t maximum supplied to your entire base.

    The current E-net system is still undergoing a large overhaul, so don't be surprised if most of this changes, also the MFE, and MFSU where bumped up a tier and therefore can take and output 4x the voltage they could beforehand, glass fiber cable can handle 8192Eu/t enough for 4 MFSUs on a single line.

    A good setup is instead of transforming power at your storage units, transform it when it gets close to your machines, also transformer upgrades are one of your best friends now.

    Sound fixed, found a solution on steam which was not even for my specific headset model nor the game I had problems with 8|
    I'll take it.

    So...Now I just need a good list of mods to explore the 1.6.2 tech tree including GT. Which mods are popular for 1.6.2? I heard TE for example stopped at 1.5.2..

    Thaumcraft 4, it is a magic mod that interacts quite well with tech mods (with GT interaction most likely coming, as there was TC3 interaction).

    Railcraft, Forestry, and Applied Energistics are all good mods as well. Zombie awareness, and Hunger Overhaul (I think it requires Pam's Harvestcraft) are good mods to add a decent amount of challenge to survival.

    Does anyone see the logic why Kanthal Heating Coils, "standard" as the tool tip calls them, needs a blast furnace with 15 advanced machine casings, while Nichrome Heating Coils, "advanced", only need a furnace? Shouldn't it be the other way round?

    I think its more of a tech progression thing, so that you have to use advanced casings on the blast furnace for a bit before you can use just 10 standard casings, 24 reinforced, and the coil upgrades to get the 3000K.

    Though if I were to think of another reason it would be that the coils have to be formed a certain way that requires them to be ran through a blast furnace.

    Got an idea... you don't cook the deuterium, you need pressure to start the fusion, so you might need an explosion, which should be safe with your supa-dupa reinforced stone...
    not only an explosion but a big explosion, even nuclear explosion... wait, that's it, you'd have to trigger a nuke or two in there to start a fusion... how about that?
    - Shad0w

    IIRC heat is what is needed to have nuclear fusion happen, because it increases the kinetic energy of the particles, and therefore causes them to collide at extremely high speeds.

    There is no Silver ore. You can obtain silver mostly from other mods, or as a byproduct from thermal centrifuging (purified) crushed lead ore.
    RTG is fed with RTG pellets, made with a plutonium in the center of crafting grid and 8 iron ingots.

    Pellets of RTG fuel recipe was changed a while back, it now requires 3 plutonium in the middle row, and dense? iron plates in the top and bottom rows.