Iridium drill?

  • When the iridium drill was originally introduced in the experimental versions it had Fortune 3 which I thought nice. Hard to get but once you have it helps you mine and gives you a reason to mine manually and not use miners or quarrys.

    Apparently that attribute was dropped again.

    Fortune III may have been a bit overpowered, but why not just reduce it to Fortune II or Fortune I?

  • Thanx for the info. Maybe some mod is interfering or if have some setup issue.
    I'll try to track down the issue..

    I'm running 271, and the drill shows that it has fortune III. It doesn't appear however to actually work. The silk touch mode silktouches, but the fortune doesn't give any extra.

  • I've always enchanted my regular drills using the anvil and a book (giving it fortune III or Silk Touch) - unless this has been nerfed in the new version?