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    What most people forget about Solars is, that they produce INFINITE Energy for doing NOTHING. You just plomp them down and then you get about 256EU/t on average FOREVER. That's ruining the whole Fun of having a large Powerplant going, as this SINGLE Block, which can even be hidden Underground, will produce more than you need.

    Well with the cost change of this one with your matterfab by the time I can make them I won't bother because I will already have a couple of powerplants capable of producing somewhere around 1-2k Eu\tic anyway. Only reason I ever made any solar panels was to stop my generators of various sorts from constantly flicking on\off due to the standby power requirement of the Adv Machines, I don't personally like solars or any of the greengens I much prefer other complex system driven methods of generating power.

    Um I like Gregtech, what I am asking for is not having a double nerf on the cost of the adv solar if Gregtech is installed by requiring the more expensive basic solar as well as the more expensive adv solar recipe. The UU matter requirement with the Matterfab instead of the mass fab also puts the Adv solar cost at a point where it will never be made except as a crafting component of the higher tiers and even then the cost is that far out of a reasonable range that it is somewhat ludicrous and I really don't mind things costing an arm a leg and a couple internal organs.....when they have a significant effect on the aspect of gameplay they are related to which the Adv solar really doesn't, frankly it's almost pathetic.

    Base recipe of ASP in hard and standart mode is same (exclude uran). Now is more balanced, than older version. 9 uu matter and 1 diamond not very expensive. 8 ASP must be more expensive than 1 HSP. Now 8 ASP = 1 HSP for Iridium cost. If my recipe is expensive, check GregTech solar recipe xD.

    The problem there is your solar recipe requires the Gregtech recipe as well so if you run Gregtech adv solars are prohibitively expensive to the point I most likely will never make one so back to compact solars I go. Which is a shame really I liked your earlier recipe and I do like the cost of the solars in general they were expensive enough to be something you thought about making more than a few of, with Gregtech it was about right I felt for a low power production method you couldn't spam vast amounts of them but you could make a few to provide the standby power for the Adv machines mostly so the other genertors wouldn't drive me nuts with their constant lightshow and noise.. If you are open to the possibility of changing this, detecting if Gegtech is installed and adjusting the recipe to not require irridium would be welcomed I feel by quite a few people, especially considering that UU is, with Gregtech installed, a very precious commodity.

    I haven't built it yet but given the change to ore gen with TE installed and the requirement to mine at at least 2 levels (no tin or copper under 35, so you have to high mine as well as strip at 16 or less) I'm going to use a Frame TunnelBore\IC2 miner hybrid bastard, I figure a pair of IC2 miners (with Diamond\OV) setup on a frame tunnel bore, 12w9h head, at 40ish, will give me all the tin\copper I'll ever need as well as mining out a nice 18x9 area to bedrock on each stop (for diamonds\nicolite\redstone etc) also it'll be fun to build :)
    Sidenote, Arcane Bores on frames were stupidly good. I had one that would in minutes strip a 25ish wide area to bedrock from y=64 then move forward 5 and do it again, it literally(and I do use that in it's proper sense) ate strips of the world.

    Blast Furnace Iron dust into Iron bars is possible. You would play the entire game with say hunting down chests and killing tons of zombies and setting up large and I mean large NPC villages and farm the iron golems and such.

    But then again Greg like his gameplay easy :P

    heh I did this when I was playing superflat hardcore survival in vanilla, the only source of anything mineable was chests or in the case of Iron, Iron Golem spawners it was kind of annoying that I fell into my slime pit (they spawn like spanish fly dosed rabbits in superflat) shortly after I got the Iron Golem spawner up and running but that's the joy of hardcore superflat survival :D

    Any food I haven't had to cook :D (I'm a single father so food that is not cooked by me is pretty far between)

    Though as far as take away pizza (from the shop I've been buying pizza from for 20 years) or chinese would definitely be up there, but of my own cooking I make a mean chili, a great stirfry and a very nice silverside (all other peoples opinions of my cooking :D)

    I tried to add this but my players told me to fuck off =(

    LOL I play with hardmode configs for everything but this one I won't be using it'd piss me off having to go back to surface every few minutes to empty my backpacks, if I want that level of frustration I'll go play my TerraFirmaCraft world :D (also it negates the point of any powerpack higher than a batpack, you'd fill your inventory long before you run out of energy)

    Hey, amazing mod!

    Although, I have one question. I can't seem the find the download link for the latest build (1.112).
    Anyone that could link it to me in a reply or something? Sorry for the obvious question.

    The link in the op is the version of the mod for 1.112, though if you are asking about 1.112 of IC2 it's in support same as all betas. (sorry if you aren't asking about IC2 your question is a lil vague :))

    I don't believe this would happen. Sure, there's hydrogen in the atmosphere, but it's bonded and stable. The rest of the relatively insulating materials would quickly smother the reaction. The sun's advantage is that its entire mass is fusion-ready, it's isolated, and the sheer gravitational force generated by it sustains its reaction.

    Still, I see your point. I would suggest instead different grades of coil. The first grade being much easier to make, and requiring only eight of them, to completely surround the reactor. The lower grade coils would be components of higher grade coils. Varying effectiveness is achieved through a combination of coil grade and coil size.

    Actually I like the idea of potentially turning your base into a searing ball of plasma unless you control it, some sort of percentage based chance depending on how many coils you have in place would be fun.

    Personally I'm glad that Greg has this mod and it's changes available, otherwise for me it would be impossible to increase the length of gameplay before I hit the "awww crap no more to build" stage since I can't code at all. Gregtech gives a stupid amount of power over your options in the config, truthfully this mod (and by it's nature it allows customization of other mods) gives the most customizability I've seen without knowing how to code yourself.

    Up until recently I worked in the electrical industry. Copper IS more energy efficient that aluminum (it has lower resistance). The reason aluminum is used so much in the industry is that it's much cheaper that copper. The price of copper has spiked for the last decade due to the ramp up of China's economy. When you use aluminum in place of copper, you need to up-size the wire gauge to carry the same amount of current. Copper is so expensive now that quite a few palces have a problem with copper thieves stealing their power cables.

    And there are often crispy copper thieves around due to trying to steal live installations, also somewhat splattered thieves due to attempted lead shingle theft.
    Full block live HV Alu cables anyone? sounds fun to me :D

    This has the potential to be cool, but someone should rip off all the neat things with their own mod, like centrifuges, and take out all the obsessive-compulsive autism crap.

    Just my opinion!

    Well your opinion is very similar to your arsehole, it stinks and we don't really want to hear it. Though I'm fairly drunk right now which is why I am responding to what is clearly a poorly attempted troll, please feel free to practice a bit more until you are capable of trolling in a manner that someone that hasn't been drinking solidly for the last 4 hours may respond to.

    From my reading here, there and everywhere, I am fairly certain that Greg is a troll of epic proportions not only does he troll well he makes you WANT to be trolled because the trolling methods are involved with things that are fun to play with. Personally I find this absolutely hilarious, keep up the good work :D

    You can fix the TE Error by removing the TE Api folder from within the Jar file.
    As for the config issues, im not having them, just went and swapped my ID's around a bit to test (Using forge 426)

    Yeah sorry the config error was me I missed that the ISU block ID was added, which meant that it conflicted as I hadn't adjusted it yet to fit in with the rest of my installed mods, so totally user error there. (which is why I edited the post earlier and this convo looks somewhat odd)