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    I had a "similar" problem.
    I reinstalled everything from scratch and it worked.

    1 uranium costs 4M EU (4x UU matter). That means you can create 8 uraium cells for 4M EU. Perfect breeder will produce about 2M EU per 4 recharged cells. Knowing this and having eff. 3 reactor can provide you with infinite energy(You get 6M EU from each cell).
    So if you are really desperate, your reactor can produce its own fuel and still have great output.

    Unless of course, UUM doesnt give Uranium.
    Which is the case.

    <libraryaddict> What about the hook Albaka keeps begging for?
    [2:12:24pm] <@Eloraam> nope.
    [2:12:28pm] <@Eloraam> which one?
    [2:12:33pm] <libraryaddict> Something about lights
    [2:12:47pm] <libraryaddict> For the IC Lamp
    [2:12:47pm] <Lhowon> probably something related to the illuminators then
    [2:12:50pm] <libraryaddict> yere
    [2:12:50pm] <@Eloraam> libraryaddict, i don't know a thing about it... haven't heard word one.
    [2:12:53pm] <libraryaddict> :o
    [2:12:55pm] <@Eloraam> dig me a quote
    [2:12:57pm] <libraryaddict> Sec
    [2:12:58pm] <Lhowon> considering how much grief he's had with them
    [2:13:15pm] <@Eloraam> funny part is that we've had a variable lighting hook now for ages.
    [2:13:21pm] <@Eloraam> i use it for my furnaces.
    [2:13:56pm] <mDiyo> Variable... lighting... wha?
    [2:14:08pm] <absurdHuman> getBlockLight() or something? Uh, pretty sure I'm using it...
    [2:14:27pm] <@Eloraam> i made it so a single block ID could choose its own light level.
    [2:14:28pm] <mDiyo> Yes. There's a way around that?
    [2:14:34pm] <@Eloraam> yes, it's a forge hook :)
    [2:15:03pm] <@Eloraam> Block.getLightValue() :)

    Just curious.
    Has I revealed something or is this the temp fix and Im looking like a idiot?
    Or is the fix yet to come.

    This idea has probably been thrown out there many times but I don't seem to find any of them.
    I didn't look very hard :)

    Basically a Advanced Personal Chest can be shared by up to 5 people.
    To allow someone to access the chest you wrench the top to open a GUI which lists the players already allowed for this chest.
    You can select a empty slot to allow the next person to touch the chest to be added.

    Anyone in the list can remove other players and anyone in the list can wrench the chest.

    The chest doesn't add anything else new. Just the capacity to share it.

    Anyone not in the list would see all the players allowed when attempting to open

    Recipe for Advanced Personal Chest is a shapeless recipe

    1. Air : Air : Air
    2. Air : Personal Safe : Air
    3. Air : Advanced Machine : Air

    I wouldnt mind at all if this was made a mod instead.


    It's a bit difficult ... I really love Redstone/Wiring and RP2 is really heavy on that stuff. Gates, bundeled cables. Then sawing blocks to smaller things and covering stuff witch is really revolutionary. All good. But I don't like this "all in one" thing.

    Eloraam adds Tubes witch are simmilar to pipes. And Bluetricity witch is similar to IC2 Power.
    IC allready has cables and power. And Buildcraft has pipes and adds signal processing and transmission.
    Of course it's different and she can add whatever she wants.

    But why not work together ... at least cooperate a little bit. Competition is one thing but when you overtake someone and take all his customers the others work is lost.

    There is a car that can go at a max of 45miles per hour.
    Eloraam is making her car reach 100miles per hour and everyone likes her sleek look and fast speeds and you are complaining about this.

    They might still miss it - I saw someone on the RedPower thread on MVF asking where the 1.0 release was. If Eloraam had made the link any bigger in the OP, it would have needed two pages.

    If there's one thing I learned in 5 years with Microsoft, it's that no one ever went broke over-estimating the stupidity of the average user.

    You may be judging everyone by one person.
    Lets face it. These people die off by natural selection.

    You dont see grown ups climbing over the fence into the lion enclosure do you?
    Theres always the idiot that trys but from that one idiot you cant judge the human race.

    That said.

    I agree with you

    From sources Im not at liberty to tell you.
    He is working on a automatic machine that when you activates it.

    Builds a statue of me. The statue is indestructible and will last forever.
    I am honored.

    On a serious note though I think he is working on a robot.
    Theres a link somewhere but basically its a robot that uses items for commands. Its inventory is one command thingy.

    So just picture a huge inventory. This redstone = Mine in front of it. The ladders = move 1 space per ladder. The planks = Turn left for each plank. The tnt = Self destruct

    But thats my opinion on what he is working on.
    Im pretty sure this is it ;D

    We can have our cake and eat it too if only Al introduced roundrobin coding. It works like this, you have a list called "todo", and in this list are IC2 engines that currently need to do something. This list can actually be saved separate from the file, so engines that are in unloaded chunks could still be working (astounding right, wow...anyway). With this list is a variable called "currenttick"....and all it does is increment by 1 every update (1/20th of a second, or whatever future IC tick rates will be) -- if this value is a short, it can easily wrap around without problems. Each engine in the list also contains a "lasttick" value, and during its update, it will subtract the 'currenttick' from 'lasttick' to get how many 'ticks' it needs to work for (and set 'lasttick' to 'currenttick' for the next update).

    Why all this? Instead of updating every engine every tick, you only update the 'todo' class. This class will go through the list of engines and update them individually, and the number of engines that are updated can be _throttled_ <-- very important word. The number of engines updated can be set to a minimum start value (say 10), and this value can be increased slowly (throttled) as long as the FPS rate does not decrease by more than 5%, and will decrease the value if the FPS is above 10% drop. To determine "normal" FPS in order to calculate drop rates, simply put the 'todo' class in a 'hold' state (where it continues to increase 'currenttick' but it doesn't update any machines), and calculate an average FPS over a few seconds.

    This would allow the game to be played without ANY apparent lag whatsoever, but allow for all the machines to work as intended (a solar panel will still give off 12000 EU during the day whether you are on a crappy computer or not).

    I dont know what you are talking about.
    But you seem to know what you are saying.
    I approve of this idea!

    This bug seems to be actually fixed. Are you sure you using the latest forge/1.23?

    I seem to have everything working well and I can't seem to flip the orientation anymore by placing random blocks and such near my MFSU's like before. That and it's not really hard when was bugged how you placed it unless you have short term memory. Just feel don't look ;)

    We have about 100 active members on our IC Server we started a week ago. 90% of us did not heard about it since about 2 weeks ago and the 95% of us never played it before. They seem to have done pretty good so far with it.

    I play on Industrial Rage.
    Thats the offical IC2 server.

    So yes. I think I got the latest versions xD

    This is in SMP 1.23 and is auctally very frustracting.
    Im aware you proberly know of this but hey!
    I may as well make sure!

    When I use a wrench on a machine which changes its orientation, the orientation does not update.
    This means I dont know which direction its facing.
    I dont know if I did it correctly and I dont know if Im gonna blow the hell out of my circuits if I place this wire.

    The output on a MFE is hidden to me as I wrench away and the only way I know its facing the correct way.
    Is the whole machine is wrenched into a item..

    Same for transformers.

    Its scary.
    I had to wrench my MFSU 4 times before I was sasified I had it facing the right way.
    And then after the whole thing not working. I looked it all over.
    Then wrenched a transformer.
    Apparently it wasnt facing the right way..
    But the textures told me it was!

    Sometimes I get the orientation when I relog.
    Sometimes I dont.

    As well as all IC2 blocks orientation's occasionally point one way until about 20secs the blocks correctly face their selves.
    This is after having logged in.

    Shouldnt it make you imune to everything with its uber shield?

    Well yes..
    But if you take the armor off and dump it..
    Then it explodes :D

    Op : /give myself All Nuclear armor
    Admin : Wtf. Dump that in lava. No spawning that!!
    *Admin runs far far away*
    *Op almost dumps his legit diamonds in, Then dumps all the armor on ground and places some lava*
    Admin : hahahahaha!
    Op : My diamonds!! NOOE!!