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    Yes, for people who can't read the forum and figure out how to solve a few errors for themselves, it doesn't :3

    I dont mean to offend or anything.. But reading the forums didnt tell me anything but you saying "Theres a fix in next release"
    So I really dont understand that. Its the "WorldGenRubTree" error.

    Did you use spawned in Energy Crystals?
    Spawned in powered stuff doesn't work at all.
    So my Mining Laser, Diamond drill. Those will not work.
    Either make then legit or use creative mode to obtain the energy crystals..

    And Alblaka, Bukkit? I thought SMP didnt work

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    When ever I start up the server with a fresh IC2 server file, A empty config file is generated.
    Which means IC2 isnt added to the server..
    I have tried redownloading IC2 and Im not using anything special.
    Also deleted the config file..

    All the other stuff works fine. Just IC2..
    So it shouldnt be the server's fault.

    Running IC2 by itself on the server fixes nothing

    Edit : Only noticed the "failed" parts of the log. Though that shouldnt effect it should it.

    From IC2's release page

    1. Add NEI and CraftGuide integration sub mods to display the new recipes

    I took this to mean extractor, compressor, macerator. Etc.

    Well. Using the latest craftguide, This is not showing anything I should be expecting.
    Im still clueless on how to make my Coal Chunk ;D

    In fact. It now refuses to show me how to cook Tin dust as well!

    If anything. I would say CraftGuide took a step backwards.