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    When you are wearin that incredibly expensive Q suit.
    You go zooming around. Shouting "whheeee!"
    You then disappear into the mines to get at those pesky diamonds.
    50 or so blocks in.
    Your drill is dead.

    "Why" you moan.
    "Surely my expensive armor should of foreseen this?"

    Introducing : Nuclear armor.
    But Nuclear armor has all those features that Quantum armor doesnt.

    A bad effect of this armor is when the durability is 1/2 or above, If it falls into lava/fire.
    The armor will become unstable and set off a nuke explosion..

    The whole armor acts as one huge battery that hand held tools can draw on.
    Inside the chest plate is a jetpack

    Apart from these 2 features the whole armor is pretty much the same as Quantum armor.

    I believe this would still make the Nuclear Armor more desireable and thus it would be harder to obtain.

    The armor runs on 5 million EU per armor piece.
    The armor is crafted as so.

    8 UU around Iridium plate -> Enhanced Plate
    8 Enhanced plates around Lap crystal -> Powered Iridium Plating
    :Nuke TNT: Block of Uranium http://wiki.industrial-craft.n…x.php?title=Uranium_Block
    :Electronic Circuit: Advanced Electronic Circuit
    :Iridium: Powered Iridium Plating

    :Nuke TNT: : :Q Helmet: : :Nuke TNT:
    :Iridium: : Air : :Iridium:
    Air : Air : Air


    :Iridium: : Air : :Iridium:
    :Nuke TNT: : :Q Chestplate: : :Nuke TNT:
    :Iridium: : :Electronic Circuit: : :Iridium:


    :Nuke TNT: : :Q Leggings: : :Nuke TNT:
    :Rubber: : Air : :Rubber:
    :Iridium: : Air : :Iridium:


    Air : Air : Air
    :Iridium: : Air : :Iridium:
    :Nuke TNT: : :Q Boots: : :Nuke TNT:

    As you see.
    The whole recipe is meant to be expensive.
    And turn uranium into something you would hunt the oceans for.

    The endgame armor.

    Solar optimisation for servers - optional HV pulses
    Give the explanation of solars having invisible, (and not actually existent) internal storage, and make them output HV every 512 ticks, and make this a config option? :D This should greatly reduce lag on servers... ;)

    edit: And checking the recipes, solars do contain an RE battery, so it's hardly non-sensical. :) If some sort of special override could be done so it could travel over tin wires still, just as if it sent all the pulses at 1 time, as one pulse, that'd be cool, but not necessary. Moving to fiber isn't that expensive.

    repost: Post disappeared, but isn't in archives. I cn only assume that it was a mistake, since I was not PM'd about it or anything.

    This is a good idea, Though it needs working around.

    For instance this cant be the default solar panels as people cant work with that wiring normally until around endgame.
    Though it COULD be the default solar panels if there was a small panel that changed what pulses it sent out.
    So 1EU pulses, 32EU pulses and 128EU pulses with 512EU pulses.
    There could be a small boost in power by storing the energy up as to make a reward for not lagging down the game.
    And to make this whole effort worth it.

    +1 thuogh :)

    Firstly Im aware this mod does partly what im asking this to do.
    But with major differences.…ser-mod-v11b-with-lenses/

    In short. EU powers a laser which can be used to detect objects/humans/mobs/carts/trees without the use of easy to see things.

    The laser can be used to mine blocks if powered enough, can be used to hurt, can be completely invisible..
    And the laser itself can set things on fire if powered high enough.

    There would be a item which can be used to color the laser emitter (Laser panes, 5 colors?) to your liking.

    Another item is a water sprayer which used will show you all the different lasers in a 5x5 radius without setting them off.
    The water sprayer is used with a canning machine and a water cell

    There is a GUI with the lasers to set their settings.
    Or make different laser blocks.

    And lastly the EU block.

    This block I think is being implemented anyhows with the computer Alblaka is making.
    But how goes anyhow.

    The EU Block has a Gui and ONE input with 5 outputs
    The GUI lets you select how much EU to send out each output from 1EU to 1Million EU.
    For this reason it is best to place this next to something like a MSFU

    If there isnt enough EU to send out then it just divides it all equally.


    A GUI that lets you select how much power to intake from 1EU to 1millionEU
    And how to distribute it with any un-needed power sent into the next output and so on.

    I aknowledge that the EU block is unlikely but my (somewhat unoriganal) Laser Idea still stands

    Detector Laser :

    Redstone : Glass : Redstone
    Glass : Dispenser : Glass
    Redstone : Glass : Redstone

    Damaging Laser/Mining laser :

    Shapeless recipe.
    Detector Laser + :Energy Crystal:

    Laser Panes :

    Glass Pane + Dye = One colored pane

    Water sprayer :

    Air : Rubber : Air
    Tin : Air : Tin
    Tin : Tin : Tin

    EU controlling block :
    :Advanced Circuit::Advanced Machine::Advanced Circuit:
    Air : MFE Unit : Air
    :Advanced Circuit::Advanced Machine::Advanced Circuit:

    Why had this been nerfed?

    I had made a giant wall of resin tree trunks before hand, harvesting resin efficentally and I think this is why it was nerfed. But I have been wrong often.

    I can get very advanced in industrial craft yet either harvest the wood itself or run around like a manic among my collection of graveyard rubber trees for my resin.
    Surely this isnt the future of our rubber D:

    Getting the rubber trunks into a easy to harvest wall was something I liked and something that took time, Could we not get this back until theres a suitable alternative for us to pretend to be civilized?

    I had made a post about a new resin harvesting here : http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=1415
    I dont like running around like a little savage jumping and smashing my wooden objects into that nice yellow hole.

    This is not a rage topic.
    This is more of a question :D

    Why was the pistons and rubber trees nerfed?
    Just for the reason I posted "Was way way way too OP"
    Or because of something else Im not aware of?

    You are trying to say that if we dont use RedPower (Alot of people)
    We are stuffed?

    Thats like him saying "I decided to stop working on most of my features as theres some mods out there that does something kinda like it"


    When two users with at least Quantum Leggings are on the same grid, neither has the increased jump height while jumping after running with the Quantum Suit speed buff. If either player disconnects, the remaining player once again has the jump height increased along with the speed increase. If either player moves to another chunk, both players again have the jump height increased.
    The only mod the server is running is IC2 1.15.
    Edit: It's the boots. The boots do the jump height. That jump height is what's breaking.

    This bug is still there

    Im not sure why but sometimes the meta data doesnt get sent to me.
    As in the machines all default to their original facing direction and transformers and painted cables all reset to their default meta data value.

    This means I find it hard to work sometimes.
    And it looks messy.

    Is this a installation bug or IC2?

    Yea I'd like to manage to set up sensors on my perimeter that fires a redstone signal to a system that once its redstone powered doesn't turn off, then the siren would run until I manually flip a switch to cut it xD

    Or it sends a signal to your little handheld machine which then starts beeping.
    Would be useful in SMP :|

    *Oh noes! Someone is in my base!*
    *Oh noes! Someone is in my hidden diamond room*
    *Oh noes! The signal suddenly stopped and I didnt turn them off :(*

    could not just code the removal of lights in the house it does not work that way... Though I do like a idea of just disabling say all torches period and bring in new lights into the game or do what notch WAS suppose to do and see if you can make lights say burn out after 10 minutes of placing them.

    Then how do you spelunk if you cant see your way out O.o

    I think it would also be fair if putting the iron tap into a tree would be more efficient, because iron is much stronger than wood so would be able to get much deeper into the tree and collect more sap.

    Yes. But really the idea of the tree tap staying in the tree and resin dripping out is more realistic rather then smashing the tree trunk open with a iron treetap instead.

    Also this would make it far more realistic for most players and more fun as instead of wandering though the graveyard of stricken trunks whacking the spots they see.
    They can use the iron treetaps to collect the resin in a civilized manner.
    If thats how people in real life use treetaps.
    Why cant we?

    We got realistic electrical systems and more and more realistic methods of using our systems.
    But with treetaps we are barbarians.

    I know you were just presenting a alternative.
    But its not one I think would be better.

    Yes yes.
    Stupid idea..

    But in short.
    A machine which requires a paranormal amount of power to do the impossible.
    It sucks the essence out of a creature when powered by redstone and alot of EU ofc..

    Takes approx 1min in which time the mob is acting like it is being hurt and then when the time is up the essence of the mob is sucked into some wiring into the canning machine which shows a new item in the food slot but cant be picked up, When canned you can eat it with side effects.

    Spider : Causes you to drop all inventory
    Creeper : Explode on spot
    Zombie : Catch on fire
    Enderman : Teleport randomly within 100 blocks
    Pig : Heal hp
    Skeleton : You go completely hungry
    Chicken : You lay a egg
    Cow : You just hear a moo sound.. And skin temporarily changes to a cow player skin
    Sheep : You can use shears on yourself.. And drops 3 wool.

    You then use the can with the machine on yourself, And you turn into the mob until you die or click a button which appears in esc menu to kill self.
    When you turn into the mob you see from their point of view and have no inventory.

    The mobs can be from creeper to chicken and you get the functions that the mob normally has.

    You cant right click to activate buttons or left click to destroy blocks.

    If you are a spider you can climb walls and attack as normal, Though you are now 2 blocks wide and 1 block tall. View could also be fragmented?
    Creepers will explode when you right click, And if you happen to walk into lightning..
    A pig just walks about.
    A chicken has the ability to lay eggs. With a timer between each egg.
    Sheep just walks around and is able to be shorn if this is SMP
    Cows walks about.
    A skeleton shoots arrows unlimited but the arrows cant be picked up and he dies in sunlight.
    A zombie walks about and dies in sunlight.
    A enderman can pick up blocks and so on. Teleport though walls with a right click. Pick up and place blocks with left click. Each action sucks hunger. But the thing is keeping it in the chamber as its essence is stolen.

    If you manage to get a spider jockey into a chamber then you get the view of a skeleton with movement corresponding to the spider.

    The mobs all have a lifespan of about 5-10 minutes (Hunger bar) before they die.
    The players inventory are not carried with them. But the player is stuck in the machine with his inventory.
    As if the person controlling went afk. If player is dies. Inv is dropped and mob dies too.

    The mobs drop their normal drops except when power runs out.
    When you die you appear back in your body, No worse the wear but with hunger the same as the mob when it died.
    If the mobs hunger (Power left in that mob) goes empty then it loses hp fast. It can die and if it dies you die as well.
    When the mob dies you hear a ghast scream.

    There could be a special armor you must wear for each transformation.

    Im very aware this is most likely to not even be thought about or implemented.

    Recipes are

    Essence stealer
    Teleporter : MFE : Teleporter
    MFE : Soul Sand : MFE
    Teleporter : MFE : Teleporter

    Gold : Gold : Gold
    Rubber : Soul Sand : Rubber
    Gold : Gold : Gold

    Once the mobs are turned into a essence. Theres no way to get them back.
    And in 1.9 you will not be able to breed.. That would be disturbing