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    How high up are you? The jetpack loses power at high altitudes. If you are at, say, bedrock layer, and it is still not working, then it is certainly a bug.

    Im at layer 64 and the fuel jetpack doesnt work for me either :*(

    Is the sprite of the jetpacks supposed to have fuel bars?
    I got solid gray when full and viewing it on my back with F5

    Apparently CCTV Block 2.2…lock-v22-video-camscreen/
    It conflicts with IC2 jetpacks flying.
    Idk why.

    Dont suppose you could find some kind of fix?

    It's actually not a bug, it's a Minecraft mechanic.
    The Drill is pretty much treated as a special shovel/pick. Like with normal shovels/picks, if you keep holding leftclick it's gonna keep mining. The drill is fast enough at mining that you don't have as much time to stop left-clicking in order to not break the next block. There's no bug at all there; what you're really asking for is a nerf to the Diamond drill, which already exists as the Mining drill.


    When using a diamond spade, The first 2 dirt/grass etc, Do NOT instant mine..
    Im talking about spamming click with the drill does instant mining.
    NOT holding it down!

    Trust me. Im not complaining about the speed of holding it down.

    Also. Apparently gravel doesnt instant mine. Dirt and sand and grass do though.

    1. You can turn off sounds completely by setting soundsEnabled to false in IC2.cfg. Also I think you can just delete the unwanted sounds from the jar without causing problems. They are in industrialcraft-2-client_1.15.jar/ic2/sounds/Tools.

    2. Yes I also sometimes mines the block beneath the one I want to destroy, but I think it is a small tradeoff for such an awesome tool with this speed.

    3. Also just use the mining laster to level out things, just shoot in a straight line at each level and you're done.

    1. Thanks, I didnt know that.

    2. Its still a bug!

    3. Im not up to that stage yet :(
    Still setting up my completely auto tree farm.
    Free charcoal/wood anyone?

    When mining the first 2 sand/dirt/gravel/grass it instant digs it.
    Which means spamming the click button = Fast digging

    Im using the diamond tipped one though.

    It also is annoying when trying to level a field of grass.
    When digging the top block, before you can stop it, the block under has been dug too.

    After the first 2 blocks the mining works as it is supposed to.
    Without sounds ofc ;D

    Please for Notch's sake..
    Fix the chainsaw sounds D:
    Im getting huge headaches while cutting down my forest.
    Keeps going as I leave it turned off.

    In real life when you use a treetap on a tree. You dont wham it in and wham it out D:
    You keep the treetap into the tree where resin drips out.

    My suggestion is that when you use a treetap on a rubber tree, The treetap turns into a treetap block with resin dripping out as a entity (slowly) and when it hits the ground can turn into a item or if theres a resin Bucket be collected in the bucket
    The resin bucket can be placed on blocks (cant float in air so when block under is removed. It breaks) and can contain up to 5 sticky resin at the time.
    Bucket can be emptied by right clicking or breaking it.
    Doesnt need a special tool to operate a bucket or break it.
    When emptied the bucket simply drops all the sticky resin on the ground around it.

    Recipe can be for the resin bucket

    Air : Air : Air
    Iron Ignot: Air : Iron Ignot:
    Wood plank : Iron ignot : Wood plank

    Alternately if there needs to be a new item for Treetap to stay in trees.
    Iron treetap

    Air : Air : Air
    Wood Plank : Wood plank : Iron ignot
    Wood plank : Air : Air

    Sample image

    In Nature Overhaul the trees can die a natural death and the saplings replant themselves

    Rubber trees dont do this :(
    They just sit there and the saplings decay
    (Unless Im mistaken?)

    Could support be added for this mod?
    Im sure the author of Nature Overhaul has added something for people to hook in and do this.