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    when i try to edit the model it crashes (i think i have reported it on the bug tracker so i wont post the log here) when i open minecraft my config for modular powersuits get reset to deafult and the server and client configs resets to different id' its pretty much unplayable in the newest version of mmm powersuits :/

    if i have modular powersuits installed my log get spammed with this:

    if i want it to stop i have to reload my texturepack, everytime i start up minecraft :/
    it is with any texturepack, including vanilla
    also all icons is screwed up untill i reload the textures.

    my log get spammed by this message all the time when i have this mod installed:

    also i get this crash after a ehile, azanor wrote that it might be a modular powersuits problem:

    ( i posted it on minecraft forum first)
    also i could not post full logs since they got to long.
    fogre 602, no optifine, 70 mods installed, modular powersuit 380

    wil you make your mod compatible with the newer versions of ic2 where richard broke the api? i get this crash when i try to run it now:

    thats so awsome that i dont have words for it other then: SUPERAWSOME &/)(%¤%()=?()/&%¤#¤%&/()=)?=)=()/%¤!

    Blast proof? Energy armor and plating already does that.
    Maybe knockback reduction.

    not realy even if i et up max protection to 20 or 100 an explosion of an charged creeper can still kill me, explosions do extremly high amounts of damage so thats why it should be a protection against it, becouse if you add that kind of protection to universal damage you cant get killed but i want something that removes a % of the blast damage, and more blast damage=more energy consumed, something like the no fall damage upgrade to the boots. I can kill myself with a multitool with explosion cize 2.5 when i have full armour with energy shield with 200 protection on each peace of armor, i think thats a bit to easy to die from explosions.

    i have a suggestion for a module for all armour: blastprof, it will be protection against explosion, since i would need to set upp the max protection to about 300 or more for each peace of armour to survive a nuke with power 100 i would like to have a new type of protection that only protect you against blast (if i for example would try to get blast proof now i would need to increase protection and energy consuption, i like balance, with about 5000%.) It could be set up to take unlimited amount of blast damage, but more blast damage=more energy.
    also can you add a config option that make it possible to get the energy usage of tools to increase more and more, so if i have set the pickaxe speed to 4x it will just take 2x as much energy as 2x but 25x could take 100x more energy becouse the start on insane energy consuption could have been on 20. (i would have used this to make the multi tool and other things much more powerfull but it would cost realy big amounts of energy to use it.

    i hope that get implemented (all of it) :)

    sounds awsome

    if you use the teleport module and teleports you can teleport in to a wall, this is a bit enoying so i thought it was a bug. also it lets you go true thaumcraft magical building blocks, this is not good becouse the point for thouse blocks is that no person can get in :/ i hope this can get fixed.

    by the way i can reproduce the fall damage bug you said i took wrong about when the only mods i have installed is forge and modular powersuits, tested with forge 497,517,518,523,524,527,

    becouse the ONLY mods i had installed was forge and your mod, how can it be anyother mods fault? i am also with every forge version i mentioned i have tested without modular powersuits and i have not got the same bug then.
    is it a bug or a feature? are the mod supposed to make you take more fall damage? i have tested it with ONLY forge and modular powersuits so its NOT another mods fault! and if it is please explain it to me.
    (by the way i love the mod its the most epic mod i have seen since thaumcraft 3)
    i used the newest version of modular powersuits (138 ) but i have seen the bug (or feature) in some older versions also.

    ok its more healths fault? kk i will report the issue to him sorry for the mistake i and my friend took i will resarch more next time before i report something i think is a bug from your mod.

    i agree, it does cost a little bit to much with so much iridium in it. tungsteel is a better solution.