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    It can happen that one Update caused an ID Conflict within GT itself, if you have a VERY old Config File. The Empty Electric Screwdriver is conflicting with something else in GT. Look at your Configs for more details. (I know that because I had such an old Config and also said Conflict)

    i deleted my greg tech id configs and now everythign works. YAY happy christmas/holidays/not having to go to work or something random

    Hello greg could you add a config option to disable your mod from crashing with item id conflicts? i know it sounds STUPID but your mod are keeping on saying HEY YOU HAVE ITEM ID CONFLICTS YOU IDIOT! when i have searched the ForgeModLoader-client-0 for CONFLICT @ and conflict and other things that could indicate item id errors, the fact is there is none. Greg Tech is just saying: dude if you dont fix these id conflicts that dont exist i will crash. Or maby the mod that overite a greg tech item dont say it in the log. (the crahs came when i updated greg tech) and again in the ForgeModLoader-client-0 there is NO sign of ANY item id conflicts (there is some block id conflicts, but those are from mods that are supposed to overite some vanilla stuffs like rails ans such)
    And i just want to mention that i know you will most likly not answer this comment and if you do you will most likly call me a stupid idiot and say that i did everything wrong.
    Have a nice day and keep on doing stuffs. (sorry for any grammar mistaks written in this post, english is not my first language)

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    So, is there no way to adjust Gregtech's dungeon loot tables? Getting almost half a stack of steel on day one is a little bit unbalanced, and I know that steel isnt even all that rare in chests. That and the being able to craft obsidain with lava and water cells, my questions have been lost in the conversation, but I'd really like an answer to whether or not these things are configurable, or if Greg plans to do anything with them. Still pretty surprised the obsidian one isnt in the IC2.cfg

    ink this mod might do it, it works on loot from all other mods:…and-more/#CustomChestLoot
    (custom chest loot)

    when using industrialcraft-2_1.117.385-lf many things from greg tech dont work at server (i have 40 thermal generators and they give 0 eu/t suddently, before i updated ic2 they gave a lot more then 0, maby 960eu/t-loss from glass fibre cables. also in ther server log i get a lot of: EnergyBlockLink corrupted, something about wiring and greg tech, cant just paste it in here since i cant copy from the cmd. tested with greg tech 3.08g, 3.08d

    when i try to edit the model it crashes (i think i have reported it on the bug tracker so i wont post the log here) when i open minecraft my config for modular powersuits get reset to deafult and the server and client configs resets to different id' its pretty much unplayable in the newest version of mmm powersuits :/

    if i have modular powersuits installed my log get spammed with this:

    if i want it to stop i have to reload my texturepack, everytime i start up minecraft :/
    it is with any texturepack, including vanilla
    also all icons is screwed up untill i reload the textures.

    I understand and fully agree with the concept that UUM should be hard-as-balls-of-steel to get. however, considering the cost of a matter fab, and the cost of making enough EU to fuel it at a decent rate at default EU-to-UUM rates, AND the fact that you don't need to use the transformer upgrade itself and can use a more expensive item, I really think adding the ability to upgrade its EU/t with some kind of upgrade would be far from OP...

    i double the energy amount needed to make uumatter from deafylt greg tech, i think it shold be even harder...