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    I have rewritten the Start post and here is my new Invention.

    Energy Drainer

    Feel Free to tell me if i make mistakes.

    New DATA came in From our LAbs:

    We at the HAYO Corp. have electrifying new things for you to test!

    Introducing: S.W.A.T
    SWAT means Secret Weapons and Technology.
    One of our interesting weapons here at the swat weapons enrichment center:

    Is the Sonic Wave it forms pure destruction out of SOUND…. Yes sound like that
    unHayoisch sound you are listening to.

    We found a special Hayoischsound Frequenz that will turn it to a lethal weapon!

    Anyone who is not equipped with a Quantum or Nano Helmet will suffer Damage
    and blurry Vision due to Hayoisch Sound.

    The Quantum or Nano suit will suffer no damage but the vision will blackout and you will beblind for a second
    (DUE to the extremely advanced technology of the quantumsuite its processors are prone to any kind of attack)
    (Note: do not use Sonic Wave SW-870 in glasshouse, can cause serious injuries)




    -damage to Entities
    -Blackout of IC² Armor (Helmet)
    -will break Glass and other fragile objects

    In work (noteblock+advanced machine?)

    Energy usage:
    In work
    (somewhere at 1000-5000eu per shot)
    1.Range 20-40blocks Horizontal spread at angel of 15°
    2.Range 10-30blocks Angel 30°

    i will add this to the starting post.


    We are the Team of the S.W.A.T. weapon Enrichment Center from the HAYO Corp.
    We will introduce future invetions in this Thread.

    //////NOTE: The Vortex Cannon is not a Weapon in First Place.\\\\\\\

    Vortex Cannon
    we at the HAYO Corp (TM) thought that Tree Cutting is not Hayoisch enough, (even when you ordered a C-32 Chainsaw)!
    Our Top Engineers and Scientist where working day and night to invent our latest product:

    We present YOU the VORTEX CANNON VC-470:

    With the Pressure of 4000 Gibbl the Compress-O-Matic C77 is pushing air
    into an empty cell inside.

    Upon pulling the Trigger it unleashes the mightiest wind you have ever seen,testers are comparing this to a tornado.
    (DANGER: do not point end of cannon on Animals, other Players or items laying on the ground!
    While using our Very HAYOISCH product the QuantumSuit, we recommend to not use the Vortex Cannon in any Way!)




    -Blowing away Light materials like Leaves, Plants and Grass or even some sand.(Paintings and Torches?) (they would turn into items)
    -pushing items a few blocks
    -throwing Mobs or Players
    -pushing the user of the Vortex Cannon VC-470 backwards (in the air it should work something like a Rocket Jump)


    :Refined Iron: :Force Field: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Empty Cell: :Compressor:
    :RE Battery: :Electronic Circuit: :Wind Mill:

    :Force Field: =Nothing
    :RE Battery: = Re Batterie

    Energy usage
    It would have a Storage of 10000eu and would use about 250 -1000 eu per use.
    I guess the range of 5-10 meters will be good.

    Maybe Program modes for it like the mining laser?
    Making the range and force bigger and reducing the spread.
    It could be used as a non lethal Weapon for Industrial Conflict.

    I will Rework the following sugestions after Industrial /Industrium Conflict Came out.
    the Sonic Wave and the Energy Drainer are just some fast ideas that came to me, after I thought long on the Vortex Cannon isn't.
    I would realy like to see something like the Vortex Cannon ingame.

    Sonice Wave

    Energy Drainer

    Customer Reviews:
    Test subject NR.923: Vortex Cannon: Finally a Gun that BLOWS...

    i already did that with mfus stopping my reactors when full but it went out of hand...

    iam too lazy to learn the mechanics of redpower...
    i tried it but couldt get used to it (or buildcraft).

    I have
    enough input (roughly 2.6k eu)

    and my whole output gets to 3 massfabs.

    my storage isn’t sufficient when I want to upgrade my energy production,

    I get too much for my mfsu to output, that’s why I short wired the output of my
    mfsu and energy production to get some matter.

    I now want to make a big energy storage system underground... I will carve out
    space near my base and fill it up with cf.

    but I don’t have an idea how I can make a modular compact energy storage where I
    can access them for measuring the energy level.

    What I want as output is about 10k-30k eu so I can quickly access to a huge
    amount of matter.

    no other mods then IC² no Laptroncrystalls in chests, just plain mfsus.

    i dont like redpower /buildcraft therefore i dont use it
    my 8 nuclear reaktors and my energy tower of moderate doom have a high enough output,
    i want to build a big windfarm with solars ontop and for that i need more storage

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted some input to energy storage,

    right now I have 44 mfsu in 4 rows,

    :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:
    :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:
    :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:
    :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit: :MFS-Unit:

    Like this,
    yes they are connected in the middle for an even distribution of energy.

    My problem is now I need more storage and more output,

    I can’t get ideas for a compact design,

    hope you could help me

    Teleporter nr. 1:

    I teleport from
    x: -123,7
    y: 55,6
    z: 142.3
    x: -128,6
    y: 59,6 (it should be 64,6)
    z: -206

    wich is 3 blocks under the teleporter and 5 blocks under the real teleporter-position

    i have a set up like this:

    :Glass Fibre: :MFS-Unit: :Glass Fibre:
    :Rubber Log: :Teleporter: :Rubber Log:

    Teleporter nr. 2:

    I teleport from
    x: -128,7
    y: 64,6
    z: -206
    x: -123,6
    y: 51,6 (it should be 55,6)
    z: 142.3

    wich is 3 blocks under the teleporter and 5 blocks under the real teleporter-position

    i have a set up like this:

    :Glass Fibre: :Rubber Log: :Rubber Log: :Batbox:
    :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :Rubber Log: :LV-Transformer:

    1. The Teleporter bug:
    When I activate a teleporter I don’t get teleported to the Pad, but to any hole under it.
    I tried to fill all the Holes underneath it but then I got killed because I drowned in the wall.

    2. And 2 bugs in the Nether:
    While using the Quantum suite.
    When you try this Sprint-Jump-start thingy, you get kicked for speed-hacking.

    And when you Jump with the super jump of the boots you get full damage (like falling from that high).
    Or when you fly around with the jetpack you get damage (often Instant-kill) when you land (even if you land with hover mode and quantum boots)
    All tested with fully charged armor.

    Ps: what Happend to the force field?
    And i love the new Nuclear reaktor!