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    i dont think alblaka will implement this because he extra buffed the mining laser to have 64 shots
    but because of that you have to use a crystal charger (othwise it was imba...)
    same for the nanosuit (its already over powerd)

    one thing alblaka could implent is the use of a energy christal to charge 4 tools (but he stated already that this is difycult too implent

    and how would you direct the digger?
    because the miner has only one, the digger has 4 sides, you need another block to direct him
    and it should mine in an area of 3*3 everything (including smoothstone) so you can easily make subway...

    but it should be that every side gets full 64 eu/s output otherwise it will be nearly pointless

    i have thougt an other idea the:
    a new block crafted with 1 mfe and 1 switch cable it has an GUI with 6 slots for up, down, North, south, west, east
    and if you put a block in one slot it will output there (with full 64eu/s)
    and it can hold up 30000-60000 eu

    there is some sort of trap or cable that can transport current.
    Its called HI-voltage and yes its pretty effectiv if yuo need something to protect that you can turn on and of.
    but it needs 2000 eu current (maybe less if you plit it) to give one mob 4,5 damage that means you need 3 hits per mob,
    or 2 hits wit HI-voltage and one with your hands. :P