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    We have made some vast improvements on our C00ld0wn® system.
    Kenken244, one of our external Developers, helped with some designs which are now at our HAYO lab 17.
    For now we can't publish the new designs as they are not yet finalized.
    We are just letting you get a glimpse on the HAYOish naming system we gave them:
    C00ld0wn® REV.2b-8///544/68
    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-6///600/100
    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-4///400/100
    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-2///200/100
    C00ld0wn® REV.2d-6///628/104.3

    some of the more sophisticated engineer will get what we have done.....

    Ps: just go for it and guess for what the numbers stand, I will post the Designs when you got it right.....

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    yes you true DDOS systems
    BUT you usereflectors, meaning you burn copper for energy
    if you take them away your reactors suddenly fall under mine in EFF and EU production.

    the CRCS Rev.2 is designed to use the least ressources possible while getting maximum output.

    if we look at the ressources needed:

    you can already see that this is vastly less then your reactor need wile keeping the same output and Eff.

    the csecond reactor is actually a quite nice design.
    i may use the idea of using Vents to swap later...

    EDIT: ohh and i hit the maximum Number of Characters for my starting post :D

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    HELLO everybody.
    This is Skavier470 from HAYO.corp

    Your Favorite lead community manager.
    We have good news for everyone who craving for massive power in very good eff.

    No one likes to spend millions of stacks of copper just to feed a reactor for a cycle.
    Or wants to have a little mock of the old powers you could achieve with CASUCS?

    Then maybe this is something for you:
    CRCS Gen.2

    CRCS Mk-1-EB-3.93

    CRCS Mk-1-EA-4.5

    As they are you can't set them up and run them.
    They are supposed to work with a Timing© system and a C00ld0wn® (optionally for auto mode a Cell swapper)
    the Timing© system consists of a Timer and a RS-latch.
    With Redpower 2 it’s very easy to do, just hook a timer (set to safe timings) to a RS-Latch and watch the magic.

    Now the spicy part:
    these are to get the 60k cooling Cell (Every Cooling cell will work even LZH-Condenser you just need to change the Timing©)
    cooled before they Melt.

    C00ld0wn® REV.2a-4///240/60

    C00ld0wn® REV.2a-8///480/60

    ohh and just ignore the previous post, we got a minor security problem that is now fixed.

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    i listed you the benefits.
    there is no increase in copper.
    you can make a timer to auto shutdown the reactor with easiyst redstone (a item timer will do too) machines.
    and then you can set the yourself.
    with Gregtech regulator the fitting inside the reactor shouldnt be a problem.

    you can feedt the massfab with the reactors energy and still get a net gain.

    and if you want you can use cooling cells and a small cooling reactor to have 0 loss.

    yes it is more complicated. where is there a problem?

    B) That efficiency is utterly irrelevant. At 84:1 you have 98.8% efficiency. At 93:1 you have 98.9% efficiency, you would have to breed a thousand uranium before seeing the first extra piece of uranium. Even if you're somehow right and can get better efficiency, a 99.9% efficient reactor is *still* a marginal gain, producing just one extra uranium for every hundred bred.

    after 10 runs you already have one more Uranium.

    A) Yes, you can get as high as 93:1, thats one higher than the 92:1 otherwise possible. If you claim you can do better show it to me.

    IT is 1 more.
    also safer, workfriendlyer, and just a bit more complex.

    It is the best idea in the Breeding section for month now.

    Also where is the Fun, if not in Maximizing the Gain and Eff of all your stuff in Minecraft?.

    Even now you don’t understand. You can put in single cells with better EFF than any breeder on the market BECAUSE
    It can withstand the near maximum HEAT possible.
    The breeder before with the Highest Temp got 92, while being risky, not exactly keeping its heat easily.
    The new Types where you remove the cooling from the breeder ARE safer, faster, more efficient.
    This IS the fastest you can go with 1 uranium Cell.
    it's the NON PLUS ULTRA.
    you can adjust the output with next to no changes to the breeder.
    as you can see the normal breeder go only to 84 recharge per tick. That’s 9 ticks less than my new single uranium breeder.....

    also if you use the energy one single Uranium Breeder to Make LHZ you will still have a Net gain of 1 Eu/t

    Even if you can’t see a need for THE ultimatum in breeding technology. I can.
    and to remember you: Minecraft isn’t about the thing you do its about what CAN you do.

    HAYO.corp did always stand for the maximum Possible.:
    Best in Breeding Technology and

    one Breeder with dual uranium Cell will feed the Biggest CASUC..
    while outputting 4360 eu/t.

    my idea was to not let the heat from uranium go into the reactor hull instead directly into cooling cells or LSH condenser.
    that way you safe space wich you can use for platings and also as no komponent adds or takes Heat it is Infit neutral, even when shut off.
    i only have to get these regulators working.

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    >Location xx.zzr .zZCHRSHb<
    >Deutschland- sehr starke Formationen von Bockwurst entdeckt<

    <User ERROR, Language modulator error>
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    >Day 90109<
    >Devlog 5<
    >Day one of project Meltdown Your Home.<
    >The Reactor keeps melting, I guess the Coolant is to weak.<
    >Some new Wö would be great, ours stay longer in the Hospital then with at the Laboratory.<
    >also 3 Wö have shown signs of mental disorder, they dont stop screaming about kitchens until we push them into the reactor.<
    >Bill has told me that one even tried to remove his metal-exoskin, the guys over at B0TWöRk012 should improve the radiation safety.<
    >Gunther end<

    >Day 101010<
    >Devlog 12b<
    >we have managed to get the Breeder to 91.500 heat without explosion or melting of the environment. <
    >though we have experience, like calculated, high amounts of radiation and heat injuring Wö near the reactor.<
    >Gunther end<

    >Day 101012<
    >Devlog 13a<
    >The Cooling towers accept the integration of project MYH.<
    >we have now 2 designs working unbelievably fast.<
    >Jochen has worked on systems goin behond 700 recharge per tick, they seem to lose Eff fast over 700.<
    >our storage of depleted Isotope cell is running low, though.<
    >Gunther end<

    <Added file entry (r,str) x3)>
    >HAYO.corp MAINFRAME cluster 13:\point13\sec-rom\Laboratorys\PhD.DR.Dachauer\MEYH system 1 v9.1.blueprint<
    >HAYO.corp MAINFRAME cluster 13:\point13\sec-rom\Laboratorys\PhD.DR.Dachauer\MEYH system 2 v3.9.blueprint<

    <Language Error at line 12###
    >Die haben mich fast entdeckt, ich hoofe ich kans Jetzt hochlachen.<
    >leute hier srbeitn stark an neuen design, 2 geschickt mit nchrrrrrr...<

    ###starting Language Modulator####
    >They nearly got me, I ???? I ??? no upload.<
    >guys hier ???? hard on new design, 2 send with ????<

    ###Language Modulator End>

    <End Classified Transmission>
    <Transmission Success>
    <Files Send>
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    that above is either german or english and/or german/englisch glibberisch. but you can extract most infos from the text.
    These 2 are breeders with the maximum Heat level possible; the Heat from the Uranium goes into the coolant cells.
    With reactor shut down and Managers the Reactor can`t lose heat.

    You need about 10*60k coolant cells for the first and a small cooling reactor.
    The reactor only produces 600.000 per cycle.

    EDIT didnt intend that this will be that of a huge wall of Text.
    I hope atleast one is amused by this.

    i did post the first one as a answer to your Valentinesday Reactor.
    its supposed to look a bit like a diamond..

    thanks Drunk for apreciating my work.
    i still need to rework some designs and rework the whole post.

    they can't loose heat, only if the reactor turned off.
    or if the isotop cells are deepleeted.

    That breeder is way behind its capabilities.
    with copper plating it gets to 112 recharge per tick too.

    here made my design keep its Heat.

    Edit: lol on hte first breeder the Heat is not up to 81 ( maximum) thats why its onl 87 recharge.

    edit : If you can engineer me a better ->mark v ea++<- breeder I would love that

    Already done: the highest temperature breeder on the market, designed by me.
    You use 48 uranium cells to breed 476 cells ? that’s 9,9 per Uranium
    I use 1 uranium to make 92 uranium constantly.
    No pauses no advanced circuitry just a Isotope Cell swapper.


    in a super plant and not only does mine get the job done fast it creates a lot more recharge per tick per ura.


    you get about 2 re-enriched uranium cells per Uranium cell per about 60000 ticks
    I get 92 re-enriched uranium cells per Uranium cell per 10000 ticks.

    If you want to squeeze out the near maximum out of it:

    even a breeder that manages his temperatur itself is better