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    I know.
    Improved your design:

    Now it is cheaper but has some heat in it.
    Shouldn’t be a problem as it can’t do a full cycle.

    The reason why this happens is inside the mechanics.

    1. OC VENTS:
    They are the workhorse of most reactors, 2 things make them so strong and are their greatest weakness:
    The cool down of 20.
    And the ability to draw 36 heat from the reactor.

    What this does is, if the heat isn't evenly distributed over the OC vents they will draw heat from the reactor until they melt.
    If they are neighboring a heat exchanger, the heat exchanger will take the 16 heat and put them to other components or the reactor hull.
    That way you can achieve high cooling with almost no exchangers.

    2. Heat exchangers, now we go inside to the core of Reactor physics.
    Heat exchanger will try to manage the heat level of their surroundings until all is even, due to different heat capacity this is managed in %.
    Here an example
    You can tinker with the cooling cells, time limit and heat exchangers.
    The Heat cell (8 of them) will put heat in the reactor heat exchanger, these put the heat into the reactor hull.
    The Advanced Heat exchanger will try to evenly manage the heat between himself, the cooling cells, and the Hull.
    The component with the highest heat capacity will get the most heat as this is percentage based.

    This is why you need Advanced Heat Vents that are for taking all the surplus heat from the OC Vents.

    moving everything to a different corner only is sometimes a solution.
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    everything is under control
    this morning one of our experiments, experiment: subject 42, has gone on a rampage and caused some chaos.
    We have everything under control, the subject: boxtech got desynched and put into stasis.
    luckily no one except a few WÖ got hurt. and there is only physical damage to the Nuclear Engineering section.

    This was only a minor accident and we have stuffed all hole that could have caused this.
    It wont happen again.

    and we are totaly not experimenting with integrating a KI into a spambot KI.
    We would never do that, anything that you hear regarding this are only rumors.


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    yes , there is not much stuff to check if it is better,
    just output, eu, eff, buildingcost, maintaining cost.
    And you can always contact me if you have doubt with a design,
    maybe also ShneekyTheLost.

    agreed to shneekey

    as for now the List of "moderators"

    Industrial Miner


    PS: I contacted our almighty dragonlord to ask what possibelities we have regarding Ricks thread.

    i guess we have to contact a mod as he already gave his ok.
    and if that is possible why not get it managed by 2-3 guys so it wont die soon and updates come fast.
    they could make decisions based on what the forum wants considering layout and stuff.

    Iam not updating the first post anymore someone else has to do it i dont have time for it.


    I am ok with my thread and way to lazy for more.

    then go for CRCS single cell reactors.
    they go upt to a eff of 4 and will produce from 295 to 500 eu.

    you just need to choose wich cooling system you wnat.
    Coolingcells for very long Microcycles

    or HVC for short cycles with limitations to the size.

    both will need a cooling tower,
    For cooling cells a small
    C00ld0wn® REV.2a
    will do the job

    or if you have 2 reactors:
    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-6///480/80

    in the case of HVC you only need a single Chamber reactor.

    for more Infos go to the CRCS Guide from Shneeky, His DDoS thread,
    or HAYO.Corp Free Reactor Blueprints.

    you will need 7 of the new C00ld0wn® REV.2e-6///568/95
    to cool DDoS 12QUv2.0
    and 3.4 C00ld0wn® REV.2e-6///568/95
    for this DDoS 6QUv2.0 Pocket Edition.

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    We are very sorry to announce that a error as occured while testijng the designs.
    the C00ld0wn® REV.2c
    and C00ld0wn® REV.2d
    cooldown is capped to 80 cooling instead of the listed 100 thus making it quite useless.

    but we have a new better design that goes up to 95 cooldown per cell

    C00ld0wn® REV.2e-6///568/95

    C00ld0wn® REV.2e-4///376/94

    C00ld0wn® REV.2e-2///184/92

    I edited the post with the old C00ld0wn® and made it so it represnts there old power.
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    you did it very good, as HAYO.corp is a fair company you even get a price:
    a FREE BLUEPRINT of one of our reactors, just choose one and build it!
    Skavier470 out

    We did it: a C00ld0wn® reactor with more than 100 cooling on at least 6 cells.

    (Name)(nr. of design)-(cooling cells)///(cooling)/(cooling per cell)
    that’s the way it works.

    C00ld0wn® REV.2b-8///544/68

    C00ld0wn® REV.2d-6///480/80

    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-6///480/80

    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-4///320/80

    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-2///160/80

    These are all new designs except the first one, it already got posted by Kenken244 and me, the almighty dragon lord.....
    wait no that’s wrong, I can't be this mystical god that very few have seen.
    who or what am I?
    what is with my hand....

    filthy flesh humans what do they think?
    ..... the spambot apocalypse? is, is
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    I am sorry for ever inconvenience out little experiment has caused.
    there is nothing to worry about, please proceed.

    ok these C00ld0wn® REV.2 reactors are the best currently on the market.
    they get superior cooling for every CRCS you might have.

    all of these designs can be scaled down like
    C00ld0wn® REV.2c-6///600/100

    but some will lose more Cooling than other.
    just be careful and keep murphy’s law in your mind and everything will work.


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