TekCraft 1.3.2 Whitelisted Vanilla Modded server IC2 1.107 - Forestry - Portalgun - Mystcraft - BC 3.2.0 and Logistics Pipes

  • Hello and welcome to our Tekcraft thread here you will find all the information your need to get started playing on our server.
    We having some issues with our server that i need to work out, in that time i won't be accepting anymore players to our whitelist.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Any bugs you encounter please report them at the developers sites/forums.

    The Mods we have installed.

    Jar mod

    Core Mods




    No griefing.
    No PVP use for self defense or in PVP World.
    Quarry's are allowed but only 1.
    Nukes only in your own Mystcraft world.
    Don't over use Solar Panels.
    Respect the Admins any choice they make is always the right choice.
    Keep it Neat and clean.

    Download Link

    You can PM me for how to install.
    Reply here if you know it all and just want to get white listed.

    IP: ravens-rising.net:25566

  • I'd like to join, i don't know if you wanted a profile history or anything, but I've played since the ic1 days and stuff. Can build fairly complex stuff, and will be on whenever possible, unfortunately that will only be a couple nights a week probably. I may be starting a youtube channel soon, with modded and vanilla builds.
    Age: 17
    IGN: delldoodz

  • I would also be interested in joining.
    IGN: mrlambo1399
    Age: 14
    I have been playing with these mods for several months and minecraft for a year. I have been looking for a server with this combo of mods for a while,a dn I would love to play here. I enjoy making over complex systems, with wires, tubes, and pipes running everywhere.

  • IGN: ultraboomer
    mrlambo told me to look at this server, and it looks amazing. I've been looking for a server like this as well, and am glad to have found one.
    I've used the main mods since my first day of minecraft, so a server like this is great.

    AGE: not younger than lambo, but see no reason to provide it.

    just because I see creepers outside my windows and have a macerator in my spare room, doesn't mean I'm an industrialcraft addict... does it?

  • Hey your welcome to join and anyone is free to invite all there friends they are more the welcome to join us, you have been accepted and added to our white-list.

    You will get a PM with how to install the mods.

  • IGN: _RadoN
    I am 16 years old.
    Why I want to join: This server looks awesome and I love servers without EE
    Please PM me how to install mods.
    Thank you

  • not sure if you or someone else did something with it, but my linking book to my mystcraft age vanished, along with all the books from the chest
    I still have my descriptive book, but if you deleted my age, I don't want to regenerate it.

    just because I see creepers outside my windows and have a macerator in my spare room, doesn't mean I'm an industrialcraft addict... does it?

  • Hello there kind sir!

    I am pilot737 and i would like to apply for your server, My age is 16 years old, and i have played minecraft for little than a year. I come from the battlefield gaming clan called Sons Of Valour and we would like to do a lets play on a no-lag server that features all the mods we love, here is the usernames of the other guys (will apply later)



    My ign is : pilot737

    Thanks for considering us.

  • Hello Pilot your more then welcome to join our server and i would love to see lets play videos made on our server, if there is anything i can do to help with that then let me know.

    I have added your friends as well if that is not there IGN then please provide them or let them reply or PM me.

  • ING:blackviper45

    Ive been playing minecraft 4 3 years and using mods 4 1 i like to build complex machines using whatever mods i have at my disposal

  • Hai, could i get me and my friends whitelisted?

    IGN: m157
    IGN: MRAWSOM2244
    IGN: justin0909
    IGN: 2linkman

    Hai Shinyray ^_^/)
    Hai Rebornneo ^_^/)

  • Hey Boyd, your server seems to look good and I would like to join it, here is my whitelist application.

    Minecraft User Name:

    I am playing Minecraft since its first releases. Same for IC. According to that I am an experienced player who knows how to play it. I know nearly all of tekkit mods, including most of the ones on your server. I am communicative, polite and not the type that will go to the map corner to be alone, i would play SSP if i would want that. I can also speak/ write in english good enough to have no problems around communication.

    also, EE is overpowered, imbalanced .. and stuff.. so I like servers without it..