Ceto (Currently working out Bukkit Issues)

  • Hai :D

    IGN:Awesomething Age:13 3/4 :S Why do i want to join?: It seems like a really good and friendly server, ive been playing minecraft for almost 1.5 years and experienced with SMP (remember when it came out, good day for minecraft) and all those mods look like a epic win to me. I would love to join your server and slowly distrust you cause its PvP :S

    Hope to see you soon, awesomething MinecraftChicken

  • Sent you a PM, should be able to get this resolved, making an auto installer as we speak... probably wont have it finished till tonight but Im sure I can get you going in twenty minutes or less

    unless you're using linux, someone is working on a tweak for that

    hmmmm could i get in on this auto install or files? i have been working at it for about 15 min and its hard *crys*

  • Game Name: Hayes5934

    Age: 22

    Why would you like to play on this server?

    I have been playing on a few white-list servers and i play a lot of IC2 now a days because of the added value to the games already awesome quality. The problem i have now is the server i have been on has fallen under a lot of repair and is down a lot when my game time is on between work and my old lady. I need a stable server to join and making new friends is always a big plus when it comes to that. I enjoy getting down and dirty when it comes to community fun so if you can count me in you can count on me. :) Look forward to seeing all you soon.

  • Game Name: Kaosi

    Age: 25

    Why would you like to play on this server?

    I've been playing around with IC2, Buildcraft, and a few other mods for a few weeks now, both in SSP and SMP. I've been playing with Hayes and a few others for awhile now on that same server that has the instability right now. I could always just go back to playing SSP, but playing with other people is much more fun, and this server also has what looks to be an awesome combo of mods.

  • Game Name: m5gick
    Age: 17
    Why would you like to play on this server?
    I like the collection of the mods you got on the server. I've been playing MC for quite some time now, and I have knowledge about the mods you got. I'm a Euro player (well, it's actually Asia but I'm like 5km far from Europe :P) and I all the servers with IC2 I have joined so far has had quite some lag for me. That is why I started to search for Euro servers but there weren't any good ones. I finally found a US server with no lag, but it has been down for a while now, so why not switch servers? (If you accept me of course)

    Could I also get the WR_CBE 1.0.0 mediafire links?

  • Game Name: Joey1610

    Age: 17

    Why I would like to play on this server: I love IC2 and how much it adds to minecraft's greatness. I've been playing IC since last year and just recently upgraded to IC2 in the last month. My old server has gone under heavy maintenance and is down pretty much all the time. I play with Hayes and Kaosi most of the time if im not playing singleplayer. This server looks great and I cant wait to get on and build with you guys. :D

  • Game Name: Lackmann

    Age: 20

    Why would you like to play on this server?
    well, i've always played minecraft with IC and BC, but never had the opportunity to play on a server with those mods (i've only played in vanilla servers) and i would like to have an opportunity to play in a cool server with cool people and cool mods :D

  • Hey, this sounds great

    Game Name = x99x
    Age = 26
    Why would you like to play on this server? I really like the Industrial Craft Mod and my old server kinda died out. Good IC2 servers are tough to find, im really looking forward to checking this one out.


  • Game Name:Xxtoxicbladesxx

    Age: 14

    I started playing Minecraft over a year ago. Yet i've not played on
    non local server. I was trying to find server with mod pack that i want, i think this server is ideal. I think it will be awesome to play

  • Game Name: alexbegt
    Why would you like to play on this server beacuse i got no other server to play on with these mods, and i will not grief

  • IGN: Misticblade7
    Age: 15

    I'm looking for an interesting IC2 server, and am particularly interested in the Wireless Redstone CBE mod featured on yours. I'm not and have never been a griefer, and when I build things, I like for them to benefit other players.

    Out of curiosity, is the server ever full? I'm alright with 8-slot servers for modded minecraft, but I hope it's not consistently full. :3

  • Game Name, Age, Why would you like to play on this server


    I'm RPilks, Otherwise known as Ryan Pilkington (Original name, y'know?), I'm 16 who's actually mature (Not the boring type, but I don't mess about.. I'm here to play and have fun, not ruin other people's day for no reason!) and I'd love to play on the server as a change from normal SMP, With the awesome mod of IC2 I think this could really spice up Minecraft with me..

    I've only seen the Yogscast videos on it, so I'm the blatant newbie, but still.. I'll sit and wire solar panels up for people, until I eventually get my own Nuclear Reactor.. AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Err, Share my power with others happily and gracefully, and definitely not attempt to formulate some form of WMD Kittens.


    Hoping for a quick whitelist, I'm itchin' to play ;D