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    I have a better idea. Why not use some form of redstone-timer, to wait and allow a reactor to run (heating up the coolant cells), then turns it off before they melt, and lets enough power flow into the gregtech machines to remove and replace the cells.
    Only problem is, there is no way to remove excess power from the item-moving machines. It would be very difficult, if even possible, to time a splitter cable properly to allow only enough power to flow into the machines to execute the task and prevent, for example, fresh cells from being removed from the reactor after replacing overheated ones.
    Any other ideas, anyone?

    keep murphys law in mind,
    i would still shut off the reactor when you swap cells
    also keep the reactor loaded with wordloader.

    gregtechs mod has some advanced regulators and buffer that let you put the cell in a pattern, i think.

    I have found the machines that I need, only one problem - I need a way to ''time'' the actions of the translocators/buffers, and shut-off the reactor during the actions.

    This is an awesome idea, and it makes high-output reactors possible without having to let the reactor cooldown every 5 seconds orso.
    Only one thing - I need an automatic way to remove/replace the cooling cells with the use of Gregtech machines. What machine(s) can do this and how would I set the machine(s) up to do this properly?
    Thank you.

    Hello, fellow engineers! I have just perfected two (2) new MARK-I Breeder reactor designs, both having a high output of Uranium cells for your 4 Uranium input (or 4 thorium, whichever design you use)

    First off, the MARK-I Uranium-fueled design:
    Link to the first design

    This reactor will disperse all heat generated, but only heat that is generated by the uranium cells. You can heat-up this reactor by tossing some quad-cells in it (when it has the heat-capacity plating inside and nothing else, of course), shut it off at about 40,000 hull heat, remove the cells, and put all of the components in place. The hull will keep it's heat value forever, as long as there are only component vents/exchangers cooling it down. This design will output one re-enriched cell every 55.8 seconds at 40,000 hull heat, as long as you keep feeding it depleted cells, of course.

    Next, if you have the awesome GregTech mod, you can make this design:
    Link to the second design

    This is based off of the standard Uranium design, but uses Thorium cells and outputs less heat - meaning that you can add even more heat-capacity plating, and heat it up to 60,000 hull heat - outputting an average of one cell every 83.8 seconds, spread over the entire Thorium cycle of 13 hours, 53 minutes and 20 seconds!
    However - this design is only theoretical, and has not been tested yet. I am in no way responsible for you accidentally terraforming your base into the New Grand Canyon because you chose to use this design without testing it first.

    I have published these experimental designs in hopes that it will help other engineers make more efficient designs, and maybe even improve these designs. Feel free to use these designs as much as you want.

    Edited: first link had smiley format code in it, however it was not added intentionally. It somehow was part of the link.

    Some error I encountered while trying to set up the slow electric engines.
    First of all, I tried hooking some cables to 2 of the engines, connected directly to a BatBox, and the engines facing a Rolling Machine (Railcraft). Tried to fire them up by giving a redstone current, but nothing happened.
    Re-oriented cables around to the backs of the engines, still nothing.
    Went into a test-world, and set up the same system. It still didn't work, so I put a BatPack in one of the engines and it started running.
    So I re-entered my survival world, the one where the error occurred, and just the instant that I removed one of the cables with a standard Iron pickaxe, the game crashed.
    Now that world won't even load. The logs of the first error, and the error upon trying to load the world, are attatched below.

    Minecraft has crashed!
    Everything was working completely fine, and everything was perfect, updated to 1.4.5 (as recommenced), so I wanted to try GregTech, and it crashes.
    Crash log has been attached.
    EDIT: seems that a block ID was taken up by Forestry (the one for stained glass). You may want to fix that later...
    P.S. it was
    block ID #4095
    EDIT2: changed forestry stained glass ID to 1337. Works fine now. Great mod, it adds a whole new meaning to ''Industrialization''!

    For some reason, this Mod causes Minecraft (1.4.4) to fail upon startup.
    >Minecraft 1.4.4
    >Mods installed:
    >Nuclear Control
    >Advanced Machines
    >Industrial Craft 2
    >Tree Feller
    Crash report is attached in a file, as it is so big that it can not even fit in a spoiler-box.

    Yea, its nice and HAYOish! You should change only one thing (mentioned before) - powering not only by RP and a lever, but normal redstone too.

    Yes, we have changed nuclear system recently, but it isnt good (or HAYOish) enough.

    Yeah, well I didn't really clarify that correctly. That was a problem on my part. I'll change it to state that /any/ redstone signal received will activate it.

    Hello, fellow engineers! I am here suggesting an idea for an addition to Industrial-Craft. It's not too complicated, and if my calculations are correct, this addition would make Industrial-Craft just a little more HAYO-ish!
    So, without further ado, let's get to the point:

    First of all, this is an idea for the Nuclear Science branch of the mod. The idea is, that the entire reactor system can be re-written to allow reactors that have more world-block components, other than the Core and additional chambers.

    >The main reactor-generator device would be replaced with a new block: the Reactor Core. This block has a 3x3 grid inside, each slot capable of holding only a variant of Uranium cells. It must have at least two sides uncovered - one to allow a current-carrying cable to be connected to it, and the other one for ANY form of redstone signalling device to be connected to it, to activate the entire reactor. The same idea of cells next to cells generating power exponentially still applies, and same for Heat. There is no way to cool the core from the inside, and all heat generated goes directly into the hull, and then it will explode in much the same way that Reactors do now - unless there happens to be at least one Cooling block next to the core:

    >To give a way to cool down the reactor core(s), there would be another block that must be placed adjacent to any of the core blocks present - the Cooling block. This block has a 3x3 grid that can store Heat Vents, and only Heat Vents. Any heat that comes from a Reactor Core directly next to it, instead of going into the hull, will go directly to the hull of this block. The Heat Vents all still behave the same way as they do now, but there are no component vents, and they only vent heat from the hull of the cooling block. Heat vents would now work like a ''tier''-based system, where the next tier cools more heat. But, if there is not enough cooling vents inside the Cooling block, it will slowly build up heat in it's hull - having the same environmental effects as a Reactor does now, aside from the fact that when it reaches 10,000 heat, it will turn into lava, instead of exploding. These blocks can also hold condensators, which ast the same as they do now.

    >Also, an upgraded version of the Cooling block would be available, that can be configured via an internal GUI to keep the Reactor Core at one constant Heat level, if the heat vents can vent off the same level of heat, or more, that the reactor produces. To explain this simpler - if the reactor generates 8 heat/tick, and the Advanced Cooling block can vent up to 16 heat/tick, it will let the reactor heat up to the specified temperature, and then will only vent 8 heat/tick, to keep the Core at the specified temperature. If the reactor produces 24 heat/tick, and the Advanced Cooling block only vents 16 heat/tick, the Advanced Cooling block will slowly heat up from the leftover heat, until it melts.

    >The final block in this suggestion, is the Heat Exchanger Block. This block is capable of absorbing all heat from an adjacent Reactor Core, and moving it to any adjacent Cooling Blocks, Advanced Cooling Blocks, and other Heat Exchanger blocks. This way, you can have a reactor filled completely with Quad Uranium Cells, and have a massive Heat Exchanger grid that disperses all of the heat generated, to produce (insert really big, non-comprehensible number here) EUs! However - all of that grid would require (insert yet another really big, non-comprehensible number here) of all of the resources needed to make all of those very advanced, high-tech devices used to make these very advanced pieces of technology.

    Now, you may wonder, ''Why would this be better than the Reactor system we already have?'' or ''How would this be useful?'', or something like that. Well, to answer that:

    1. A basic nuclear reactor, currently can serve as an expensive replacement to the standard Generator, that might explode if you don't put some stuff in the right places inside it. Even as HAYO-ish as that may seem, it is a little bit overpowered. It would be a lot more balanced if someone had to make a Reactor core and a few Cooling blocks, then place those in a facility with pretty strong walls, hook everything up, and turn it on, to start harnessing the power of Nuclear Fission.

    2. It may seem a lot more HAYO-ish, to build a massive replica of the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, built to produce the extreme amount of EU required to power all of the ore processors, smelteries, mass fabricators, and other misc. EU-hungry machines you have in the massive complex, then fly above your creation with Electric Jetpacks and Iridium-plated Armor, and watch the rest of the world burn - knowing that anything is possible from that point on, because you have everything you need to do anything you want, and all of the EU required to make it happen.

    So, now that everything is explained, I ask you to please give your opinion about my idea. Tell me, and the rest of the Industrial Community, if you like it, and what might make it better. Let me know, so that I can re-write anything in the idea that may be confusing, balance out parts of the idea, and add/remove other stuff. And let everyone else know, so that someday, Alblaka might consider some of this, and hopefully add it to Industrial-Craft.
    Thank you for taking your time to read this suggestion.

    Well, at least some form of Hayo-ness sense, that's what type of sense I was meaning. Besides, it would be a cool addition to the mod, the way I see it, and I just thought I would suggest it to the Industrial Community and see who else likes the idea.
    So, with that out of the way, who does like this idea?

    Hello all, I have run into a common issue, in which there is no way to get Uranium Ingots by compressing lumps in a compressor.
    So, I have come here in search of a fix for that bug, for Industrial-craft v1.109 (Minecraft 1.4.4). I have found nothing. And I really need that Uranium to fuel my Nuclear Generating Station, which is sitting dormant.
    Does anyone have a fix for the bug, or know where I can download a fix for it? Without having to remove/change basic files in the mod, as I have had 0% luck finding the files to replace, and I don't have a code decompiler installed.
    Thank you for your help.

    Yeah, about that bug...
    Where can we get a link to the fixed version of the mod? Do we just sit and stare at the bugtracker note that states that it's been ''fixed''? Y'all should actually post links in those notes, that direct to the download for the fixed version, rather than expect us to know what the URL is telepathically.
    Other than that, I can now update my Minecraft version and get all of the cool new content from the other mods that work in unison with Industrial-Craft! My industrial complex is so much more HAYO-ish now!

    Hello all, I'm here posting an idea I have for Industrial-craft, that I believe will make it a little more HAYO-ish. Without further ado, here's the idea:

    >New ore: Thorium
    This would be a common ore, about 4x as common as Uranium, but spawns 20 blocks below sea-level, all the way to bedrock. Uses a texture that's a little brighter than Coal, and drops a lump just like the Uranium lump, but uses a dark-grey colored texture. Can be compressed into Thorium ingots, then combined with an empty cell to make a Thorium cell, that has a damage bar 100% full. Very slowly, (about 4x as long as it takes currently for a depleted Isotope Cell to fully recharge) it ''charges up'', and when fully charged, turns into a Plutonium Cell.

    >Alternative to ''depleted Uranium''
    Instead of wasting coal dust on Depleted cells and charging them, just to waste more coal dust on them, when a uranium cell is ''used up'', it is replaced with a ''spent Uranium cell''. This cell is very rich in Uranium-238, which can be turned into Plutonium-239 through neutron bombardment (in a breeder reactor, of course).

    >New fuel cell: Plutonium
    This new cell is made only in breeder reactors. There is no ore for it. It lasts 4x as long as Uranium in any reactor, but produces equal heat/energy as a Uranium cell. When fully depleted, it leaves behind a ''nuclear waste cell''.

    >Nuclear Waste
    This is the final byproduct of the nuclear process. When a Plutonium cell is fully depleted, it turns into this. These are non-stackable, and do nothing inside a Nuclear Reactor, but take up space. The nuclear waste cells can be crafted to get an empty cell and a Nuclear Waste lump - which can be crafted into blocks. These blocks can be placed in the world, and after a very, very long time, will eventually turn into Lead blocks. No form of Nuclear Waste can be destroyed or scrapped by any machine, but will be destroyed by fire or lava.

    Lead blocks are formed as Nuclear Waste blocks slowly ''decay'' (radioactive isotopes all decay until stable), but this process takes a very long time, and may take even a real-life year before half of the nuclear waste blocks in a chunk turn into Lead blocks. Lead blocks have 4x the blast resistance of Reinforced Stone - but can only stack up to 16, due to their weight.

    So, with everything described so-far, who supports this idea?

    So, after some time, I have found that I need some of the tools added by this addon. Only one problem: I'm surrently using IndustrialCraft v1.108 (MC 1.4.2), and this addon is incompatible with that version. I tried looking for v1.109 almost everywhere, but I can not find it. Does anyone happen to have a link to where it may be? The sooner I can find that version, the sooner I can know if my breeder reactor is about to explode. I don't mean to be ''off-topic'', but this reply does have something to do with this addon, as it's where this quest started.
    Thank you for your help.