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    Yeah, about that bug...
    Where can we get a link to the fixed version of the mod? Do we just sit and stare at the bugtracker note that states that it's been ''fixed''? Y'all should actually post links in those notes, that direct to the download for the fixed version, rather than expect us to know what the URL is telepathically.
    Other than that, I can now update my Minecraft version and get all of the cool new content from the other mods that work in unison with Industrial-Craft! My industrial complex is so much more HAYO-ish now!

    Hello all, I'm here posting an idea I have for Industrial-craft, that I believe will make it a little more HAYO-ish. Without further ado, here's the idea:

    >New ore: Thorium
    This would be a common ore, about 4x as common as Uranium, but spawns 20 blocks below sea-level, all the way to bedrock. Uses a texture that's a little brighter than Coal, and drops a lump just like the Uranium lump, but uses a dark-grey colored texture. Can be compressed into Thorium ingots, then combined with an empty cell to make a Thorium cell, that has a damage bar 100% full. Very slowly, (about 4x as long as it takes currently for a depleted Isotope Cell to fully recharge) it ''charges up'', and when fully charged, turns into a Plutonium Cell.

    >Alternative to ''depleted Uranium''
    Instead of wasting coal dust on Depleted cells and charging them, just to waste more coal dust on them, when a uranium cell is ''used up'', it is replaced with a ''spent Uranium cell''. This cell is very rich in Uranium-238, which can be turned into Plutonium-239 through neutron bombardment (in a breeder reactor, of course).

    >New fuel cell: Plutonium
    This new cell is made only in breeder reactors. There is no ore for it. It lasts 4x as long as Uranium in any reactor, but produces equal heat/energy as a Uranium cell. When fully depleted, it leaves behind a ''nuclear waste cell''.

    >Nuclear Waste
    This is the final byproduct of the nuclear process. When a Plutonium cell is fully depleted, it turns into this. These are non-stackable, and do nothing inside a Nuclear Reactor, but take up space. The nuclear waste cells can be crafted to get an empty cell and a Nuclear Waste lump - which can be crafted into blocks. These blocks can be placed in the world, and after a very, very long time, will eventually turn into Lead blocks. No form of Nuclear Waste can be destroyed or scrapped by any machine, but will be destroyed by fire or lava.

    Lead blocks are formed as Nuclear Waste blocks slowly ''decay'' (radioactive isotopes all decay until stable), but this process takes a very long time, and may take even a real-life year before half of the nuclear waste blocks in a chunk turn into Lead blocks. Lead blocks have 4x the blast resistance of Reinforced Stone - but can only stack up to 16, due to their weight.

    So, with everything described so-far, who supports this idea?

    So, after some time, I have found that I need some of the tools added by this addon. Only one problem: I'm surrently using IndustrialCraft v1.108 (MC 1.4.2), and this addon is incompatible with that version. I tried looking for v1.109 almost everywhere, but I can not find it. Does anyone happen to have a link to where it may be? The sooner I can find that version, the sooner I can know if my breeder reactor is about to explode. I don't mean to be ''off-topic'', but this reply does have something to do with this addon, as it's where this quest started.
    Thank you for your help.