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    I have a slight bug with the Area Defense station. When I upgraded, the Area Defense station began killing me upon almost every login. After respawn however, I'm allowed inside my house to collect the items. I'm not sure why, but for now its turned off. Any ideas? :(

    But besides the bug, I love the redesigned blocks. They look awesome. And I'm sure the infinite charge card will help admins to keep their servers safe. Or give RichardG another way to prank users. (Yes, I'm well aware you can't craft it, but RG will find a way to get it.) :thumbup:
    But just one thing I don't get. The new Control System. How does one use it:?:

    I don't even have an area defense station, I set up an extractor, capacitor, projector with a sphere shape and about 7 strength upgrades, flipped it on and it instantly killed me.

    I guess you need to have an ID card now all properly set up before you even turn the system on for testing?

    (As a side note, I now have a forcefield sphere powered by a fully charged forcicium cell that I won't be able to turn off for probably a year or two... The MFFS tool won't let me in as security hasn't been set up for it yet.)

    What's the problem with this? Doing anything repetitively gives your experience iRL, it's how we learn to do things.

    errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! when i was trying to install a newer version of greg tech it deleted all my mods!!!!!!!!!!! all i did is that i didnt know where the mods folder was located so i did a search for it and draged it into my favorites hotbar. :cursing:

    So you removed your mods folder out of the minecraft folder (which is what happens when you drag a folder someplace on the same harddrive, it moves it)... and it's somehow the GregTech mod's fault?
    Your mods folder is probably in the folder that contains the shortcuts for your hotbar.

    The absolute latest IC2 is 187, available here:

    Fixed a few Bugs
    Added Dragon Egg Siphon. Now that Dragon Egg duping is no longer possible using Pistons, I can safely add this. Don't even try to use preduped Eggs or otherwise aquired multiple Eggs ontop of this Device, I have special Code to prevent running multiple Dragon Egg Siphons. EU Output is 128EU/t (can be adjusted in Config).

    Messing around with the dragon egg siphon in my test world, how exactly does this thing work? From your changelog, I'm guessing you place the dragon egg on top? It won't let me do that, and it doesn't have a GUI interface.

    Also, found that a small bunker of one block thick iridium-reinforced tungstensteel can contain 12 nuclear bombs from ICBM without a single dirt block disturbed outside it, but a single antimatter bomb slices right through it like butter.

    I seem to have both a copy of and (not installed at the same time, of course).

    Which is the more up-to-date version? Is 16b a beta version of 16? Or is 16b the 2nd revision of 16?

    When I went from version 16b to 16, Forge warned me that a block was now removed from MFFS.

    I know a great Invention: PISTON DOORS!!! they look more awesome, than regular Doors.

    Piston doors have their place, but sometimes space is at a premium and your wall is only one block thick and a regular sized door just works better.
    If space really doesn't matter, frame doors are the way to go...giant frame doors.

    I'm still waiting and hoping someone makes a Forge-compatible version of Ugocraft so I can make a huge iridium-reinforced tungstensteel blast door that swivels open.

    I know a couple people been watching my LP Series. I ended up starting over because doing a team style build ended up being missing tons and tons of content that sort of ended up ruining the LP Series. Will still sometimes talk to the other players and do things together here and there but overall it will be about building my own base and getting my own materials and really going in depth with GregTech.

    Here is the first of many episodes:

    Nice. I've been wanting to sub to an LP series focusing on GregTech. Better keep me entertained! :D

    Also...Tungstensteel. Yes.

    Added Cells for five of the most important Liquids of other Mods (Bio Diesel, Diesel, Oil, Creosote and Biomass)
    Added Semifluid Generator for anything what is something between a Liquid and a Solid. (Sodium, Creosote, Oil and Biomass for example)
    Added Invar Ingot (Idea from Thermal Expansion). Its Heat Resistance will be used in some of the Generators.
    Added Config to determine the Direction of OreDict-Unification.
    Fixed some Bugs ofcourse.

    Not sure what's going on with this update, but if I have GregTech 2.71b installed, NEI works fine, if I upgrade to 2.72a, the search function in NEI doesn't work.
    I downgrade back to GregTech 2.71b and the search function works again. Why on Earth would this be happening? I know you haven't touch the NEI code. There's no reason to, is there?

    Does the 1.7 version work with Minecraft 1.4.6? It is unclear in the op. I tries installing 1.7 into my client and I get and error starting with:

    cpw.mods.fml.common.LoaderException: java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: G
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.LoadController.transition(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.Loader.initializeMods(
    at cpw.mods.fml.client.FMLClientHandler.finishMinecraftLoading

    Nothing for MC1.4.5 works with MC1.4.6 without, at minimum, a re-compile. Some mods need a re-compile and little internal tweaking.

    You'll have to wait with the rest of us, sorry.

    Haven't written a program yet, just raw commands to set coordinates, acquire a lock and then then transmit.
    I've managed to teleport a block of stone a short distance, it's petty fun :)

    Fantastic mod, so much more potential than the IC2 teleporter block.

    Also wanted to add that multiple teleporters are possible using Xfer's Peripheral Cable mod.
    Should make larger transporter rooms possible with a single computer.
    Once players can be teleported, you'll be able to have the entire "away team" beam to a location together.

    Another thingy report, this time from Traincraft, just three things this time:

    Ah, thanks a lot.

    Also, this is normal to be in the log right, and not an ID conflict? I mean I figured you overrode some IC2 stuff so I assumed this was fine (as Railcraft seems to have something similar for

    [ItemTracker] The mod Railcraft is overwriting existing item at 328 (uv from Minecraft) with railcraft.common.carts.ItemCartVanilla

    , which makes perfect sense to me)?:

    That's just Railcraft overriding the normal vanilla minecraft carts with vanilla Railcraft versions. I believe it's so you can make the carts from RC steel if it's been enabled in the config. Perfectly normal.

    It's not exactly Star Trek canon, but transporters might be an interesting usage for liquid UU-matter. considering that you're basically creating something from an energy beam. Perhaps cutting the power requirement when transporting from the non-transporter location to the transporter location (with liquid UU-matter piped into the transporter to be used in the re-materialization process), but the normal higher energy requirement going from the transporter to the non-transporter lcoation (since you would need all energy and no matter to re-materialize).