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    Does this help?

    Not really, as it doesn't explain what happens every tick. I know how to set the reactor up. Maybe I should make my question clearer:

    I can't think up of all the questions, but I'll edit it in when I remember.

    Also, quick idea. Billboards! Hayo-ish signs powered by electricity!

    Hi guys, I have been using this addon, it's very awesome HAYO-ish.

    I have a question, how does the Fusion Reactor work? I know from NEI/GLaD-OS/ComputerCube that you have to supply it a total amount of energy, 2 elements and depending on the fusion type it will output or take in energy.

    But can somebody give me all the details, what happens every tick, how much EU is needed to actually jumpstart the reactor (I set up one in a test world using ³He + ²D fusion, and the reactor started producing energy before I supplied 60M EU).