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    The OP says no mods other than IC2. GT shouldn't go in there.

    But if Rick allows it, add this design. No need to give me credit, it's an idiotproof design. (Credits actually should go to Greg for inventing the thorium cells in his addon.)

    Just a quick tip, the splitter cable has an EU loss of 0.5. That means, if you do not want any EU loss on your cable, it would have to be:
    - 19+1 blocks long or shorter (ULV-Cable)
    - 2+1 blocks long or shorter (Any Copper Cable)
    - 1+1 block long or shorter (2xIns. Gold Cable)

    NOTE: What I'm suggesting is not a nerf to the QuantumSuit, it is an addition.
    Right now, the matter of to nerf or not to nerf the QSuit is a controversial topic here. It may be overpowered in some cases (e.g. certain servers), but underpowered if nerfed in others. (Reasons: e.g. too costly to bother crafting)

    I suggest a new mode of the QuantumSuit, the Basic Mode, that acts as a debuffed version of the QuantumSuit Standard Mode (the mode we are all used to). And each mode can be disabled (per world) through the configuration file tied to each map (/saves/<world name>/ic2_map.cfg). Default will be both modes enabled, if both modes were disabled, disables QuantumSuit crafting. The configurations can be true (enable the usage of the mode), op (allow opped players only to use mode) and false (disable the usage of the mode).

    The Basic Mode comprises of several modules. To activate a module, simply press [Basic Mode Key (default: ALT)] + hot-key assigned to that module. If it is activated already, it will deactivate the module instead. To activate all modules available, double tap your Basic Mode Key. If all modules are activated already, double-tapping your Basic Mode Key will deactivate all modules. The hot-key for each module can be configured in your configuration file. The costs for each module is applied to the armor piece(s) every second (except for water breathing).
    NOTE 1: I haven't perfected the balance of each module yet, please feedback which electrical costs should be adjusted.
    NOTE 2: When basic mode is activated, QSuit general protection is also decreased. Assuming, on a linear scale, that Nano-Suit armor protection is x, and Quantum-Suit Standard mode armor protection is x + 10, then Quantum-Suit Basic mode armor protection is x + 7. Protection cost is scaled accordingly.

    Basic Modes Modules available:

    • Passive Water Breathing. Default hot-key: . Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Helmet:. Cost: If Compressed Air Cells can be found in player inventory, consumes 1 Compressed Air Cell from player inventory and adds 1 :Empty Cell: to player inventory every 6 seconds. Otherwise, deduct 120 EU. Effect: If consumes Compressed Air Cells, applies Ambient Water Breathing (0:06) every 6 seconds. Otherwise, applies Ambient Water Breathing potion effect (0:05) to player every 5 seconds. API has method to implement a replacement of Compressed Air Cells, item to return and priority of which should be consumed first. (Compressed Air Cells priority = 5).
    • Antidote I. Default hot-key: [A]. Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Helmet:. Cost: deduct 140 EU for base cost, deduct additional 20 EU for each potion effect present. Effect: All level 1 potion effects have their duration decreased by 15 s. Higher level potion effects have their duration increased by 5 s and have their level decreased by 1. Exception: Radiation. API has method to implement a potion effect that is not affected by this antidote. This happens every second.
    • Antidote II. Default hot-key: [A]. (Overrides Antidote I). Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Helmet: :Quantum-Bodyarmor:. Cost: deduct 190 EU for base cost, deduct additional 35 EU for each negative potion effect present. Effect: All level 1 negative potion effects have their duration decreased by 25 s. Higher level potion effects have their level decreased by 1. Exception: Radiation. API has method to register potion effects as negative. This happens every second.
    • Poison Removal. Default hot-key: [P] Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Helmet:. Cost: Deduct 165 EU for base cost, deduct additional 5 EU if Poison is present, deduct additional 10 EU if Wither is present. Effect: If Poison is present, duration is decreased by 15 s and level is decreased by 1. If Wither is present, duration is decreased by 10 s if level 1, otherwise, level is decreased by 1.
    • Resistance. Default hot-key: [R]. Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Bodyarmor:. Cost: Deducts 200 EU. Effect: Applies Ambient Resistance potion effect (0:05) every 5 seconds.
    • Fire Protection. Default hot-key: [F]. Requisite armor piece(s): any one. Cost: Deduct 160 EU. Effect: If player is on fire, reduce fire duration by 5 s every second. Otherwise, apply Ambient Fire Resistance (0:01) to player every second.
    • Super-sprint. Default hot-key: Your forward key. Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Leggings:. Cost: Deduct 225 EU. Effect: Applies Ambient Speed II (0:05) to player every 5 seconds.
    • Super-jump. Default hot-key: Your jump key. Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Boots:. Cost: Deduct 200 EU. Effect: Applies Ambient Jump Boost III (0:05) to player every 5 seconds.
    • Feather Falling I. Default hot-key: . Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Boots:. Cost: Deduct 25 EU for base cost, add 3 EU every half-heart of fall damage reduced. Effect: Fall damage is divided by 8. (Like rubber boots).
    • Feather Falling II. Default hot-key: (Overrides Feather Falling I). Requisite armor piece(s): :Quantum-Bodyarmor: :Quantum-Boots:. Cost: Deduct 80 EU for base cost, add 8 EU every half-heart of fall damage reduced.Effect: Fall damage is negated totally.
    • Any other special effects other modders add through API.

    You could try googling for results....

    And mentioning of real life in relation to MC gameplay is kind of taboo here on the forums... especially with the Floating Dirt Block and Steve carrying 44.5k tons of gold around arguments.

    Immibis is here on this forum, you could try PM'ing him to find out how he does his coding and ask for his advice.

    quantum tank should do that

    concerning the radiation produced when a nuclear reactor/nuke explodes: is it possible to make it so that if the reactor is inside a room lined with a certain block, that the effects of the radiation do not leave the room? ie, could you introduce lead plating blocks that shield against radiation? This would be an interesting precursor to possible machines that emit radiation while running, and need to be in shielded rooms (player can wear some sorta shielded armour to negate the effects)

    I mean something like a bucket, but to contain steam.

    That was possible before my File got larger than 450kB. And its now 810kB. I only edit the Main Post, when I have to add things to the Q/A and such.

    mistaqur: Accepted both.

    Oh I see. What about the Phosphorus content? Is it wasted? Or maybe a placeholder, in case of future uses? And also I edited my previous post, to add a suggestion. It was about steam containers at first, but I think I got carried away a little.

    By the way, I managed to find a way without downloading the file to know when GregTech was last updated. This ... somebody may have found it already, and that would show my terrible outdated-ness.

    Do not look at spoilers if you do not wish to find out... Although I think it should be fine to Greg...

    And a suggestion...
    Buildcrash is terrible. Nevertheless, with Railcraft installed, you need Buildcraft for any good automated steam production system...
    So, Steam Gas-Tanks!
    Empty Gas-Tanks (container items), crafted with an unreactive metal (Copper/Silver/Platinum) and Aluminium? Refined Iron? Steel? can carry gaseous substances! They can contain 1 (or 2) bucket(s) of substance! Since they are made for gas, not liquid, they would be less efficient at storing liquids. They can be used to replace cells, capsules and buckets. As usual, the almighty Config File is here.
    My chemistry is not very good, correct me if I'm wrong. Heck, with this chemistry, maybe it's better to add a chemistry table and perform all reactions there instead.
    Variants include:

    I don't really understand, is tin that hard to get? And it would make more sense for it to be in the Suggestions, unless you dislike the torches & pitchfork mob ever there?

    place bed, die, respawn, profit.

    suggestion about useless overcomplication just to make first 10 minutes of game painfull and add some boredom in longrun.

    also how this related to IC2? there is nothing in IC2 that may use temperature bar as gameplay component.

    Agreed. Not related to IC2 at all. Also just an annoyance to players.

    I have an idea, not sure if it's been said before. Some type of high tier item that allows you to scan your surrounding areas and it will give some type of idea of what ores are around you. It would obviously have to be somewhat expensive to make and use, but it would be great to have this ability, and it could be worked into high tech stuff easily. And it would make manually mining more worth it even at higher tech levels

    You mean something like this? :OD Scanner:

    There's even a recipe for it! Simply go to to find out more details.

    @Franco What I meant was to add the version of GregTech the mod was spotlighted in next to each spotlight, allows people to see how recent the spotlight is.

    Suggestion to the main post:
    Add a version number beside the mod spotlight, to show which one is the most recent.

    Greg could you please add the ability to compress coal into a coal storage block and also allow coal blocks to be burned?

    I doubt he'll implement it, because one of the two reasons:

    • Coal is not hayo-ish enough to deserve a storage block that prevents mob spawning.
    • Why would anybody end up having loads of that stuff? Even without GT, you'd have to use coal for Coke Ovens, Turtles, :Solar Panel: and throwing into a :Generator:. With GT, there's also the centrifuge.

    Stainless steel tank offered by us are manufactured according to the international quality standards. These stainless steel tanks are mainly used for storing huge capacity liquids, which it is available in different sizes and shapes. These Stainless steel tanks are specially coated with the stainless steel cladding plate in the inside as well as outside.

    Wow... a spambot posted in the list of spambots! Saves you guys some searching.

    The side with the dot is the output..

    Btw, you don't need the supercondensator for fusion reactor, just connect superconductor wires directly from the output of the fusion reactor and then connect your superconductor wires to 16 HV transformers and then to glass fibres and lastly to your storage unit (better try it in creative :D)

    :D Sure I'll try it out - it's my test world after all and I haven't read the wiki page just yet. [/sarcasm]

    Oh, and is it intended that the AESU has no redstone behaviour?

    To answer your first three questions, it outputs half of the produced EUs, it takes in half of the produced EUs into its internal storage, when the storage fills, it outputs all of the EUs, no additional energy is required following the first reaction, but I believe you can also input additional energy.

    It has been a while since I set one up (creative), if I remember correctly, EUs go out the sides with 3 dots, and the input is the two sides with one big circle.

    Thanks. Now to set up a computer program! By the way, is the side of the supercondensator with the dot on it is the input when un-redstoned?