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    What stage are you? Early game, early midgame (have basic electric tools, set up forestry hax machines), midgame (have strong electric tools, nano armor), late midgame (have quantum armor, anything that requires <5 iridium plates from gregtech) or endgame (fusion reactor)?

    No. I understood that I want to download is not what you need, but all the same link does not work.

    The API, when installed, will have no machines, no worldgen, no nothing in the game. You should download the Mod-file instead to play the game.

    Don't hate on this, but what about being able to make 'iron' golems from aluminum or other ore blocks, just having a constant potion effect on them based on composition metal. Like Swiftness I from aluminum or Strength II from titanium... Stuff like that.

    Greg has said before, no entities anytime soon. Your suggestion... is denied for now.

    I have buildcraft and industrial caraft working togetter. don't know if its allready mentioned but since the 1.4.2 update i have troubles with my geothermal, nothing is getting inputted. i set everything up to have water going into it with the pipes and tried every corner to approach it but it doesn't take it or produces energy :S also my solar panel field isn't producing any power, only one single solar panel in my roof is working. so what could be my problems with it, its basicly the basic of my construction to obtain power.

    What is your setup. Tin Cable?


    (ow yeah, since when needs buildcraft have pipes on the side which is the item in? (meaning if the output is right, i need to put on the right side the pipe to pump it out, and input above, otherwise it pumps in (if i hooked it up underneath) in the wrong section :S

    Since at least Buildcrash was released.


    Everything that causes lag (or could potentially cause lag, like multi-block structures (Looks at LESU and says, "Dafuq")) is pretty much toast at this point. But, since it's your first time here, welcome! And look out for our Resident Asshole, before suggesting anything.

    Stupid hoaxer... This is from PM.

    Name: rkwame

    Seriously, I've been watching some of the Crime Prevention TV shows recently and some of them are very similar to this. And now I receive this. I feel like slapping this guy in the face, of course though it's not a guy, it's probably a spambot.

    what good is the Quantum Generator is you can't build it? I know this was added for server admins and modders, but...seriously? How much power can this produce? IMHO, it should be craftable but require a TON of resources and component machines to build.

    It is meant for maps.

    It can output any amount of energy you specify.

    Nope, never going to be implemented, unless it costs 9 Ultra-Compacted Iridium Blocks. (which would be 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 * 9 = 53 144 iridium = 3.72 million UU).

    List of sleepers coming right up! (I've only tried to find people not listed on the 1st page, so if there are any repeats, sorry! I also skip people who have more than 3 profile hits).
    Now with extra features - tags, that show suspicious Spambot Behavior! [Useless] = Claims that it's useful. [Afghan] = Many spambots register their country affiliation with Afghanistan. [Exploit] = Exploits the property of a certain website (e.g. YouTube views) to earn money.

    Have to leave for a mo, will finish this up.

    If you open up the members list and re-arrange them in reverse post order (starting from the least posts), you will notice that there are tons of people who registered in early June last year. Anybody wondering why?

    Wait a second... RichardG? You the same RichardG that Direwolf keeps talking about in his server let's play vids? No freaking way! So, when is RedPower coming out man? It didn't happen this week like Soaryn thought it would. What happened?

    Not sure if trolling or what... Dire has mentioned, quite a few times, that RichardG is a developer of IC2.

    Meh I guess I'll copy from my Profile.
    Yes, I am aware that this is 6 months old.