G1R Warcraft: IC2, project red, guns, ICBM, gregtech & much more!

  • I installed the modpack, played on the server for about half an hour and got a full-screen dirt texture similiar to the one when you create a world, without a loading bar or anything. If anyone can help me, it'd be greatly appreciated because I really wanted to play on the server and was looking forward to joining the blue team when a rep gets on. So, please help me. D:

  • I have had the same problem and so has a lot of other people from what I've heard. The best thing you can do is to keep trying to log in and move from the area that you're crashing in. I wish I knew what caused it so I could help further.

  • Dear Mr. Server owner dude. Your server is awesome. And my somewhat popular server just recently went down so I am asking your permission if I may advertise your server on my old website and MC Forums page. I will also recomend 2 mods that may appeal to this server. The Industrial Craft Rocket Science Addon (Nuclear missiles, passenger rockets, etc.) and Merk Gamer's MMW. The rocket science should be SMP released today or tomorrow. Just giving you my 2 cents. Thanks!

  • Now its my turn to remember what I did around here.
    I started playing on "the peaceful month" and I joined a team right on the day of war, the day that blue won the war. Well but I will go to that later because my story here starts a little bit before that... I saw this server a lot of times here on the forum, I always think that the game-play is awesome and unique. I did not even try to connect the first time because I was almost sure that it wouldn't let me connect, yes, I do not own a Minecraft account and I am ashamed
    of that and I think I dont deserve to play this awesome game but I do loved and I would buy it if my parents allowed so. I tried some servers but they were all boring and it was just like SSP, with players around, because there was no interaction between players. After the last server I liked closed, I had the idea to try if I could connect or not, and I could. It was awesome at the start, I spent all my time getting resources and stealing bases, I talked a lot to reds and barely saw blues online. The reds knew the spots I stoled because of my sign, the dirt smile in chests. 3 days after joining I found a big big base. I think it was from a player called c01 or something and I stole everything I could. At the end of the week I had 3 psafes full of stuff and 10k from selling stuff to red members. The admin connected just while I was stealing the last stuff of that base, Mens killed me and MrCoolDude looking for the stolen stuff but it was hidden in my psafes. That day I had no time to setup my base so we just moved my stuff and then I had to prepare myself to war. We were all a Pulse's base picking up equipment and I was the only guy who didnt want anything. Everybody had qsuits or nanosuits and I was there, with no armour and a emerald sword. The reps begged me to at least get a nano saber and a bronze armour and I did it. The war started and all the blue team was at Red base's door, well almost everybody. I was walking around and built a bridge to enter the red base from the left side and then we were all on skype and I said "I'm In" and everybody was like how the hell u got there without being noticed. My movement made the team start rushing inside, and we won, almost because I lost, after the war ended we were stuck on red base and joon killed me unfairly. After that I started setting up my base, I was using geothermal power using some tin and trips to the nether then I started to burn oil and finally made some water mills. I kept helping the team on everything I could and then one day, when we were scouting the area with planes and then Mensrea called me. He wanted to give the stuff that was on the psafes of the base I robbed. Apparently the base was from one of my teammates that left playing and Mensrea decided to give me his stuff. When I got that gift from God, I started believing in myself, I started to leave the capitol, explore the world, killing reds, I made a wind farm and a nuclear reactor and I lost my qsuit. I got sad and ragequited for a week. I came back and started a scrap generator, I made my 2nd qsuit and a force field, expanded my wind farm and then, just after setting up my force field I got disconnected and when I reconnect I got spawned out of my forcefield and die, losing my 2nd qsuit. I ragequited 1 more week cuz I wasnt able to get inside my own base and I had to wait til my 3 mfsu to get empty. I came back and made a big water mill farm since my wind farm got removed because someone complained about lag and I made a casuc reactor that blowed up on my face. Today I got my new :Quantum-Leggings: and I am gonna keep playing here for a long time. If you are tired of just watching while we have fun, I know what that is and yes its not very good. If you wanna be like a normal player I can moderate the server and watch, if stopping playing means look at the other players happy cuz the server is not closing I will do it. :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: For u, for making this awesome server and please dont close it. Hope other players do the same I did for u to dont stop the server and see how much players are grateful.

    Have a nice day.

    PS. If you are still gonna close it please gimme a copy of the server files, to at least have some fun once in a while hosting the server for former players.

  • Dear Mr. Server owner dude. Your server is awesome. And my somewhat popular server just recently went down so I am asking your permission if I may advertise your server on my old website and MC Forums page. I will also recomend 2 mods that may appeal to this server. The Industrial Craft Rocket Science Addon (Nuclear missiles, passenger rockets, etc.) and Merk Gamer's MMW. The rocket science should be SMP released today or tomorrow. Just giving you my 2 cents. Thanks!

    we already had are run in with mmw gun mod its a alright mod just when i fired rapidly it dc you so now were using a modded ww2 gun mod

  • Before anything is done I want to see if there are actually some wars.

    I'm just gonna restore the old shop system and undo a lot of the nerfing as well. Im banning quantum chestplates altogether. You cant even make them.

    I cleared some things off the map that may have been making people crash so try logging in again. I also appointed some new reps so recruitment will be possible. I banned the griefers on red as well and will gladly distribute their belongings to their victims.

    I appreciate the support and encouragement and have decided to keep things going based mostly on positive feedback.

    The mod requirements may change soon so keep an eye out.

  • Just dropping in to say, is there Mac support yet? And if there isn't, what would it take to port it to run on a Mac? Just a launcher, or is there other things that would be needed? I REALLY WANT TO GET ON THIS DAMN SERVER.

  • Yeah, uh Mensrea, some of the force fields make a crash zone for like anyone within a hundred blocks, I was at blue base last night and now I log on today and I crash everytime i log in. Don't know if you can fix it without uninstalling it. Or maybe just update it.

  • I think it was my fault because of the petro gens or my 48 manned windmill farm :P

    why did you put petro generators down? They were found to be a big part of the lag in the vault and the one in there was removed. And you just put another down.
    If its not that then the forcefield of yours is acting up again.

  • Also, when we're on the topic of f**ked up chunks, there's an area in downtown Broville (near the Brocorp tower) that causes some pretty impressive FPS lag whenever you load it. No crash, but I go from ~35 to less than 1 frame every 10 seconds. I do know that the Hive (a huge underground complex) is hidden under one of the skyscrapers, but the lag from that extends to the other side of the Brocorp tower, so the Hive wasn't the problem. Anyone up to going over there and finding out what's wrong?

  • Whoever has been having many problems in blue base should be alright now. First, there was a corrupt forcefield block somewhere and I could'nt fix it in MCedit. I wound up just deleting the chunks...I'm sorry if your base was there but I'm pretty sure those were all abandoned buildings for the most part. Second, there are about 10,000 red power timers all throught the various bunkers and caves that constitute the base. I managed to eliminate a lot of them and in most cases just turned them to 5 seconds or greater (hint:timers set to .2 seconds cause obscene amounts of lag) but I urge blue players to use wiring to power their creations with as few timers as possible. Im going to do an overhaul of both blue and red bases to eliminate the dilapitated buildings that are causing lag (cactus farms without outputs, block breakers wired to run for infinity, timers everywhere...).

    On another note I may just get rid of broville to. Probabaly regenerate the chunks entirely to have the added benefit of fresh mining territory.

    I am also getting rid of quantum pants after todays war. If you have some I suggest you use them up else they will wind up as nano pants. That brings the total of quantum bans to chestplate and pants.

    Also, placing new forcefields is banned. I will place forcefields at towns or control points for the teams but letting everyone have a potentially map breaking forcefield is just asking for trouble. I have already had two cases where everyone in a large area would crash by getting near a corrupted block and in one case even mcedit couldnt fix it.

    And for all future wars - when the war is over get out of the enemy town. When I enable protections if you are still in enemy territory you will be trapped and unable to move. This is why I give a couple minutes heads up. If your not out of there in that time your probably going to get killed or have to /suicide.

  • Yes, Again, And I want blood.

    7:15PM Eastern Time if that is alright with the admin(s).

    Edit 1:
    It will be at 8:00 and I forgot to tell you all that it is Tuesday the 14th (I get my cast off!)
    I will finally play better because my wrist cast will be off so get prepared blue.