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    If CCC's 'finiteWater' is set to false, this mod shouldn't act different from my testing. If it's set to true, having my mod would be pointless, as infinite water would NEVER spawn.


    I know of other ways of handing this, namely making

    if (this.field_149815_a >= 2 && this.blockMaterial == Material.water)

    be changed to

    if (this.field_149815_a >= 2 && this.blockMaterial == Material.water && TransformMethods.shouldGenerateSource(world, x, y, z))

    but I'm still new in learning ASM, and I need to get an already established LabelNode for the IFEQ for that one. I could make a new one on top of the one I need by just looping down to there, but... geeze.

    (Posted here because you Gregtech types seem to like things harder)
    Want to make water a bit more of a challenge than vanilla, but don't QUITE like how codechickencore disables it completely? Use this mod.

    You can add biomes/dimensions/height levels via the generated config file using a whitelist or blacklist function.

    BY DEFAULT, infinite water only works if the conditions are as follows:
    • Biome = OCEAN, RIVER, BEACH (It uses the biomedictionary, so any mod biomes that are ocean, river, or beach work as well. Tested with ATG's GravelBeach)
    • Dim = 0 (No end, no nether. You can add more dimensions by adding to this array in the config file. I like setting Europa to have infinite water when using GalaxySpace)
    • Height = 0 - 255 (Any height)

    You can change the settings using 'reverse' in the config file to make infinite water spawn everywhere except in banned places using the config file.

    Source Code


    Sorry for the delay! Got very caught up in some life-things, namely a move/Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

    Galacticraft should be 100% complete unless things were added recently. Railcraft support is in, as well as a split download for GT5 and GT6.

    Galacticraft textures might be subject to change, as I started/made those over a year ago and finally decided to finish them.

    1.2 released. Contains almost full AE2 textures, Pressure Pipes, Advanced Generators, and some more. I hope everything is in order :P


    I changed the Gregtech machine hull textures. I want feedback on them compared to the old versions. The new ones are flatter and don't have the 'stacked' side style, and pay more homage to the designs GT use. LV is clean, MV bolts, HV has lines, up and up, ZPM has egyptian styling, and MAX is sort of abstract feel but with a hidden 'devil and angel' styling.

    Alright I'll give it a go. Format is # (tier). 0 is basic, 1 is advanced. These won't be named. 2, 3, and 4 are HV, EV, IV.

    (Alloy 4) Alloy Fusion Smelter
    (Assembler 2, 3, 4) Precision Assembling Machine, Factorial Assembling Machine, Nanotech Assembling Machine
    (Canner 4) Instant Canning Machine (to be similar to the fluid canner)
    (Cutter 2, 3, 4) High-Speed Cutting Machine, Precision Cutting Machine, Cleavetron 4000
    (Extruder 4) Polymorphic Metal Shaper
    (Scanner 4) Electron Tunnelling Scanner
    (Dissassembler 2, 3, 4) Precision Disassembling Machine, Multifunction Disassembling Machine, Nanobot Component Disassembler
    (Massfab 3, 4) Baryonic Mass Processor, Inverse Annihilation Matrix
    (Amplifab 4) Primordial Matter Reconfigurator
    (Replicator 2, 3, 4) Molecular Alignment Replicator, Atomic Alignment Replicator, Quantum Alignment Replicator
    (Fluid Extractor 4) Induction Crucible
    (Fluid Solidifier 4) Cryogenic Fluid Solidifier
    (Polarizer 3, 4) Vibration Polarizer , Induction Strike Polarizer
    (Autoclave 4) Hydrothermal Crystallizer
    (Mixer 4) Mixtec Mixer ("Blendtec Blender" knockoff)
    (Laser Engraver 4) Free-electron Laser Engraver
    (Hammer 2, 3, 4) Power Hammer, Dual Power Hammer, Massive Concentrating Hammer (The "M. C. Hammer")
    (Fluid Heater 2, 3, 4) Fluid Boiler, Flash Fluid Boiler, Supercritical Fluid Vaporizer

    Some (most) of the highest tier names I have here aren't in the 'very' creative category, and would also fit well with the EV tier if shoved back one.

    I've done more IC2 things, shored up some GT things, and have done some Gravisuite/ASP now. Might do IHL later. Update soon? maybe tomorrow

    Also that's exactly my goal for the GUIs. Glad it worked. Don't think I'll be touching the IC2 guis since honestly they're pretty good as-is.

    More textures abound. Recovering from some serious physical activity; friends and I went to a concert last night and my entire body is sore--some dude kicked me in the back of the head while he was trying to crowd surf as well. I usually find myself making a lot of textures when I'm physically ill :P