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    If CCC's 'finiteWater' is set to false, this mod shouldn't act different from my testing. If it's set to true, having my mod would be pointless, as infinite water would NEVER spawn.


    I know of other ways of handing this, namely making

    1. if (this.field_149815_a >= 2 && this.blockMaterial == Material.water)

    be changed to

    1. if (this.field_149815_a >= 2 && this.blockMaterial == Material.water && TransformMethods.shouldGenerateSource(world, x, y, z))

    but I'm still new in learning ASM, and I need to get an already established LabelNode for the IFEQ for that one. I could make a new one on top of the one I need by just looping down to there, but... geeze.

    (Posted here because you Gregtech types seem to like things harder)
    Want to make water a bit more of a challenge than vanilla, but don't QUITE like how codechickencore disables it completely? Use this mod.

    You can add biomes/dimensions/height levels via the generated config file using a whitelist or blacklist function.

    BY DEFAULT, infinite water only works if the conditions are as follows:
    • Biome = OCEAN, RIVER, BEACH (It uses the biomedictionary, so any mod biomes that are ocean, river, or beach work as well. Tested with ATG's GravelBeach)
    • Dim = 0 (No end, no nether. You can add more dimensions by adding to this array in the config file. I like setting Europa to have infinite water when using GalaxySpace)
    • Height = 0 - 255 (Any height)

    You can change the settings using 'reverse' in the config file to make infinite water spawn everywhere except in banned places using the config file.

    Source Code


    When I make new textures, I do them in 'parts' and put them in a folder (tileable, borders, bolt overlay, etc). Making a 'new' texture at this point for me is finding the right overlays and remembering which methods I used in GIMP, lol.

    My dump folder for those parts is nearing the 6~GB range of almost entirely 16x textures

    @Fluorine uses: I'll give it a use for sure if Greg doesn't once my mod is out. Namely as a crucial step in a LFTR for separation. Gaseous fluorine is bubbled through a fluorination chamber containing molten lithium/bismuth/uranium and reacts with the uranium forming UF6 which rises to the surface and is sucked out.

    @Greg your water:steam was 1:160 correct?
    Does anyone know other mod steam ratios?

    There's a joke in there that you didn't dig up. If you want to get technical, the thermal energy of a substance is usually the resting burn, and almost any flammable substance can push out much more heat than that. You can melt copper with sawdust if you really want, but you're gonna need a lot.
    Greg, when you play a sound at x,y,z, add 0.5 to each of the location variables so the sound plays in the center of the block. Otherwise if you're standing directly in front of a block with headphones on, it will always come out of one ear only, since it is playing in the corner of the block right now.

    I did this by putting the playSound in my proxy and adding the 0.5 there, so I can call it later and just send it a location without shifting it over every time.

    1. public void playSound(World world, float x, float y, float z, String soundName, float volume, float pitch) {
    2. world.playSoundEffect(x+ 0.5, y+ 0.5, z+ 0.5, soundName, volume, pitch);
    3. }