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    I keep getting OOM during texture load. Java8, 1200M Heap size, 4GB ram total, windows 10. Sometimes it results in crash, sometimes textures are flickering, sometimes I get no textures for blocks and items (solid white color). Tried both with and without fastcraft. Can anyone help me?

    Edit: I did not know about 64-bit Java.

    Just started GT6 and I have two questions.
    - Greg, why do you hate lead tools? I always started with lead tools in GT5. I never found small Bismuth ore, but small lead ones are pretty common to get first tools.
    - Am I wrong or wheat could be macerated with mortar in GT5, but not in GT6?

    Greg, some mods add shardBlah where shard is the equivalent of a nugget for gems. In particular you can get them from some bees. However GregTech lets me process them into an entire dust which increases the output by 9x, which is rather overpowered.

    Because shardBlah is a full gem in Thaumcraft which came first.

    Forestry nerfs: