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    Thanks for the update :D
    Sadly, I can't use it as my game crashes on me all the time. When I only install SPmod, some classes from tinymodularthings are missing. As soon as I also install tmt, the game crashes because of something else:

    When using only SPmod in api only mode and no tmt this happens:

    Yes, I am using MultiMC, but that should be no issue.

    €dit: I just saw that no config files were created either, as it seems. Is that normal? <-- Maybe you should say your configs are in a private folder :D

    €dit2: The line causing the error seems to be:

    1. regist(new WorldCrafter());

    This method where this line appears in is called by SPmodAPICore.serverside(), that explains the second entry in the stacktrace.

    The question for me is now, is this WorldCrafter class really neccessary for the API mod? If yes, add it in there, if no, make the call depend on whether Tmt is installed.

    Example code:

    1. if (Loader.isModLoaded("TinyModularThings")) {
    2. regist(new WorldCrafter());
    3. }

    Of course this needs Tmt loaded to work. I suppose there is a more elegant option if you find it :D

    Thanks for your help!
    - Shadow

    As for the double spoiler, do you check whether you do it
    [ spoiler ] ... [ /spoiler ]
    and not
    [ spoiler ]...[ spoiler ]?
    Without the spaces of course.
    I'm not sure, but I assume the second version would cause a double spoiler:

    You want useless knowledge?
    Here ya go:
    It takes about 38 minutes to get from petting to f*cking.

    No, really, they are both places near the german-austrian border, Petting is to be found in germany, F*cking is located in austria!
    Don't believe it? check it out on google maps.

    I'm bored. Anyone found out something interesting? I mean other than immibis' programming language (which I sorta like btw)?
    As for me: I learned that when using the Borderlands 2 Split Screen Tool, P1 always gets the controller, even if P2 is supposed to get it. That's kinda annoying and I'm still looking for a workaround.

    well, if the armor charging locations in the mfsu etc. are not that important to you, go ahead and ty this build here (IC² Jenkins).
    It's the latest 1.115 build (1.115 is for 1.5) and afaik it always worked fine for me. As long as you don't have any mods that really NEED 1.117, you should be fine using the version I linked. Some features are missing but I hope you can manage without them.
    - Shad0w

    €dit: if you use gregtech, the greg storages still have the charging locations as far as I remember.
    Also you could use the charger from APM (forums thread) instead (there is still a version for 1.5 (also built for 1.115 I think)).

    Oh ok, sorry. I thought that it was a subversion, my bad.
    Thanks for helping :D
    And thanks for updating too!
    - Shadow

    €dit: For the next update, would it be possible to create a config option for the max stack size for the assembler overclocker (Max would be 64 of course :D)? Because I'd like to have a max stack size of 8 for casual gameplay but maybe something lower for a server or so. Thanks for considering!

    I just started mc with the version of this, and as soon as I placed down an armor assembler (or opened the gui, not sure there, did it instantly) I got this crash:

    I left out the system information because the list of mods would have busted the character limit by far...
    Also something else which might be related to the crash but is not in the crash log:

    (found in forge log)

    Maybe I was the victim of an incompatibility? or is the second error a result of the first one?
    HALP ME!
    I'd like to use the mod without crashes ;D

    Thanks already,
    - Shadow

    €dit: also, i there is no fix available for this version, could you please recommend a working version for 1.6.4? THX again.

    Nice! Do you mind if you share what you did on that trip? :P

    No, I don't mind.
    Here you go:

    It was a trip to the UK, we stayed in Canterbury but visited London on 2 days.
    The only mandatory program points were a city tour in canterbury followed by a short river tour and visiting the cathedral.
    In London we first visited the Globe Theatre and then had loads of free time.
    The second day in London even was only free time.
    Thats pretty much it. We had two ~12h bus rides, so we basically spent a whole day on the bus :D

    Thats all I recall at the moment.

    €dit: I sorta suppose we're getting a bit off-topic xD