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    Hey greg, I just had a problem with the biomes o plenty mod.
    At least, the errorcode in the forge log mentions your mod and BOP
    Log extract:

    Can you help me there or even fix it (i already asked at BOP at minecraftforum :D)

    I had this too. Were there important changes in forge or ic2 since then?
    Forge log (error code only):

    Minecraft crash log is the same content.


    @ unspunreality
    You don't have IC2 installed, only the api.

    2013-05-14 11:27:04 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] Examining file for potential mods
    2013-05-14 11:27:04 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] The mod container appears to be missing an file

    Just download the full IC2 mod ;D
    - Shadow

    Hmm, ok, but I would prefer to use the 1.5 version asap :P
    It's great to have a coder at work here, and i understand the problems associated with this. Well, not really the problems themselves, but why there are some :D
    Still, at least we know it once worked and, thanks to bloc, maybe will work again soon, which some mods can't say of themselves.
    Oh, and if you're already at it, bloc, before you have to change it later, try to avoid the missing class problem in your version, would you?
    Thans :D
    Greets, Shadow

    Sorry for late reply:
    'M' was only used by ic2 mode changing.
    It worked to change to hovermode, yes, but me and my friends had to keep 'M' pressed to keep hovermode activated, unlike the original jetpack where you switch it and it stays in the other mode.
    And my question was if this has been changed or is changeable..?
    Greets, Shadow

    Oh, and update the forum please, it's still about version 1.13 + 0,5 :D

    I think defence didn't have any special sounds. it had a click for th code door and the snapping of the insulation cutter which comes from ic2 anyway I think. and the fence doesn't have any sounds anyway, has it?
    Well, if there are errors in it by now, that's no problem. There also were some before :D
    But I still want to know how you decompiled it now.
    greets, Shadow

    Wow, how did you do that?
    Looking forward to this veeery much... if you're at it, could you try and fix the id problem and server crash? :D
    Oh, right and :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: :Industrial Diamond: for you. one for the core, one for defence and the third for this mod :D

    You technically can decompile ic2, at least i did it with the 1.4.7 version.
    Sadly it isn't written in the new forge style after deompilation, so you'd have to fix loads and loads of imports bcus everyone points do net/minecraft/src/*enterclassnamehere*;
    Also, I don't have any real idea, why there is a block changing problem.
    but the server problem with the gui and texturefx stuff could be solved by either putting it into clientproxy or putting it behind a @Sided Client i think.
    Greets, Shadow
    Oh, and for decompiling these mods, you have to have the forge libraries in the lib folder of the mcp folder.

    Oh, this will be fun.
    I think I will write an application too... later.
    first i've got a few questions:
    1. why do you uste basic components? ic2 is perfectly fine with atomic science and ICBM. Also, BasicComponents Crashed my game the last time i connected ic2 stuff to basic stuff.
    2. how about enchanting plus? or is that too overpowered for you? (not that important for me)
    3. are fusion reactors of as activated (and ic2 nuclear reactors)?
    4. which uranium ore is generated: ic2 or as?

    Thank you for the inforamtion :D
    Ah, one more thing... tell me: why the hell didn't i write this in german? :D

    Gruß, Shadow :P

    Hmm. This sort of looks like F4113n is MIA and we have to do this for ourselves XD
    sadly I'm not even a bit good enough at coding to do this, and I dont have the sources...
    So, if you read this F4113n, could you get out a 1.5 version for ic2 1.115+ without the bugs the 1.4.7 version had (bad Ids, changing the blocks)
    I would really love to use this again.
    Greets, Shadow

    Hey there, I`m not sure if its already in it by now, but in 1.4.7 (1.13 and a half) There was a problem about the hover mode. You had to keep the mode key pressed, unlike the normal jetpack, where you just switch the mode once.
    If this is like that with a reason it's ok, but could you try and add aconfig optionb for this anyway?
    Greets, Shadow
    Oh, and maybe make this possible with the nanobow too (pressing once for mode switch) because that didn't work for me too in 1.13 half and 1.4.7.

    Bumping this:
    there ARE versions compatible with 1.5 so you can start your work again :P
    no really, this is a great mod, supplied with even more great ideas. but just to inform you, there is another mod out there adding a 3d struct for particle accelerators.
    It's well made, and you could use it as an example. It;s called atomic science.
    Still, I really would like if yióu coded this especially with all those effects :D
    Greets, Shadow

    yeah, you could maybe even use nether quartz for that...
    and maybe don't change the reciepe too much, let it be craftable, but replace the glass with glassfibres, made from dry sand(-dust) in a compressor or blast furnace or so, but as someone said, leave the reciepe configurable.

    I only wanted to ask: if you made antimatter stuff, could you make it compatible with Atomic science antimatter? cus i use that a lot :D
    Maybe without replacement, so you could use 1g of antimatter (if 200mg is too little for you) instead of your antimatter, but still you have the diffrent ways of making them...?
    That could give you a few complications and it would need to be backwards compatible too (yours for the Atomic science one, so yours would have to explode if thrown away too) and you would have to talk with Calclavia about that.
    I hope that you can work that out, to have as little problems as possible, but also as much compatibility as possible.

    Greets, Shadow

    Question of personal interest: could you make the IC2:CA storage modules usable too (tier 3 = 3 times as powerful as normal one)
    And btw: gr8 addon!
    all those other chunkloaders are completely useless, for example the chicken chunks mod causes my world to crash due to a mod incompatibility i thnk, which this one doesnt have. and the powercraft chunk loader doesnt work on srevers either.
    well, and railcraft isn't really my favourite mod, had too many problems and incompatibilities in past times with it :D
    so this one is the best and most realistic as it needs energy to load the chunks.
    Great work, keep it up :D
    Greets, Shadow

    Wow, this is really great, i suppose, I will use it for my next more or less small gaming night with my friends...
    In the end, I'm the only one who cares about it anyway because no one esls even really triese to understand IC2 and even less the addons i use :D
    And thank you so much for the 7x9 chamber, i hated leaving a free row on top or at the bottem of my tier 1 anti-heat setup... (i don't mean reactor tier 1 but setup tier 1 as descriebed in the ic2 wiki) :D
    But could you maybe add a few buffs to the amount of emitted energy of the different tiers of reactors? like the highest reactor (tier 3) gives you like 5% or 10% more EU than the vanilla ic2 one?
    That would give you another reason to upgrade :D
    Greets, Shadow

    What do you mean with client files? The addon files and config?
    because these don't cause the error.
    It's some rendreing stuff in that case as i wrote.
    And as the server cant render anything as it doesnt have any textures and screen to render it gives you/us an error.
    sadly, you can only fix the first two missing class errors by using the client classes.
    In the end, the problem that salmjak described stays, and thus, you don't even reaaly have to try this until the addon dev gives information about an update or new download :D
    Greets, Shadow